Black Black ( Kuro) is one of the colors in the WIXOSS TCG.

Associated LRIGsEdit

LRIG Type Associated Classes
Urith Devil, Dragon Beast
Umr Ancient Weapon, Angel
Iona Ancient Weapon, Poison Fang
Myu Misfortune Insect, Space
Alfou Devil, Beautiful Technique
Piruluk Electric Machine
Hanare Poison Fang
N/A Angel
Nanashi Bacteria, Weapon
Guzuko Playground Equipment, Trick
Carnival Valor

Associated abilitiesEdit

  • Trash manipulation
    • Moving cards from either player's deck to the trash (mill)
    • Retrieving SIGNI from the trash
    • Putting SIGNI onto the field from the trash
  • Sacrificing allied SIGNI for benefits
  • Power reduction
  • Charm manipulation
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