Blood crystal arm (血晶武装 kesshō busō) is an action associated with LoV LRIGs.

To blood crystal arm a SIGNI, put a SIGNI card from the specified zone under 1 of your SIGNI with the same name as that card. For example, to blood crystal arm [hand] one of your Tsukuyomi, Vermilion Familiar, put a Tsukuyomi, Vermilion Familiar from your hand under your Tsukuyomi on the field. That SIGNI becomes blood crystal armed (血晶武装状態 kesshō busō jōtai).

  • A SIGNI that is blood crystal armed remains so until it leaves the field. When it leaves the field, the cards under it are put into the trash by rule processing.
  • A SIGNI that is blood crystal armed remains so even if the card under it is removed for some reason.
  • The card under the SIGNI cannot be arbitrarily put into the trash.
  • It is possible to blood crystal arm a SIGNI that is already blood crystal armed. However, effects that trigger whenever a SIGNI becomes blood crystal armed do not trigger, as it is already blood crystal armed.
  • If the zone designated by the blood crystal arm action is the deck (written as blood crystal arm [deck]), search your deck for a SIGNI with the same name as the SIGNI to be armed, put it under that SIGNI, and shuffle your deck.
  • Other states and currently active effects, such as up/down, freeze, and power-increasing effects remain even when a SIGNI becomes blood crystal armed.
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