Kana (仮名) ゲンスイチョウアン
Romaji (ローマ字) Gensui Chouan
Chinese (中文) 幻水 萩安
Color BlueIcon Blue
Card Type SIGNI
Level 2
Power 3000
Limiting Condition Eldora limited
Class Living Spirit: Water Beast
Card Abilities
On-Play Put 1 of your Life Cloth into the trash: Add the top card of your deck to your Life Cloth. (Adding or removing cards from your Life Cloth is done in order starting from the top)
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Card Abilities (Chinese/中文)
On-Play 将我方1张生命护甲放置到废弃区:将牌组顶1张牌加入生命护甲。(卡牌被移动时,从最上方按顺序添加或减少)
WXD-06 Blue Request (WD06-013 - ST - 9/25/2014)
  • Flavor: わーやー!ひきずりださないで! ~チョウアン~ Wah no! Don't pull me out! ~Chouan~
  • Illust: かにかま

WXD-06 Blue Request (WD06-013 - ST - Chinese)

  • Flavor: 哇呀!别把我拖出去 ~萩安~
  • Illust: かにかま
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