Akilovelylucky Akilovelylucky 7 October 2020

Battle Through Tabletop Simulator Steam

Hello fellow selectors,

I've been wondering, if someone knows a way to get in touch with a tabletop simulator community. I started to play Wixoss there with my friends a while ago. However it seems that I can never find someone random to play with. If you know something, please let me know. Even if it is just you who would like to play against me. I hope to find my new rival!

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Romanoff Blitzer Romanoff Blitzer 13 July 2020

The News Feed July 2020 (WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE, Diva Selection, etc.)

I haven't made one of these posts in years, but I figured that a centralized post for new WIXOSS news is best when a bunch of information comes out at once.

A few days ago, Takara Tomy aired an eight-hour stream, the AIR WIXOSS FUTURE EXPO, to talk about a bunch of WIXOSS stuff, including showing off a bunch of WIXOSS news. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the expo was basically meant to be an online WIXOSS event, complete with some of the things that would normally be seen at WIXOSS events (see the #エアWXEXPO tag on Twitter for some of those). There were some puzzles about Ener, the mysterious Girl of Beginnings, as well as talk about the development of WIXOSS, but the most pertinent information to us overseas fans is news about the anime and …

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A suggestion

Hi, I know I've only done a few edits here and I haven't been here long in general, but I was thinking potentially cataloging the various sets that support various kinds of Lrig and Signi so that it's easier to deck build for beginners. How does that sound to everyone?

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EiPe1998 EiPe1998 4 May 2020

Getting into Wixoss


How easy is it to learn Wixoss with limited knowledge of Japanese? I have the deck set WXK-D05, so I have two decks. Could you maybe suggest some cards to get to improve the decks once I've learnt the game and easiest place to get them?

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GanicoGSx GanicoGSx 1 December 2019

Should I getting into WIXOSS? - Dec. 1, 2019

When it comes to card games, the ones I currently play are "Magic the Gathering (MtG)" and "Cardfight Vanguard (CFV)".

After watching the "Infected" and "Spread" anime seasons (which were fun to watch) and then the "Destructed" movie later on, there is one question on my mind if I were to get into the WIXOSS card game: If I do, would it end up being like "Force of Will (game)" and "Weiss Schwarz" were I have one deck were I barely have anyone to play with and had a difficult time to find cards to upgrade it?

...Unless I play with the newer (and probably way more powerful) content than what was depicted/released during the "Selector era" (Infected, Spread and Destructed). Or maybe not a good mindset for me to have for WIXOSS or the card games…

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IcyDevil34 IcyDevil34 19 November 2019

Next Key LRIGs?

what if more LRIGs came to key select. If they did which characters do you think it would be? Comment whether or not you think the LRIGs would change colours or what SIGNI type they would use.

Which LRIGs do you think will come back and with what SIGNI type? Mel Nanashi Dona Hanayo Milulun Aya Mama Ulith? Stirred LRIGs? (Sashe, Aiyai, Myuu or even Lalaru and Soui)

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Rider of the Black Astolfo Rider of the Black Astolfo 24 September 2019

I randomly found this WIXOSS YGOPRO

Source: https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404325506878173263

It seems that the donload link's for the game is region locked so I cannot download to see what is all about. Dose somebody knows more informations about this?

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UselessPrince UselessPrince 22 September 2019

Opinion about the new SIGNI zone

I would like to hear from you about this new SIGNI zone, from what I read this new zone SIGNI allows to attack any other and there are specific SIGNIS for this zone.

I didn't like the idea very much as it is much easier to break the enemy defense

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UselessPrince UselessPrince 9 September 2019

Help know which cards were available on the new decks

Could someone please translate these images so that I know which cards were available on these decks?

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Darkrayjin Darkrayjin 17 August 2019

Help with Tama deck building

Hi. I'm kinda new in this game and I need some help with deck building. 

I have Dual Paleness, Gold Defense (ARTS) and Tama Miko of White Destruction (LRIG). I don't know which cards from Paleness I have to keep or in which way I can build the deck since Tama have a lot of cards limited to her.

I hope you can give me some advices. Thanks for your time

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Misaka 10032 Misaka 10032 16 June 2019

Ultima/Mayu Help

So i've gotten my hands on an Iona deck with lv5 Mayu and Iona . Right now im quite confused whether to use Poison Fangs or Ancient Weapons. I currently have 2 Violence Splashes so I want to use it so I want to know if it Rikabuto or Marsface combos better with it. It would be extremely useful for me to know which signi type works better with which lv 5 lrig as mayu and ultima functions quite differently. With Necronomico, it kinda forces me to grow to Mayu to use its skill so I don't know if its worth it or not. I feel the deck is very vulnerable at lv1 and lv2 because texahammer basically does nothing early game due to not having any millers (eg. Kythera). Lv2 signis Azteca and Megatron also feels very mediocre as both somehow leaves a h…

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Quackciel Quackciel 16 June 2019

Iona, the Venom Fang

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Example Decklist
    • 2.1 Brief play-style
  • 3 LRIG
    • 3.1 Level 2
    • 3.2 Level 3
    • 3.3 Mayu
  • 4 SIGNI
    • 4.1 Level 1
    • 4.2 Level 2
    • 4.3 Level 3
    • 4.4 Level 4
  • 5 Spell
  • 6 ART
  • 7 Why I don't run the following cards
    • 7.1 SIGNI
    • 7.2 ARTs
  • 8 Interesting Techs

This blog was created for helping CFDrewbert making his deck.

Disclaimer :
1. I have almost 0 experience in playing Iona so this is all but theory-crafting from my perspective. Any legit comments/edits are more than welcome.
2. This Iona is the worst way to play Iona so if you're looking for a competitive Iona build I suggest go look for IonaMayu or Iona 5 tourney lists or just wait for the new Maze support to come out.
3. The writer of this blog is lazy so he doesn't care about the person who will be reading this in the mobile. Best viewed in desk…

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IcyDevil34 IcyDevil34 6 June 2019

Guide to Stop Decks + Examples

Wixoss is a game of many styles and mechanics, there are many ways to build decks and sets and one of those ways is by making a stop deck. Normally, decks have an LRIG that can grow to level 4 or level 5 but a stop deck is designed to not to reach these levels and have a level cap that is much lower. There is official support for this, LRIGs such as [Midoriko, Abundant Girl Type Three] force you to skip your grow phase and have a higher limit and cost than your average LRIG of the same level. not all stop decks have to force you to no longer grow however, as long as the deck doesn't grow past level 3 it is considered a stop deck. Usually stop decks are extremely powerful early game, but sometimes suffer late game, this can be countered by …

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Sandy Sagebrush Sandy Sagebrush 6 June 2019

Sandra's Builds

Hello there folks, I'm pretty new to the game and so I decided to go with the newest LRIG's I could find to fit what I would like. Currently I only have three decks built and would appreciate any help you all might have to offer to fine tune and/or just better my decks. I do ask though that if you are going to critique that you do so in a constructive and intelligent manner (IE, don't be a dickbag and just comment 'bad' or make quick calls without explaining as to why you're suggesting I do this and/or that) thank you in advance. Without further ado, here's my decks!

Edit #1: Changed a few things around, Arts wise, will be looking to try and tune down the number of spells.

Edit #2: Updated the decks a bit, changed a few things around, hopefu…

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Quackciel Quackciel 5 June 2019

Umuru, best-waifu deck discussion

09/02/2014 EDIT: The hope is very dim.. My dream about building level 2 Umuru deck was crushed today because of the incosistency it has, and I still can't win any conpetitive decks with an normal builds at all. I've come closer to the point where I can almost win the game but its just that. I can't win no matter what I did. My only hope right now is all up to the support in thise TDs as it is likely going to be the last time Umuru will get a support, at the very least one year from now.
As the meta goes, Umuru can't out speed any aggresive decks and barely out sustain some decks too despite that Umuru's very good at trash recovering compare to others. My current deck is a little bit different from now, not playing 3OUT/Megatron anymore and …

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Quackciel Quackciel 5 June 2019

Umuru(Umr), best-waifu Kai Ni

The Artical is not finish
It seems that it will take a while for me to finish this...

EDIT 2/09/2015: int life()

int time = 0 printf(Free Time = "%d"; time); printf("\n"); printf("f*ck university"); printf("\n"); return 0;

Or something among those line.
Since I'm sick today, I didn't go to university and finally have energy to do stuff so.. Yeah.
Well, I'm not very hype for the new support you see..... Work is too much.
Ps. I'm addicted to \n right now lol, r.i.p br/

EDIT 2/09/2015(10 minutes after typing): Eventually I start having a fever... Yay.... Gotta go fast(sleep).

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Card Choice
    • 2.1 LRIG
      • 2.1.1 Level 0
      • 2.1.2 Level 1
      • 2.1.3 Level 2
      • 2.1.4 Level 3
      • 2.1.5 Level 4
      • 2.1.6 Level 5
    • 2.2 SIGNI
      • 2.2.1 Level 1
      • 2.2.2 Level 2
      • 2.2.3 Level 3
      • 2.2.4 Level 4 …

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EiPe1998 EiPe1998 29 April 2019

Help with kanji


I just recently ordered a pre-constructed deck, however, I haven't studied Japanese for a long time and can only read hiragana and katakana. Therefore, I want some help with kanji, so if someone would be so kind as to post a list of kanji used in card skills and how they're read, I'd be very grateful. A list of terms (deck, drop, etc.) in Japanese would be helpful as well. 

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Dragonicblazter Dragonicblazter 10 March 2019

New Here

So me and a friend wer elooking at card games and we decided to try Wixoss out.

Like, not talking about starting playing irl, just learning the rules and playing online.

Is this game still relevant?

And could sombody help me learn it or show me some intro / guide?


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AriusKill AriusKill 6 February 2019

Help Tama Red Webxoss Deck

Please say your opinion about my deck.

This is Tama Red LRIG Deck named Cross Flames. Using Red Weapon and White Arm SIGNI.

  • 1 LRIG Deck
    • 1.1 LRIG
    • 1.2 ARTS
  • 2 Main Deck
    • 2.1 Level 1
    • 2.2 Level 2
    • 2.3 Level 3
    • 2.4 Level 4
    • 2.5 Spell

  • Lvl.0 Zero of Tamayorihime
  • Lvl.1 One of Tamayorihime, the Flame
  • Lvl.2 Two of Tamayorihime, the Roaring
  • Lvl.3 Three of Tamayorihime, Cross Flame
  • Lvl.4 Four of Tamayorihime, Strangely United Flames

  • Standing Flame Cross
  • Kill Two Birds with One Stone
  • Innocent Defense
  • Chain Double Cannon
  • Fafnir

  • Budo, Small Gun ×4 (LB)
  • Mikamune, Small Sword ×2
  • Servant O ×4 (LB)

  • Mine, Explosive Gun ×2
  • Mornin, Medium Breaker ×4
  • Servant D ×4 (LB)

  • Koch, Roaring Gun ×2
  • Dora, Roaring Left Gun ×2
  • Lævateinn, Greatsword ×2

  • Heckler, Ballista ×2 (LB)
  • Energe, Original Spear ×4 (LB)
  • Gustaft, Cen…

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Niga=Abushumu Niga=Abushumu 29 January 2019

Multicolored Urith

Currently thinking of making a multicolored Urith deck. Main deck:

  • Repair / 2
  • Snorop, Natural Plant Princess / 2
  • Enigma Aura / 2
  • THREE OUT / 2
  • Code Heart AMS / 2
  • Mikamune, Small Sword / 2
  • Djinn, One Night of a Thousand Nights / 4
  • Amonowl, Marquis of Toying with Life / 2
  • Ifrid, Night King of a Thousand Nights / 4
  • Furious Gambling / 2
  • Duranda, Greatsword / 2
  • Arc Aura / 2
  • Fracturing Lust / 2
  • Corundum, Natural Stone / 2
  • Servant Q / 4
  • Servant T2 / 4

LRIG deck:

  • Lv 0 Urith, Enma
  • Lv 1 Urith, Burning Eye Enma
  • Lv 2 Urith, Enma of Crushing Hell
  • Lv 3 Urith, Three Paths Enma
  • Lv 4 Urith, Enma of Suffering
  • Lv 5 Urith, Enma of Nihilism
  • Demon Tomb
  • End Hole
  • Black Desire
  • Surrounded by Fire

Any comments on how feasible this deck is?

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Five-hinsei Five-hinsei 29 January 2019

Rainbow Urith deck help & discussion

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The decklist and card explanations
    • 2.1 LRIG Deck
    • 2.2 Main deck (bold cards have life bursts)
      • 2.2.1 Level 1 SIGNI
      • 2.2.2 Level 2 SIGNI
      • 2.2.3 Level 3 SIGNI
      • 2.2.4 Level 4 SIGNI
    • 2.3 Spells
  • 3 ...and that's it!

Hi, I'm shinsei, I started playing wixoss with a Tama deck because there was a card named after me but soon ditched it because I was tired of winning I was interested in some other LRIGs. As of now I have intermediate-ish game knowledge, nowhere near perfect but I do check Japanese decklists and have a fairly good understanding of the meta. Now, where I'm at there's going to be a pretty large WIXOSS event held in a couple weeks, and since there's a time limit I can't quite enter the tourney with everyone's favourite Anne deck (and by "everyone…

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Tachikaze Master Tachikaze Master 29 January 2019

Waifu Claimer list

Back to rules

White Tama: Blaster X

Black Tama: CFDrewbert

Red Tama: Black Shanghai Doll

Hanayo: Iona's Selector

Piruluk: Tachikaze Master

Midoriko: Blazewind Strike

YuzukiIona's Selector

Urith: Piro

Umuru: CFDrewbert

Eldora: Piro

Iona: Iona's Selector

Remember: Tachikaze Master

Mirurun: Tachikaze Master

Anne: Reserved

Tawil: ShadyTwist

Sashe: Iona's Selector

Myu: Iona's Selector

Aiyai: Iona's Selector

Mayu: Iona's Selector

Ut'ullus: EHeroMatty

Yuki: Iona's Selector

Rara-Ruu: Iona's Selector

Soui: Iona's Selector

Alfou: CFDrewbert

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Cerberusyuri Cerberusyuri 19 October 2018

Wixoss on Tabletop Simulator (Steam)

A while ago i started playing Wixoss, looking for where i could play with friends cause its sadly not that easy to get the cards where i'm from, and its even harder to havve friends closeby to play, sooo i looked in Steams Tabletop Simulator, and found some items, just nothing good enough... So i created one myself and well. i keep it update with every deck or main set that gets released (or if i need to fix bugs XD)  To play it you need the Tabletop Simulator, whats not for free but there are many games you can play there. Mostly you can play with your friends or ask in a global chat, maybe you find someone to play against^^ cause there is no matchmaking or such^^° 

With the latest, bug-fix update i already released some of the new cards a…

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Stardustdragon123 Stardustdragon123 22 June 2018

New Manga Teased

So I found these on the official WIXOSS Twitter after watching the final episode of conflated.

Interesting to see these now since the Selector Battles are over, only seemingly for good this time. What are your hopes for the Chiyori manga?

Regardless, I have high interest in the VR concept that the bottom manga image suggests in its narration. Currently, the only other card game anime focusing on the subject is Yugioh with VRAINS and after thinking back on the concepts that it has there... I think a lot of them could actually work better in a Wixoss setting.

What are your thoughts on these reveals?

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/wixoss_TCG/status/1010190904894709760

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Q4Nine Q4Nine 21 June 2018

Black Carnival Guide

As a note this is mostly just thoerycrafting right now due to the fact the meta for black Carnival hasn't been developed yet.

Black Carnival is a toolbox deck based around Valor SIGNI that wants a massive amount of cards in the trash for effects, some of her cards are based around gaining power as well.

  • 1 LRIG Deck
    • 1.1 Levels 1-3 LRIGS
    • 1.2 Level 4 LRIGS
    • 1.3 Level 5 LRIG
    • 1.4 ARTS
    • 1.5 Keys
  • 2 Main Deck
    • 2.1 Level 1 SIGNI
    • 2.2 Level 2 SIGNI
    • 2.3 Level 3 SIGNI
    • 2.4 Level 4 SIGNI
    • 2.5 Spells
    • 2.6 Conclusion

As with most post incited LRIGs the choices for Carnival's lower levels is based around the number of coins you want. In key format Carnival cannot generate a coin when she grows to level two, so she currently caps out at five coins in key format. however in All-star she can …

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Heightweight Heightweight 31 May 2018

Current meta ARTS, so I won't search them every time.


Red: Layla.

1. Innocent Defence for obvious reasons. This card is a staple for every KS deck. 

2. Crushing Your Own Bones to Ash . This card is much worse then Black and White Conflating Roar, but it is not in KS. Yet. Also requires a lot of ener.

3. Circle of Transmigration. Kinda weird choice, but it can do a thing. 2 coins in exchange for 1 life? Give me two. Not worth using it without coin bet in Layla's deck.

4. Don't Leave Me. Another nor-red card in Layla's deck. But honestly, it is worth it. Even without coin bet. If you have enough ener, swipe things with Crushing Bones. If you don't — well, use this. Don't forget to have 2 coins for bet and a servant-card in your ener. 

5.Code Piruluk KEY. The KEY cards have provided ano…

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Aquamirror Aquamirror 24 April 2018

Some questions about legal moves in WIXOSS..

Hello, I have some questions about effect resolving and if such moves are considered legal. I don't know if there are official rules about such situations, but it's something that happens in WEBXOSS and I'm not sure if it's just developer's oversight/laziness or because of the simplicity of it... or even maybe for the sake of imitating the "oops, my bad, sorry" moments from irl play (lol). I will give some examples below, but it's mostly about activating effects and paying their costs, that shouldn't be able to be resolved. I'm currently working on my own WIXOSS game and I'd like to clear up these things up, as they might seem somehow like cheating and apparently confuse new players, and are generally just an annoyance that doesn't feel ri…

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IcyDevil34 IcyDevil34 24 April 2018

Poll: Which supportless LRIG would you like to see cards be made for?

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Zekons Zekons 7 April 2018

Selector Wixoss Fanon Wiki

You can see my fanon Wiki. http://selector-wixossfanon.wikia.com, have a look. You can create your own characters, wixoss, fanfictions and more.

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PhoenixRising88 PhoenixRising88 4 April 2018

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Special Breakdown!

Hi, this is PhoenixRising88. I was watching the special for Lostorage conflated WIXOSS special and I decided to write a breakdown of the 1 hour special.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS

Special Notes

Voice Actors Present: Ai Kakuma (Ruko Kominato), Yuka Iguchi (Chinatsu Morikawa) and Chinami Hashimoto (Suzuko Homura)

First 15 mins

  • Lostorage conflated WIXOSS trailer
  • Introduction
  • Radio Show Talk
  • Brief rundown of the history of the WIXOSS anime and a reading of each of their plots.

15 mins to 30 mins

  • Description of characters in WXOSS series and their histories from the previous series, and a quiz.
    • Akira Aoi and Milulun
    • Hitoe Uemura and Midoriko
    • Kiyoi Mizushima and Piruluk the Second
  • Video clip message from Kiyoi Mizushima’s voice actor.
    • K…

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Stardustdragon123 Stardustdragon123 26 March 2018

Custom LRIG Cards Template (Original Borders)

Hello everyone! A month later after my previous blog post, I've finally gotten around to finishing up a working (but incomplete) template for custom LRIG cards! Links to my Deviantart (with each possible update) will be thrown into the respective headings.

Link to Version 0.5

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Stardustdragon123 Stardustdragon123 26 February 2018

So I saw the WX22 Blank Cards... and decided to do this...

If anyone remembers from ages ago when I made a blog post about finding a Level 0 Yuzuki blank from Pixiv and how I couldn't find the others, wondering if anyone else had them. Then, as soon as I saw the blank cards as part of WX22's special prints with unique borders, I took the opportunity to do some (admittedly amateurish) photoshop to whip up a custom template for anyone to make their own Level 0 LRIGs this way.

Download Link

Since we're never going to get the game in English, I felt that this was my way of at least giving away some creative opportunity to the fanbase who visit the wiki. You'll need Optima and Impact in order to use the fonts, but you're welcome to change them up. Other than that, feel free to play around with it to your…

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Honoka55 Honoka55 26 February 2018

I created a Chinese WIXOSS Wiki

I have created a Chinese WIXOSS Wiki (https://wixoss.huijiwiki.com). Welcome to have a look.

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IcyDevil34 IcyDevil34 5 February 2018

Liwat Deck.


So I want to make a Liwat deck but I have no idea where to start, if anyone has any Liwat decks or ideas could you please show me or give me tips to help!

If you do thank you!

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Stardustdragon123 Stardustdragon123 10 August 2017

Lostorage conflated Wixoss things...

So what are your thoughts on how the season will play out next year?

What do you think the upcoming OVA will cover over?

Who or what is pulling the strings of the new Selector system in a higher position than Carnival?

Which characters from the previous series besides Kiyoi may return? (possibility of Amika or Remember getting speaking roles as well?)

Feel free to discuss speculations of all kinds for the upcoming series and OVA here.

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Niga=Abushumu Niga=Abushumu 4 August 2017


Okay, time to get busy AFTER I've finished my SOP(Due in 4 hours) in uploading all the cards that have been leaked for WX-20.

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Niga=Abushumu Niga=Abushumu 30 July 2017

Favourite artwork

Seeing that each WIXOSS magazine comes with rankings for voted favorite artwork, I would like an opinion on everyone's favorite.

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Niga=Abushumu Niga=Abushumu 4 July 2017

Starter's guide to the game (feel free to comment or edit)

For starters:

The very first thing you may want to know is the type of LRIG that you are capable of using. Different LRIGs each have their own playstyle.

  • White:
    • Tama: Conserves your hand by allowing you to search your deck and play SIGNI for low costs.
    • Remember: Generally playstyle focused on freezing your opponent's SIGNI and removing them for your own SIGNI to go in for a direct attack to the Life Cloth.
    • Tawil: Removes opponent's SIGNI while providing a certain level of immunity to your own SIGNI.
    • Sashe: Uses Resonas to control your opponent's actions so that it would be easier to win.
    • Yuki: Focuses on removing the effects of your opponent's SIGNI to make whatever OP cards he has useless and moves SIGNI around to activate effects. Returns your …
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IcyDevil34 IcyDevil34 16 June 2017

Help making an Aiyai deck?


I wish to make an AMAZING deck for Aiyai.

I of course know about the Joker combo with beigoma which is what I still plan on using in this deck.

can someone give me some tips or maybe even a finished great Aiyai deck

so far mine uses mostly the joker combo along with a few black playground signi.


Any and all infomation, tips or examples are greatly appreciated!

Love you all!

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Stardustdragon123 Stardustdragon123 13 May 2017


As Google Translate isn't going to help me on this...

I went back onto the Wixoss homepage after a long absence and found this:


I discovered this in the Rules section and from what I gather, it seems to be some kind of format towards the Lostorage LRIGS + Umr and Tawil. I was wondering if this was of interest to anyone who is willing to translate it.

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Hoshizawa Shizuki Hoshizawa Shizuki 26 January 2017

Kiyoi's Deck

While reading Peeping Analyze, I've got some idea to compile Kiyoi Mizushima's known cards on her deck. Since Remember starters won't be happening anytime soon, lol.

Kiyoi is using a white/blue deck with angels/arm signi. Known cards:


Remember, Star-Reading Miko x1

Remember Morni, Star-Reading Miko x1

Remember Noon, Star-Reading Miko x1

Remember Dawn, Star-Reading Miko x1

Remember Night, Star-Reading Miko x1

Gothic Boundary x1

Main Deck


Mikagami, Treasured Instrument x1

Haniel, Thoughts of Seeking x1

Square, Medium Shield x1

Urie, Sudden Ruination x1

Mitsurugi, Treasured Instrument x1

Her favorite combo is using Remember's Freeze ability and followed by ICE BREAK to banish the opponent's signis.

Yes, I noticed that Mitsurugi is Tam…

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Niga=Abushumu Niga=Abushumu 26 January 2017

Starter's Guide to White SIGNI

White is a color full of defense and some amounts of offence. These take place in the form of:

  • Bouncing opponent's SIGNI to hand
  • Giving 'can't attack' to opponent's SIGNI and LRIG
  • Trashing the opponent's SIGNI
  • Power boost on the opponent's turn
  • Upping and downing SIGNI

Let's begin with the SIGNI that are LRIG-restricted.

War Spirit: Arm

  • Arc Energe, Original Spear: On-play fill all open SIGNI Zones and makes Energe, Original Spear's trashing free of cost.
  • Bonya, Small Bow: Useful for looking at the next few cards in your deck, which can give you the card you want if you manage to trigger a Life Burst:Draw 1.
  • Bow, Shooting Bow: Early game look at top card. Can allow you to fill 2 SIGNI Zones on turn 1 with just a single card.
  • Catapul, Greatbow: Le…

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Misaka 10032 Misaka 10032 25 January 2017

Remember Deck New Concept

After reading Blitzer and Solchire's amazing and detailed decklists, it sparked my interest in writing out a in-depth deck about Remember. As you can see i've played quite a lot of Remember even before the LV5 even came out, however it was pretty basic like a typical blue deck you would see. So after the LV5 came out I decided to research lots of combo potential with it for example Rainbow Art OTK which is to fetch either Ayabon, Hand Grenade  or Sakura, Natural Plant along with FREEZE in order to perform a surekill shot with Ayabon 's double crush . The pattern after that is to FREEZE , use Remember Dead Night, Star-Reading Miko  's exceed to draw, call Sakura, exceed 3 banish 3 (charge 3 from sakura), call 2 Ayabons then either use Fract…

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Ghost of ET Ghost of ET 25 January 2017

List of White Signi

  • 1 Level 4
  • 2 Level 3
  • 3 Level 2
  • 4 Level 1

Energe, Original Spear

Athena, Goddess of Blessing

God Eater, Ultimate Sword

Egis, Ultimate Shield

Romail, Helmet Armor

Arcgain, Archangel of Pioneering

Hachikyu, Greatsword

Code Labyrinth Quinn

Gabrie, Future of the Archangel

Hammer, Ultimate Breaker

Aphrodite, Flower Bloom of Late Beginnings

Code Labyrinth Louvre

Gaevolg, Ultimate Spear

Munkarun, Elder Sister Deity of the Holy Tomb

Nyalove, Ultimate Fist

Vega, Natural Star

Milky Way, Natural Star Princess

Alphard, Natural Star

Almach, Natural Star

Fout, Natural Star Princess

Capella, Natural Star

Murakumo, Ultimate Sword

Shub-Niggura, Fertility of Chaos

Ranerge, Original Spear

Catapul, Greatbow

Valkyrie, Unforgettable Fantasy

Riot, Greatshield

Caliburn, Greatsword

Trett, Gauntlet


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Niga=Abushumu Niga=Abushumu 10 January 2017

Starter's Guide to Green SIGNI

If you had played any other card games before, you should know the mechanics of this color.

If you haven't, then here's a summary of the color:

  • Ener boosting
  • Power increase
  • Lancer
  • Adding Life Cloth

Notable SIGNI that each LRIG uses are:


Living Spirit: Earth Beast

  • Chihuahuan, Phantom Beast: Removes 1 of your opponent's high-powered SIGNI for a total of 3 cost.
  • Hyakko, Phantom Beast: Conditional ener boost.
  • Pandan, Phantom Beast: Early game power boost.
  • Beagle, Phantom Beast: 3 cost turn 2 lancer with self power boost.
  • Koalan, Phantom Beast: Level 2 power boost.
  • Kogenbu, Phantom Beast: Another conditional ener boost.
  • Miao, Phantom Beast: Opponent-reliant early game lancer.
  • Monkey, Phantom Beast: Free cost ener boost.
  • Bigtatt, Phantom Beast: On-play …
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WEBXOSS WEBXOSS 10 December 2016


The dev of WEBXOSS.

Bug report or suggestions: webxoss@gmail.com

Twitter: @WEBXOSS

GitHub: webxoss

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CFDrewbert CFDrewbert 6 December 2016

Past 2000 edits Q&A

Considering there's like 5 active users here, I'm not expecting much... buttttttttttttttt

Q&A time

ask away

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Rider of the Black Astolfo Rider of the Black Astolfo 5 November 2016

Rate my Umuru WEBXOSS deck

Umr=Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation

Umr=Ett, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

Umr=Två, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

Umuru=Tre, Wielder of the Key of Creation

Umr=Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Chaos

Umuru=Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation

Cthulhu Call x2

Withered Tree, Living Flower

Next Punish

Code Ancients Hellboros

Code Anti Palbek

Bismuth, Natural Stone

Sakura, Natural Plant x2

Code Anti Nessie

Code Anti Yog-Sothoth x2

Daihouika, Water Phantom Princess x2

Code Anti Elechair

Code Anti Arahabaki

Code Anti Assylen x2

Code Anti Mage

Metsumi, Fallen Cannon Daughter x3

Akazukin, Phantom Beast x2

Ifrid, Night King of a Thousand Nights x4

Servant D2 x2

Code Anti Aztec

Servant O2 x4

Cyclamen, Natural Plant x2

Three Swords x2

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Hoshizawa Shizuki Hoshizawa Shizuki 18 October 2016

Umr vs Tawil close game

So, for some research, I'm wondering if anyone could help for Umr vs Tawil show off using their most recent cards.

Like, the signis, strategy and the like, since I haven't touched WIXOSS for like forever.

Wanting to write close game, with one of them winning, either one is fine.

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CFDrewbert CFDrewbert 13 October 2016

Bored Pt 2

hopefully this blog catches on like the first one... title is self explanatory

oh yea, volume 5 of Wixoss magazine came in the mail today so hooray!

this blog is mostly trash tho

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