Kana (仮名) ジュラシックオーバーラン
Romaji (ローマ字) Jurashikku Ōbāran (Jurassic Overrun)
Color GreenIcon Green
Card Type ARTS
Cost Green × 4 Colorless × 2
Use Timing [Main Phase] [Attack Phase]
Key Selection Legal? Key Yes
Card Abilities
If your LRIG is not <Yuzuki>, add all cards in your hand and ener zone and on your SIGNI zones to your deck.
Add all cards in your trash to your deck, and shuffle your deck. Then, draw 3 cards, [Ener Charge 4], reveal the top 5 cards of your deck, put any number of green SIGNI from them onto the field, and put the rest into the trash. The On-Play abilities of SIGNI put onto the field this way don't trigger.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
WXK-P05 Rhetoric (WXK05-005 - LR - 12/20/2018)
  • Flavor:
    Keep running! ~Yuzuki~
  • Illust: 北熊
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