• CFDrewbert

    Spec Selector or no

    September 27, 2014 by CFDrewbert

    So I recently got money for my birthday and want to get some WXS stuff.  They are selling the spec-selector 01 set and 02 set on ebay for about $180 each.  Wanted to know if it was really worth it or should I buy some TDs and boxes.  Not looking for competitive play so much as art. Thanks.

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  • Aetohatir

    Card Image uploading.

    August 30, 2014 by Aetohatir

    Tomorrow I will start uploading new images for the First Booster Served Selector tomorrow. The only cards I don't have are: 002,003,004,005,006,029,030,034,106,109 and the ??? card. So expect some cool high res Images!

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  • Quackciel

    09/02/2014 EDIT: The hope is very dim.. My dream about building level 2 Umuru deck was crushed today because of the incosistency it has, and I still can't win any conpetitive decks with an normal builds at all. I've come closer to the point where I can almost win the game but its just that. I can't win no matter what I did. My only hope right now is all up to the support in thise TDs as it is likely going to be the last time Umuru will get a support, at the very least one year from now.
    As the meta goes, Umuru can't out speed any aggresive decks and barely out sustain some decks too despite that Umuru's very good at trash recovering compare to others. My current deck is a little bit different from now, not playing 3OUT/Megatron anymore and …

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  • Romanoff Blitzer

    Since I just changed the wiki's background color to white, these look awful. I'll be changing them tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy our terrible-looking color icons.

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