The Cheer Zone (チアゾーン Chia Zōn) is a special zone on the field. It was introduced in WXEX-2 Unbreakable Selector.

SIGNI can be placed into the cheer zone, and they are treated as SIGNI on the field like SIGNI in the regular three SIGNI zones. However, SIGNI cannot be put onto the cheer zone normally. Rather, certain SIGNI have effects that cause them to become a cheer girl (チアガール Chia Gāru), which moves them to the cheer zone; these SIGNI are indicated by their level being encircled by a heart symbol instead of a circle. The cheer zone can have up to one SIGNI on it at a time.

When a cheer girl attacks, it can choose to attack any of your opponent's SIGNI zones, and battle the SIGNI on the chosen SIGNI zone. It cannot attack the opponent directly to crush their life cloth, nor attack SIGNI in the opponent's cheer zone. Cheer girls cannot be attacked.

Cheer girls are not counted towards your LRIG's limit. However, SIGNI in the cheer zone must still have a level less than or equal to your LRIG's level.


  • SIGNI cannot be placed into the cheer zone with effects that put SIGNI onto the field, only by becoming a cheer girl.
  • If the cheer zone already has a SIGNI on it, you cannot put another SIGNI there even by having it become a cheer girl.
  • Cheer girls are affected by everything a regular SIGNI is affected by. They can be chosen by effects, banished, put into the trash by remove, ener charged during your ener phase, have Charms and Accessories attached to them, and so on.
  • If an effect asks you to choose a SIGNI zone, the cheer zone cannot be chosen, as it is not a SIGNI zone.
  • Effects that rearrange SIGNI on the field can move a SIGNI from the cheer zone to a SIGNI zone, but cannot move a SIGNI from a SIGNI zone to the cheer zone.
  • The cheer zone has no positional relationship with the regular three SIGNI zones. It is not treated as a left, middle, or right SIGNI zone, and it is not considered to be to the left or right of any of the SIGNI zones. As a result, cheer girls cannot be crossed.
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