The Check Zone (チェックゾーン Chekku Zōn) is where life cloth go after being crushed and where spells, ARTS, Resonas, and pieces resolve.

When a Life Cloth is crushed, it is sent to the check zone. At the check zone, the player checks if the crushed card has a Life Burst ability; if the crushed card does, that player uses it. The crushed card then goes to the ener zone.

When a spell, ARTS, or piece is used, it is sent to the check zone. It stays in the check zone until its abilities resolve, after which it is put into the trash (spells) or LRIG trash (ARTS), or excluded from the game (pieces).

When a Resona is played, it is sent to the check zone while its play condition is being resolved.

Rarely, a card may be put into the check zone due to an effect, such as those of Aiyai★Royal Flush or Caught in Your Own Trap. These do not trigger Life Bursts unless the effect says so. At the beginning of the end phase, if there are cards still in the check zone for some reason (such as Umr-Fem, Wielder of the Alluring Orchid Key's interaction with Caught in Your Own Trap), they are put into the trash.

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