Kana (仮名) キョキュウカタパル
Romaji (ローマ字) Kyokyū Kataparu
Chinese (中文) 巨弓 抛射
Color WhiteIcon White
Card Type SIGNI
Level 3
Power 8000
Limiting Condition Tama limited
Class War Spirit: Arm
Card Abilities
On-Play: Look at the top card of your deck. If it is a level 2 or less SIGNI and you don't have another SIGNI on the field, you may put it onto the field.
Life Burst Life Burst: Search your deck for 1 level 4 white SIGNI, reveal it, and add it to your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Life Burst:あなたのデッキからレベル4の白のシグニ1枚を探して公開し手札に加える。その後、デッキをシャッフルする。
Card Abilities (Chinese/中文)
Life Burst:从我方牌组中找1张等级4的白色精灵牌,展示后加入手牌。之后洗切牌组。
WX-01 Served Selector (WX01-036 - R - 4/26/2014)
  • Flavor:
    Oh, there's space there? ~Catapul~
  • Illust: hitoto*

WXD-13 White Hope -movie ver.- (WD13-015 - ST - 2/13/2016)

  • Flavor: 仲間がいなくても、私がいれば大丈夫よ。~カタパル~
  • Illust: hitoto*
Sets (Chinese)
WX-01 Served Selector (WX01-036 - R - 1/10/2015)
  • Flavor:
    Oh, there's space there? ~Catapul~
  • Illust: hitoto*
Level 1 Bonya, Small BowBow, Shooting Bow
Level 2 Sephiram, Shooting Bow
Level 3 Catapul, GreatbowGandiva, GreatbowHaradhanu, Greatbow
Xiahou Yuan, Red Bow of the Wei ArmyYaekiri, Greatbow
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