A Charm (チャーム Chaamu) is a game object that can primarily be manipulated by black cards. Charms first appeared in WX-04 Infected Selector.

Cards can be placed under your SIGNI face down as a Charm when certain effects are used or triggered, such as the Auto ability of Ariton, Fallen Annihilation. Charms can be used as a resource for the payment of ability costs, such as the abilities of Urith, Enma of Suffering, and certain SIGNI gain benefits if they have a Charm attached to them, such as Maymon, Fallen Confession.

A SIGNI can only have one Charm under it at any time. Effects that would otherwise place a Charm under a SIGNI that already has a Charm under it will not place a Charm under that SIGNI.

Charms may not be removed except by a card's effect, or if the Charmed SIGNI leaves the field. When a SIGNI with a Charm attached to it leaves the field, the Charm is placed into the trash.

The card that becomes a Charm has no properties except being a Charm. Neither player may see what the Charm card exactly is (i.e. its name, and any distinguishing properties).

Any ability that attaches a Charm to a SIGNI does not directly affect that SIGNI. You may place a Charm under a SIGNI that is unaffected by your card effects, as long as there is no Charm under that SIGNI.

The current reminder text for Charm is:

[Charm] (Each SIGNI can have up to one Charm card, and it is placed face-down under the SIGNI)
Colors White WhiteRed RedBlue BlueGreen GreenBlack Black
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