Umr-Draw, an example of an assist LRIG card

Players may choose to play the game with three LRIGs; one center LRIG (センタールリグ Sentā Rurigu) in the middle, and two assist LRIGs (アシストルリグ Ashisuto Rurigu) on either side of it.

To do this, a player must include three level 0 LRIG cards in their LRIG deck. If they do so, they may include two piece cards in their LRIG deck on top of the standard 10-card LRIG deck limit, for a total of 12 cards in their LRIG deck. The player starts the game with all three of these level 0 LRIGs on the field. (If a player chooses to play with only one LRIG, that LRIG is considered their center LRIG.)

The center LRIG is a player's primary LRIG, and grows during the grow phase as normal. However, assist LRIG cards can only grow into LRIG cards with the assist (アシスト Ashisuto) card type. Assist LRIG cards occupy space in the LRIG deck like any other LRIG card, and have most of the characteristics of regular LRIG cards. However, the limit of an assist LRIG is added to the center LRIG's, and they have use timings that determine when the assist LRIG can be grown into. A player may grow each of their assist LRIGs any number of times per turn, but may not grow them into a LRIG of a higher level than their center LRIG.

Assist LRIGs can't attack, and their LRIG types are ignored for the purposes of the limiting conditions of your cards.

Assist LRIG specifics[]

The coins of assist LRIGs are not added to your coin count at the beginning of the game. Cards before Diva Selection that refer to the color or LRIG type of your LRIG, such as Don't Escape and Ancient Groove, will only refer to the color or card type of your center LRIG.

A player cannot have multiple LRIGs with the same combination of LRIG types on the field. For example, if a player has a level 0 Tawil card and original WIXOSS among their starting LRIGs, and chooses to have original WIXOSS have the Tawil LRIG type, one of them must be placed into the LRIG trash. However, LRIGs can share LRIG types as long as either of them have a LRIG type the other does not; for example, a player may have a Remember/Piruluk LRIG and a Piruluk LRIG on the field at the same time.

Cards under assist LRIGs may be used to pay for Exceed costs.

Parts of an Assist LRIG card[]


  • Located in the top right corner.
  • Determines the associated color of the LRIG.


  • Located in the top left corner.
  • Like regular LRIGs, the level of an assist LRIG determines the LRIG cards it can grow into. The levels of assist LRIGs range from 0 to 1.
  • Unlike regular LRIGs, the level of an assist LRIG has no influence on the maximum level of SIGNI you can play.


  • Located in the top left corner under the level.
  • The limit of an assist LRIG is added to the center LRIG's limit. A level 1 assist LRIG's limit is 0, while a level 2 assist LRIG's limit is +1.

Use Timing[]

  • Located in the center-left.
  • Determines when the assist LRIG can be played, growing onto an assist LRIG on the field.

Grow Cost[]

  • Located in the bottom left corner.
  • Determines the color and amount of ener that must be paid in order to grow into the LRIG.

LRIG Type[]

  • Located to the center right.
  • Like a regular LRIG, an assist LRIG can only grow from and to LRIGs of the same LRIG type.
  • Unlike regular LRIGs, the LRIG type of an assist LRIG does not affect what cards you can play; only the center LRIG's LRIG type affects limiting conditions.


  • If present, will be shown in the text box of the card.
  • Like SIGNI, a LRIG may have abilities, and their use is similar.
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