Kana (仮名) カイシンテンカ
Romaji (ローマ字) Kaishin Tenka
Color RedIcon Red
Card Type ARTS
Cost Red × 1
Limiting Condition Tawil limited
Use Timing [Main Phase]
Key Selection Legal? Key Yes
Card Abilities
Encore - Coin (You may use this card by paying its additional encore cost. If you do, this additionally gets "Return this card to the LRIG deck.")
Look at the top 4 cards of your deck. Add 1 card from them to your hand, put 1 of them as a [Beat], and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order. Then, banish 1 of your opponent's SIGNI with the same level as the card put as a [Beat] with this effect.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
WXK-D14 Red Tawil (WDK14-008 - ST - 8/31/2019)
  • Flavor: ふぃるいん みせどころ~タウィル~
  • Illust: 吉沢メガネ
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