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Accessory (アクセ Akuse) is a mechanic associated with Machine Spirit: Cooking SIGNI. Through certain effects, SIGNI cards can be attached to SIGNI on the field as an Accessory. Certain SIGNI have abilities that are active when they are attached as an Accessory; these SIGNI have the Accessory Accessory icon. A SIGNI can only have one Accessory attached to it. Whenever an accessorized SIGNI leaves the field, the Accessory attached to it is placed into the trash.

  • Attaching an Accessory does not trigger any On-Play abilities of that card.
  • Accessories can be attached regardless of the level or limit of your LRIG. For example, you may attach Code Eat Ketchu to your SIGNI even if your LRIG is level 1.
  • Even if an Accessory has a limiting condition, it can be attached to your SIGNI regardless of your LRIG.

The two LRIGs focused on manipulating Accessories are Mel and Eldora. Mel primarily uses SIGNI with the Accessory icon that attach themselves from the ener zone to SIGNI on the field. Eldora uses her in-built Decorate ability to attach any Cooking SIGNI (not just those with the Accessory icon) from your hand onto SIGNI on the field; she uses relatively few SIGNI with the Accessory icon, but many of her SIGNI have abilities that activate when they have Accessories attached to them. Since Eldora's Accessory equipping is mostly limited to the once-per-turn Decorate ability, it is harder for Eldora to accessorize multiple SIGNI, but as a result her SIGNI tend to have stronger Accessory-related effects.

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