A Charm (チャーム Chaamu) is a game object that can primarily be manipulated by black cards. Charms first appeared in WX-04 Infected Selector.

Cards can be placed under your SIGNI face-down as a Charm when certain effects are used or triggered, such as the Constant ability of Ariton, Fallen Annihilation. Charms can be used as a resource for the payment of ability costs, such as the abilities of Ulith, Enma of Suffering, and certain SIGNI gain benefits if they have a Charm attached to them, such as Maimon, Fallen Confession. A SIGNI can only have one Charm card under it at a time.

Other than what is written on card texts, Charms may not be voluntarily removed. When a SIGNI with a Charm attached to it leaves the field, the Charm is placed into the trash.

The card that becomes a Charm has no properties except being a Charm. Neither player may see what the Charm card exactly is (i.e. its name).

Attachment of charms doesn't affect the SIGNI. Charm's card effects, for example, "This ... (card type) is unaffected by... effects" will not apply to the SIGNI being attached. The SIGNI being attached with a charm with that effect will still take effects from opponent.

The current reminder text for Charm is:

[Charm] (Each SIGNI can have up to one Charm card, and it is placed face-down under the SIGNI)
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