The ARTS card Rococo Boundary

ARTS (アーツ Ātsu) is one of the card types of the WIXOSS TCG. ARTS cards thematically represent a LRIG's special abilities. ARTS are placed in the LRIG deck at the start of the game and are used from there.

To use an ARTS, pay its ener cost in the top-left corner. ARTS can only be used at certain times, dictated by its Use Timing. After all of an ARTS's abilities are resolved, it goes to the LRIG trash.

Parts of an ARTS Card[edit | edit source]

Color[edit | edit source]

  • Located in the top-right corner.
  • Determines the color of the ARTS card.

Cost[edit | edit source]

  • Located in the top-left corner.
  • Like spells, all ARTS have a cost that must be paid before they can be used.

Limiting Condition[edit | edit source]

  • Located at the center-left.
  • Like SIGNIs and spells, some ARTS are restricted and only usable by certain LRIG Types.
  • However, restricted ARTS may still be used for the abilities of other cards, such as the ability of Kareira, Water Phantom.

Use Timing[edit | edit source]

  • Located at the center-right (or in the text box on older cards).
  • Each ARTS has a special cast condition, called a Use Timing which dictates the time at which a particular ARTS can be used. ARTS can have multiple Use Timings, but can still only be used once.
    • Main Phase (メインフェイズ Mein Feizu): Can be used during your Main Phase.
    • Attack Phase (アタックフェイズ Atakku Feizu): Can be used during the ARTS use step of either player's attack phase, before any SIGNI attacks. The attacking player uses attack phase ARTS first, and may use as many as they want. Then, the defending player uses attack phase ARTS, as much as they want.
    • Spell Cut-In (スペルカットイン Superu Katto In): Can be used when an opponent's spell is used. You may use multiple Spell Cut-In ARTS on your opponent's spell. (You can't use Spell Cut-Ins in response to your own spell.)

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Shown in the text box of the card.
  • Contains the ability of the ARTS.
  • In some cases, multiple abilities may be listed and the player is given the choice to select the ability of the ARTS. This is officially called a "mode."
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