An ability (能力のうりょく Nōriyoku) is an action, trigger, or quality that SIGNI, LRIG, and key cards may have.

There are four types of abilities:

  • On-Play On-Play abilities occur whenever a SIGNI or LRIG is put onto the field. On-Play effects without a cost are mandatory, while On-Play effects with a cost are optional.
  • Action Action abilities can be used during your main phase by paying their cost. As long as you can pay the cost, you can use Action effects any number of times.
  • Constant Constant abilities are always in effect. Some have conditions, like having a certain number of cards in the trash or having a certain number of cards in the ener zone.
  • Auto Auto abilities trigger whenever a certain condition is fulfilled, such as having your life cloth crushed or having a SIGNI enter the field from the trash.

Additionally, some abilities have further labels, indicating a usage restriction or use timing.

  • Once 1/Turn abilities can only be used once per turn.
  • Twice 2/Turn abilities can only be used twice per turn.
  • 1Game 1/Game abilities can only be used once per game.
  • Attack Phase Attack Phase abilities can only be used during the ARTS use step of the attack phase.
  • Spell Cut-In Spell Cut-In abilities can only be used whenever the opponent uses a spell.
  • Main Phase Main Phase abilities can be used during the main phase. Since Action abilities can already be used during the main phase by default, this is paired with another of the previous use timings to indicate that it can be used during both.

Unless specified otherwise, abilities are only active when a SIGNI or LRIG is on the field. However, if a SIGNI's ability triggers when it is removed from the field (such as if it was put into the trash as a cost, or it was banished along with other SIGNI), then its abilities still occur.

If a card's ability activates, and that card changes zones or that ability is removed before that ability resolves, that ability will not resolve. Cards that can cause this include Code VL Era Otogibara and Houdina, God Trap.

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