• Kristal WIXOSS

    This is basically a page where Selectors can get together and trade WIXOSS cards with each other. Hopefully this become useful to everyone! Thank you!

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  • Marodyn

    Hi guys, I'm sort of new to the community, but I've been playing wixoss a while now and I feel that the content for the playerbase (or potential playerbase) is lacking (or at least lacking outside of this wikia). I'm interested in setting up a blog to write articles on wixoss content. 

    Articles could be linked to both here, reddit and the blog in question. I'd like some feedback on how feasible this is, and maybe some of the more experienced players to proof-read the article and give some editor's notes after it's done.

    So for the time-being, what sort of content is worth writing about? I could either write about deck play styles, or do LRIG analysis (along with their viable signi, arts/spells and maybe 1~2 builds if possible). I could maybe…

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  • Marodyn

    Hi guys, I'm sort of new to the community, but I've been playing wixoss a while now and I feel that the content for the playerbase (or potential playerbase) is lacking (or at least lacking outside of this wikia). I'm interested in setting up a blog to write articles on wixoss content. 

    Articles could be linked to both here, reddit and the blog in question. I'd like some feedback on how feasible this is, and maybe some of the more experienced players to proof-read the article and give some editor's notes after it's done.

    So for the time-being, what sort of content is worth writing about? I could either write about deck play styles, or do LRIG analysis (along with their viable signi, arts/spells and maybe 1~2 builds if possible). I could maybe…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    This is a complete article overhaul. Mirurun is a blue LRIG I typically play on the side for fun but i'm confident enough that I can accurately explain and demonstrate her as I play her quite often. Let me go ahead and say this is gonna be a long article that way it can be updated as the meta changes and new cards are added per booster. 

    I recently read a Mirurun analysis here thats what made me want to create an update on Mirurun. This blog makes alot of good points but some things I disagreed with but overall it was very well written and does a good job at showcasing Mirurun and Blitzer stopped being lazy so I decided to get back to work too.

    Mirurun is a blue LRIG wh…

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  • GrimRevenger

    I've just started playing wixoss and noticed that grave gut is really good, my only problem is that, it seems to be really expensive. Is there a good replacement for it? P.S. I plan on building vermillion ulith. These are my planned arts for the deck.

    Dead Splash

    Black Desire

    Ancient Surprise

    Bloody Splash

    ?Grave Gut?

    Is a 2nd Ancient Surprise good to run instead of Grave Gut?

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  • Stardustdragon123

    Wixoss Movie

    April 24, 2015 by Stardustdragon123

    Okay, so now that the Wixoss movie has been announced, I'd thought I do a quick blog post about the subject. Personally, whilst I can see it hopefully tying up any loose ends that were present in Spread's ending, I don't think there is enough leftover content to make a proper movie without dragging one plot element (Ruko reuniting with Tama/Fusion Mayu) out for 1 hour straight (unless the writers decide to pull a Bonds Beyond Time out of their (censor bleep) and whip up a time travel plot which would be the only thing I would see as decently feasible). We all know that the original Mayu passed on to the afterlife and Ruko's wish effectively ended the Selector System in the final episode of Selector Spread Wixoss, so I don't see how they co…

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  • Chatpelier

    French Wixoss players

    April 18, 2015 by Chatpelier

    Hi everyone,

    I posted a message a few month ago to find some french wixoss players, and I'm now happy to tell you that we're more than 20 french selectors ! Okay, that's not huge, but we can't compare to english speaking players, right ?

    Here is what we've done so far :

    - We have a website with the rules and most of the cards translated on it (with images)

    - We've also got a forum, to discuss about the game, the rules, news, buying cards, etc

    - We've worked with to get french translation on it

    - We're using Lackey, with a 80% done french plugin to play together on Mumble

    - Small tournaments took place in Paris, with a lot of diversity in the decks that were used

    - We're also on Facebook here and here

    We're welcoming any french speaker an…

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  • Univpark

    I'm finally home! I finally have access to my kanji dictionary! 

    This is the second time I'm opening up my game, and it goes through the data downloading again - but it's much faster this time, less than 5 minutes, I think. I'm pretty sure this is exactly where I left off, too, so I'll get right back into it.

    So far, in this battle, all we've done is summon our first Signi. Univpark [the player character in this case] is using a Blue deck, Ririka [tutorial girl] is using a Red deck.

    Wait, this isn't where I left off. It restarted the battle! I can go redo the translations of what I skipped last time! I'll go edit those right now instead of making actual progress.

    Back at about where we've left off now, at the part where you summon your first S…

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  • Univpark

    I'm downloading the game right now, will update this post with first impressions and notes on the game system, etc. 

    It showed one of the commercials when I opened it...

    So far, the music at least is nice. It sounds almost like the music that was in the online Madoka Magica game, soft chime-like sounds. Reminds me of Kajiura's style, but I don't know who wrote it. The game data is 8% complete. 

    While I'm waiting, I suppose I'll write about how I got the game. I'm running it on a Kindle Fire HD right now, and I can't download from the Android store with it, so I downloaded the app through QooApp ( which is an application that allows you to directly…

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  • Solchire

    I wanted to try something new with WIXOSS, so I started developing a fanmade format regarding double battles. The basic premise is that it's 2 V 2, and both players share life cloth and ener. However, they don't share trash. 

    Here's what I've accomplished so far: 

    Turn order is as follows, and is also the arrangement followed by Spell Cut-ins and ARTS used during the attack phase. : 

    1. Turn Player (1)

    2. Turn Player's Opponent (3)

    3. Turn Player's Partner (2) 

    4. Opponent's Partner (4) 

    Each Player has their own set of 3 SIGNI zones that may only attack the zone directly across it. You may only attack with the SIGNI on your set of SIGNI zones. You may place up to 1 SIGNI on your partner's SIGNI zone PER TURN (this counts even when using skills t…

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  • Solchire

    Sunspot Tama - Halp

    March 27, 2015 by Solchire

    I recently pulled a sunspot Tama off a booster pack. Not sure whether I should sell it or not since the deck itself seems interesting, though I'm not sure where to divert the deck's focus. So I have quite a chunk of questions : 

    1. What are the staple White SIGNI that should be put in this deck? (Generall requirements for either this or all Tama decks.) 

    2. What black should I hybreed? The anime mixed in devil signi, but then there are no exceptionally good devil signi that are unrestricted. Should I roll with poison fangs (which I sorta prefer) or just stick to Ancient weapons? What should I incorporate into the deck? 

    And a few Ideas of my own : 

    1. You could potentially run less black SIGNI by mixing in Grave Night from the Iona starter dec…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    Fake Cards

    March 20, 2015 by Ra Ra Runi

    Black Exclusion is a pre-constructed deck in the FAKEXOSS TCG.

    It contains:

    • A new LRIG, Benbi
    • A new SIGNI Class, Witch
    • 48 total cards, 18 distinct cards (16 decks exclusives)
    • Introduces Exclude

    No. Card Name Qty Color Type Level
    WD0A-001 Benbi, Gravekeeper of Solemn Vows 1 Black LRIG 4
    WD0A-002 Benbi, Protective Gravekeeper 1 Black LRIG 3
    WD0A-003 Benbi, Silent Gravekeeper 1 Black LRIG 2
    WD0A-004 Benbi, Lost Gravekeeper 1 Black LRIG 1
    WD0A-005 Benbi, Mourning Gravekeeper 1 Black LRIG 0
    WD0A-006 Grave Trial 1 Black ARTS

    WD0A-007 Shield From Rain 1 Black ARTS

    WD0A-008 Ashes to Ashes 1 Black ARTS

    WD0A-009 Baba Yaga, Black Forest Witch 4 Black SIGNI 4
    WD0A-010 Grimhild, Masked Battle Witch 4 Black SIGNI 3
    WD0A-011 Nicnevin, Little Saint Witch 4 Black SIGNI 3
    WD0A-012 …

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  • Quackciel

    Umuru Lock-down

    March 15, 2015 by Quackciel

    Even though I got 0-4 in the tourney, I think it is because the lack of testing (since I just finish the deck mid-night and went to hospital and then tourney w/o testing it) and my problems with getting nervous while playing in tourneys. With those, I mess up a lot. The deck itself is pretty strong, at least it is what I see and I'm pretty confident in sharing this build to the whole world and be proud of it.

    The deck is revolving around using x2 Jealousy Gaze to make your opponent board becomes weak and using Revival Flare in reviving Code Anti Marsface and destroy your opponent.

    I will write this in detailed tomorrow since it is the 2nd day I stay up late until mid-night and my body is not very good at handling flu.

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  • Romanoff Blitzer

    The News Feed

    March 12, 2015 by Romanoff Blitzer

    The News Feed is a place to dump all WIXOSS news, from very important to minor. It is also for the discussion of WIXOSS news.

    This place is easier for posting small news than the WIXOSS subreddit or my Twitter. The WIXOSS subreddit is mainly for big news, and no one follows my Twitter (which is why I don't tweet often).

    News has been slow for the past two weeks, but at least I don't have to maintain my editing streak anymore ever since I hit 365 days in a row.

    First, some minor news from last week: we have another promotional LRIG, like Suteko and Botan that is a mascot for a card game store chain. RiRi is a level 0 Sashe card, and is the mascot of is the mascot of Trading Card Cave CARD WORLD AKIBA.

    But more importantly: 2critical posted some …

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    Okay well here goes. As everyone knows Blitzer-San has been making Deck Primers his first and most popular being about Tawil which even earned a Redux due to an update of information on Tawil's playstyle. Now as to why i decided to choose Haiti of all Lrigs to try and plan is because i was recently paging through Re/Verse online and noticed in chapter 2 that towards the end of the chapter if you look in the bottom left hand corner you can identify a single card, specifically a Level 2 Kakumaru, Hand Sword which is a War Spirit: Arm SIGNI.

    It makes sense for Mako to choose Arm signi as they have the most white SIGNI that arent Tama limited and have decent support for each other aside Angels but Tawil rules the Angels now.

    Haiti hasnt been off…

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  • Romanoff Blitzer

    So WX-06 Fortune Selector finally came out, and Tawil is already topping tournaments, with at least three decks posted on Twitter by hobby stores (recorded by the WIXOSS Hanayo blog). At the same time, TradeCardsOnline finally added WX-06 Fortune Selector to its list of WIXOSS sets, and with that, I finally got some practical experience with Tawil in.

    It appears she is a lot better than expected, and quite a few assertions I made from the first Tawil article were incorrect. I'm glad to be proven wrong, but mildly embarrassed that I complained at all. Let that be a lesson to all complainers out there.

    Of course, I wasn't entirely wrong. The article just needs an update, and by update, I mean rewrite from scratch. Why would I spend so much time…

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  • Misaka 10032

    After reading Blitzer and Solchire's amazing and detailed decklists, it sparked my interest in writing out a in-depth deck about Remember. As you can see i've played quite a lot of Remember even before the LV5 even came out, however it was pretty basic like a typical blue deck you would see. So after the LV5 came out I decided to research lots of combo potential with it for example Rainbow Art OTK which is to fetch either Ayabon, Hand Grenade  or Sakura, Natural Plant along with FREEZE in order to perform a surekill shot with Ayabon 's double crush . The pattern after that is to FREEZE , use Remember Dead Night, Star-Reading Miko  's exceed to draw, call Sakura, exceed 3 banish 3 (charge 3 from sakura), call 2 Ayabons then either use Fract…

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  • Solchire

    So I recently got interested in anne, and after reading up on Blitzer's Blog, I've decided to at least try being as in-depth as he is about analyzing WIXOSS. Anne was a striking LRIG for me, since at first glance her SIGNI were thematically good at supporting themselves but not at finishing off your opponent. My interest piqued, and while I'm sure my deckbuilding still needs polishing, I tried my hardest at going for a crack at it. These cards include WX06 cards and thus shouldn't really be considered as buildable until a few days from the time this article was posted. Without further ado, here you go~: 

    • Anne, Locus of Miracles
    • Anne=First, Creation of the Imagination
    • Anne=Second, Value of Excess Knowledge
    • Anne=Third, Public Repentance

    - It's a …

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  • Romanoff Blitzer

    For the updated Tawil primer, see User blog:BlitzerRyuusei/The Hitchhiker's Guide to Tawil (Tawil Deck Primer Redux)

    So the full WX-06 Fortune Selector list came up in the JP WIXOSS wiki, and I have to say, it's pretty bland. Literally all the commons are class-based power boosters, and while those aren't strictly bad, they are very boring. They share the same niche as plain old vanillas, so these commons don't really do anything new at all. In contrast, WX-03 Spread Selector had plenty of good commons. KEY, Komaris, the ever-omnipresent Aztec, and so on. I'd like to slap the people who thought that giving the main classes their own versions was necessary.

    On the bright side, the cards from the other rarities are pretty good.

    Anyways, this isn't ab…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    Rainbow Ulith (Help)

    February 13, 2015 by Ra Ra Runi

    Im having alot of trouble making a Rainbow Ulith deck. You wouldnt think it would be this hard but there way too many possibilities and that makes you second guess everything. My original plan was to run a four color deck but that makes her Exceed 5 easier to predict so why not run an rainbow deck and make it nearly impossible? The Lrig deck has four slots open to Arts since Ulith 0-5 is ran but to reduce the need for Black Signi Ulith 4 is Ulith Black Sand Enma and im highly glad its only 3 colors to grow to Ulith without having to pay it so if someone uses Fracturing Lust she can still grow.

    • Black Desire
    • Grave Gut  (currently saving for SP-03)
    • Mind Mines (Arc Aura users beware)
    • Grave Out (Hella expensive but for ANY 3 signi i think i could ru…

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  • Solchire

    So I recently went to play in my local tournament (We hold games during sundays) and then there was this one unusual deck that struck me. It was an Iona deck, but it was a 3-stop Iona deck. First time I've ever actually seen one, so I took a swing at it. In the end, my Iona starter deck with minor edits lost. 

    The decklist i remember wasn't exactly specific, but then I recall seeing my opponent run mostly Poison Fang signi and 3 copies of hate impress in his deck. He also ran a few copies of Get Ready, to restand his L3 effect Poison Fangs from set 4 for repeat usage before sacrificing one of them to satan using Hate Impress and refilling the field, while having mine empty. That was the final turn right there, where I took 3 hits in a row. (…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    Tawil Deck Construction

    February 1, 2015 by Ra Ra Runi

    Tawil=Noll Prolonged of life / Level 0

    Tawil=Ett Prolonged of life / Level 1

    Tawil=Tva Prolonged of Life / Level 2

    Tawil=Tre Prolonged of Life / Level 3

    Tawil=Fyra Prolonged of life / Level 4

    Soap Summon if in a pinch

    Spell Salvage x2 or you could run Rainbow Art x2 but has a multi/high cost but also chance of bonus effect

    Idol Defense?

    Baroque Defense

    Soap Sudden to banish opposing signi

    Get Ready to up your signi after banishing the opponents

    Run 2-3 green signi (for Rainbow Art if chosen) [Necessary for late game]

    Run 2-3 blue signi (for Rainbow Art if chosen) [Decent choice but not necessary]

    Run 2-3 Red signi (for Rainbow Art if chosen) [Necessary for early game]

    {You can run Get open to discard youe red/green/blue signi for Rainbow Art not the best way but its …

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  • Romanoff Blitzer

    This is more of an information page than a blog post, but I suppose it would help some people if I posted it as a blog post.

    This is a list of cards used in the meta that can only be found in the starter decks. Due to possible meta shifts, this is only completely accurate as of WX-05 Beginning Selector, but it will probably hold some relevance even as the meta changes.

    This is not a measure of how good the decks are, only a count of what cards in it are commonly used. Even if a deck doesn't have as many playables, the cards in it may have great synergy with each other.

    "Stage 1" cards are used all the time, while "Stage 2" cards are occasionally used tech.

    • Tamayorihime, Half Moon Miko
    • Tamayorihime, Waxing Crescent Moon Miko
    • Tamayorihime, New Moo…

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  • Solchire

    Viability of Umuru 3-Stop

    January 21, 2015 by Solchire

    I recently wanted to build Umuru budget, but then I'm wondering if my deck idea was going to be crap tbh. 

    I plan to shift to Umuru but I don't exactly have enough spare cash for the Level 4. Locals peeps sell it for a bit higher than YYT price (around 1.5x times YYT price). So I started delving into ancient weapons and the viability of Umuru 3-stop. 

    My LRIG deck would contain the L0-L3 Umuru, 2 copies of Death Colossao, 1 Bloody Slash, 1 Anti-spell, and two other arts slots I can place cards in. Most likely one will be dead splash or any other arts that allow me to send signi from trash to play since I can combo it with Arahabaki to fish out Costaric to kill off a low attacker during my opponent's battle phase, or I can pull out off an Azt…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    So recently ive been checking/following the pages for Tawil and Fortune Selector and ive noticed that there is no actual deep discussion on Tawil while Umuru has several posts about her so im going to offically jump onto Tawil support  (Sorry Quackciel but Tawil is so innocent and cute Xc)

    Tawil level 4 as ive heard has a Trashing action

    Tawil doesnt have a specific signi class as of yet but as it seems she is a White opposite of Umuru i believe she will get a new signi type (probs not but one can hope)

    Umuru has Ancient Weapons which would be dark but since Tawil is white i believe her signi could be called Ancient Arts or Ancient something as to relate to something angelic or beautiful

    Next we move onto the play style of Tawil. In the final ep…

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  • Misaka 10032

    Hi, you probably know me from my 3+ posts of decklist help so heres another one! (Though this ones quite different because its for an actual tournament, not casual play anymore). So i'm going to be entering the same tournament a certain someone who plays Rainbow Ulith , Quackciel probably knows about this because his friend is joining it. Both me and that certain person started playing around the same time, he obviously started with Tama and I started with Piruluk meanwhile another fiend started with Yuzuki. Somehow after endulging into WIXOSS, between us three, we have finally obtained all LRIGS with me playing Iona, Piruluk, Remember and Mirurun, shinsei playing Tama, Anne, Midoriko and Ulith and the last person playing Hanayo, Yuzuki, …

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  • Five-hinsei

    Hi, I'm shinsei, I started playing wixoss with a Tama deck because there was a card named after me but soon ditched it because I was tired of winning I was interested in some other LRIGs. As of now I have intermediate-ish game knowledge, nowhere near perfect but I do check Japanese decklists and have a fairly good understanding of the meta. Now, where I'm at there's going to be a pretty large WIXOSS event held in a couple weeks, and since there's a time limit I can't quite enter the tourney with everyone's favourite Anne deck (and by "everyone" I mean "myself") without risking extending the game in a guardfest and getting disqualified. So, with that in mind, the only other deck I have is an incomplete Urith deck.

    ...and by "Urith deck" I mean…

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  • Romanoff Blitzer

    I told you I would be making a LRIG article.

    I didn't say when, because I didn't want to give you any expectations. I am terrible at maintaining a schedule. My intent was to publish this article around a week after the previous one (around January 16), but I started writing this article on the 13th and didn't expect it to take so long.

    So anyways.

    This is the article for you if:

    • You want to find something new that fits your playstyle.
    • You want to know how to build a certain deck.
    • You want to improve your understanding of the meta.
    • You're bored and need something WIXOSS-related to read.

    Currently, most people on the English side of the WIXOSS fandom have no understanding of the meta. As far as I know, the meta is starter decks. Instead of meta disc…

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  • EHeroMatty

    Umuru Deck !

    January 16, 2015 by EHeroMatty

    Updated: 3/2/2015 

    Hello Everyone! 

    I am back with an all new Umuru-style deck! now looking at the new support, I've been figuring out a way to try them out and I believe with a Simple Key, we can unlock Umuru's potential! 

    Now, Here's a build I've tried thinking and theorycrafting about for Umuru's newest Deck as well as her Level 5 with explinations. I Hope you enjoy, and help me out as well as give suggestions for future builds.

    LRIG Deck: 10 

    Level 0 LRIG:

    Umuru=Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation: Our Kawaii Keymaster ready to unlock a new door of Potential! 

    Level 1 LRIG:

    Umuru=Ett, Wielder of the Key of Chaos: Just Umuru's Vanilla 1.  

    Level 2 LRIG:

    Umuru=Två, Wielder of the Key of Creation: Sets off Texahammer and much more with 1 Black Ene…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    General question blog

    January 15, 2015 by Ra Ra Runi

    1) How is a typical Rainbow Ulith ran?

    • What arts are recommended?
    • What spells are recommended?

    2) Which signi types benefit Rainbow Ulith most?

    • I was thinking Ancient Weapons and Devils. Obviously Devils XD.
    • If Ancient Weapons are used Lost Technology could be good.

    3) How many Guards/Servants should be ran as colorless are necessary for the usage of colored spells.

    I wanted to run a full Rainbow Ulith as to use the new blessing to Ulith called Rainbow Art,although i didnt want to run any white until i saw Get Open. Also a side note a good alternative to run in an Nihilism Ulith if your against a Sunspot Tama would be Next Ready since your Exceed would be automatically made black. If you can help me i would really appreciate it :D

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  • Misaka 10032

    So after getting my hands on Piruluk ACRO with glasses, i've decided to play piruluk for now (As of right now i am kinda sharing Piruluk and Remember's deck so i can only choose 1 at a time). Because i think remember is significantly better at freezing, i've avoided most cards related to freezing and mainly built it around hand destruct which i think most people do (but my local disagrees lol #4freezetoostronk). The main thing i need help on is probably the LRIG deck because there are so many ARTs to choose from. I also lack CRYSTAL SEAL right now so plz dont suggest that yet...

    LRIG Deck:

    1x Code Piruluk

    1x Code Piruluk K (Vanilla)

    1x Code Piruluk M (Vanilla)

    1x Code Piruluk G (Vanilla) - Im quite unsure about using this or the hand destruct l…

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  • Wixossorg

    We've had a pretty smooth soft launch and at this time I would like to announce the general opening of is a card shop, community and database that shares data with this Wikia.  Aside from the basic web shop abilities (like being able to order singles or boosters), will offer many powerful features that the Wikia cannot or would not support, such as:

    • Printing English Card Sleeve inserts
    • Bookmarking cards for quick access later
    • Creating and sharing decks
    • Researching cards with data from automatic algorithms
    • Researching card price history and popularity

    As a thank you to the community for supporting our progress thus far, I'd like to offer a 5% off coupon for all orders placed between January 18th and 31st.  The c…

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  • BlitzerRyuusei

    It's about high time I got off my lazy ass started making TCG articles. I have a lot of stuff I know that I should teach, ever since the other person who knew WIXOSS pretty well isn't around anymore.

    Before you try to do anything - make decks, play games, and so on - you should take a look at this article.

    The purpose of attacking Life Cloth is to win the game. Obvious, and you should do it whenever possible. No matter if you're the beatdown or the control, you should go after your opponent's Life Cloth whenever possible. Generally, you should not ignore Life Cloth to go after your opponent's SIGNI. SIGNI are disposable. Life Cloth are not. Not even if you're Midoriko and shitting out Repairs like the Lannisters shit gold.

    But what is the purpo…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    Umuru Deck

    January 3, 2015 by Ra Ra Runi

    So ive ordered alot of the prebuilts and i have only two more to order Red Ambition and Blue Appli and now a third has been added Black Will the Umuru prebuilt. I have never used Umuru at all but based on her cards she seems to trash cards and then uses signi effects to bring them back. This seems to be my type of Deck using discarding, even better using arts both players discard 7 using Ancient Suprise and she also has a level 5 confirmed.

    so this is what i was thinking (Mainly trashing and Signi Effects)

    Lrig Deck

    X1 Keylord Of Creation Umuru=Noll

    X1 Keylord Of Creation Umuru=Ett

    X1 Keylord Of Creation Umuru=Tva

    X1 Keylord Of Creation Umuru= Tre

    X1 Keylord Of Creation Umuru=Fyra

    X2 Ancient Suprise (Discard cards)

    X1 Death Colosso (When they release…

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  • Chatpelier

    Hi fellow Selectors from around the world !

    I'm a french Selector, playing Wixoss with my girlfriend. We both wants to know if there are some fellow french Selectors somewhere, willing to play / begin to build a french Wixoss community.

    I also wanted to know if there were some websites for trading Wixoss cards, because buying boxes is fun, but it's usually not enough to build the decks we want, right ? And we got some spares we'll never play.

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  • Misaka 10032

    Remember Deck (Lv5)

    December 30, 2014 by Misaka 10032

    So finally got my hands on Remember Dead Night!

    LRIG Deck:

    1x Remember, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Morni, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Noon, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Dawn, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Night, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Dead Night, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Ancient Surprise - Xeno Multiple is a bit too costly and the cost is very limited so I didn't get the chance to use it much. Ancient Surprise is pretty much a nice replacement here as it fufills the same purpose as an offensive and defensive ART. With this card in my LRIG deck, i removed Round and Square for Aztec and Henge as they are required for Ancient Surprise to be defensive.

    1x Don't Move

    1x Idol Defense - Now I have no white signis I guess Baroque Defense is a harde…

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  • Misaka 10032

    Ultima/Mayu Help

    December 26, 2014 by Misaka 10032

    So i've gotten my hands on an Iona deck with lv5 Mayu and Iona . Right now im quite confused whether to use Poison Fangs or Ancient Weapons. I currently have 2 Violence Splashes so I want to use it so I want to know if it Rikabuto or Marsface combos better with it. It would be extremely useful for me to know which signi type works better with which lv 5 lrig as mayu and ultima functions quite differently. With Necronomico, it kinda forces me to grow to Mayu to use its skill so I don't know if its worth it or not. I feel the deck is very vulnerable at lv1 and lv2 because texahammer basically does nothing early game due to not having any millers (eg. Kythera). Lv2 signis Azteca and Megatron also feels very mediocre as both somehow leaves a h…

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Well, I decided to make this after the recent chapter of Peeping Analyze instead of clogging the comments section.

    Chapter 5 edition.

    Now place your bets on these questions.

    1. Is Ayumi still alive? She's never confirmed dead on the first place, and Mayu could be lying to provoke her.
    2. Is her new Selector even Ayumi?
    3. How will Piruluk reacts on the next chapter?

    As for me:

    1. I fucking wish she's alive.
    2. Could be, but even if she's not Ayumi, I think Piruluk could grow to like her. Best option of course if Sakaguchi is alive and Piruluk managed to get Sakaguchi (?)'s body we could get delicious yuri twin girl on girl action.
    3. If she's Sakaguchi, probably Piruluk would try to explain and probably felt relieved. On ch 3 she did state that she doesn't mind to b…

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    These are taken from my computer so please ignore the icons XP. Honestly she is getting close to the level of Ulith as my favoirte Lrig and only from her Level 4 

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    So i havent read Wixoss -Re/Verse- though i would like to i cant find it anywhere. So scorlling through tumblr i found this image showing the black Lrig i think called Alfort (not sure) but im really happy as my favorite Lrigs are the black ones so im super hyped to make an Alfort deck. (sorry if its not the right name) ALFORT LEVEL 5!!!!

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  • Misaka 10032

    Wixoss Blogs

    December 23, 2014 by Misaka 10032

    So after looking around i just realized the english wixoss community is quite small and so there arent really any place to look around for lrig informations and maybe a skeleton deck to build off if you cant read japanese. I was wondering if anyone here knows any english blog with something along the line of card/deck reviews or is planning to make one? If you do could u link them, thanks a lot!

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  • Ra Ra Runi

    im currently looking for ulith cards such as

    Ulith, Enma of Suffering

    Ulith level 0 sleeping card

    and most important of all

    Ulith, Enma of Nihilism (her level 5)

    yes i am planning to order a pack of Beginning Selector booster packs but in case i dont get an ulith level 5 i am including it here please help me if you can and i will try and respond. *ByeBye-Lun*

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  • Misaka 10032

    Black Tama

    December 20, 2014 by Misaka 10032

    Hi guys, I was just wondering how should i build a black tama deck? Right now i have a vermillion tama but its full white and lv5 sunspot tama requires at least 10 black cards so how many black signis should I run and what should i run? Kinda a hassle since the only black non restricted cards are ancient weapon...

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  • CFDrewbert

    Deck help!

    December 18, 2014 by CFDrewbert

    So I've been keeping up with Wixoss for a considerable amount of time now... I even spent money to pick up 3 or 4 of the TDs... My only problem is knowing what is staple and what is not for the colors I play.

    So let's put it this way... I wanna build off a White Hope TD with Dawn Miko and some of the different Tama cards Lv 1-3 introduced in WX-01.  What would be considered staple, how much is it, and what is a cheaper alternative?

    If anyone has any other color that they wanna talk about that's fine too because really I wanna know what cards are considered good.  So let me refrase my question... what makes for a good, decent, and bad Wixoss card?  For example, I see a lot of people playing the Lv 3 Midoriko that can't grow to Lv4 and gives y…

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  • Leslie Chow

    Anime Predictions

    December 14, 2014 by Leslie Chow

    As the title suggests this is a blog for discussion on the anime's future.

    Ok so I know that there is one more episode left before season 2 ends. But remembering from last season, midway into the series season 2 was already announced. This season has so far had not any made such announcements. And looking at Fortune Selector, I am a bit worried, as it is packaged similarly to Spread Selector, which tells me that although there are new cards, they might not appear in the anime. Will Mari Okada screw up this series way worse than Fate/Stay Night 2006, by ending it? Sure this anime had flaws here and there but still it has so much potential and more stories to tell (which could fix flaws) such as:

    • What happened to Aki-lovely?
    • What happened to Ru…
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  • Misaka 10032

    Remember Deck

    December 11, 2014 by Misaka 10032

    So this Sunday im going to go to a wixoss tournament (Yes its my first wixoss tourney) and so i'd like to post my deck hoping someone would help me on it. All spec selector only cards (such as Modern Boundary) and Ancient Surprise is banned as its supposed to be a tourney for beginners lol. I wont be able to get my hands on Code Art MGT yet as its a promo for the tourney so it would be a hassle finding MGTs from the people who opened it from there promo pack. Anyways, heres the deck:

    LRIG Deck:

    1x Remember, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Morni, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Noon, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Dawn, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Remember Night, Star-Reading Miko

    1x Xeno Multiple

    1x Baroque Defense

    1x Don't Move

    1x Anti-Spell

    1x Lock You

    Main Dec…

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Kiyoi's Deck

    November 26, 2014 by Hoshizawa Shizuki

    While reading Peeping Analyze, I've got some idea to compile Kiyoi Mizushima's known cards on her deck. Since Remember starters won't be happening anytime soon, lol.

    Kiyoi is using a white/blue deck with angels/arm signi. Known cards:

    LRIG Deck

    Remember, Star-Reading Miko x1

    Remember Morni, Star-Reading Miko x1

    Remember Noon, Star-Reading Miko x1

    Remember Dawn, Star-Reading Miko x1

    Remember Night, Star-Reading Miko x1

    Gothic Boundary x1

    Main Deck

    ICE BREAK x2

    Mikagami, Treasured Instrument x1

    Haniel, Thoughts of Seeking x1

    Square, Medium Shield x1

    Urie, Sudden Ruination x1

    Mitsurugi, Treasured Instrument x1

    Her favorite combo is using Remember's Freeze ability and followed by ICE BREAK to banish the opponent's signis.

    Yes, I noticed that Mitsurugi is Tam…

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  • CFDrewbert

    SD Testing...

    November 26, 2014 by CFDrewbert

    So I recently (about 1 1/2 to 2 months ago) got my hands on the White Hope, Red Ambition, and Black Desire Starter Decks.  And the results of various battle testing showed that Hanayo-chan (no modifications) was the most dominant of the three, with Tama following relatively close behind.  And then there was Urisu... yea, maybe it's just because I don't like her and she doesn't like me but meh.  Come Christmas, I'm gettin my hands on Dawn Miko and some of the other Tama LRIG chain in the 1st booster.  Soon after, I'll probably gettin Black Crave b/c IONA OP, which means I'll have more to add this this drastically dry battle testing report.  If anyone has done the same, please feel free to state the results of your tests :D

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    I'll make blogs about Tips/Recs for each LRIGs, ARTS, Spells and SIGNI.

    (e.g what Tama lvl, which Tama only and other arts to use, etc)

    Good chance to learn/share tips, better than just net decking.

    .... Since putting tips on each card would take time and I'll compile it on few blogs before putting it over there.

    Probably gonna starts with as follow: Iona, Tama, Ann, Piruluk/Remember (or maybe I'll make separate blog),  Eldora, Midoriko, Mirurun, and Hanayo/Yuzuki (probably separate, too).

    Iona first because Iona best girl and LRIG. lol.

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  • CFDrewbert

    So... if you couldn't figure out by the totally-not-obscure-at-all-title, then I guess I should explain with a little more detail.

    1) Favorite LRIG

    2) Favorite Selector

    3) Favorite LRIG/Selector pair: now this one doesn't have to follow the anime.  For example, my favorite pair would be Anne/Hitoe

    Let me know what y'all think... or don't as it seems to happen more more often than not ;P

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