Kana (仮名) コードイートフラポテ
Romaji (ローマ字) Kōdo Īto Furapote
Color GreenIcon Green
Card Type SIGNI
Level 1
Power 2000
Limiting Condition Mel limited
Class Machine Spirit: Cooking
Card Abilities
Auto 1/Turn: When 1 of your SIGNI is accessorized, you may put 1 <Cooking> SIGNI from your hand into the Ener Zone. If you do, draw 1 card.
(This effect can only be triggered once per turn. Even if you choose not to put a card into the Ener Zone, it is included in the once per turn limit.)
Life Burst Life Burst: [Ener Charge 1]
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Auto Once:あなたのシグニ1体がアクセされたとき、あなたの手札から<調理>のシグニ1枚をエナゾーンに置いてもよい。そうした場合、カードを1枚引く。
Life Burst【エナチャージ1】
WX-15 Incited Selector (WX15-059 - R - 10/13/2016)
  • Flavor:
    How about you purchase us with a hamburger~? ~Fripota~
    ご一緒にハンバーガーもいかがですか~? ~フラポテ~ 
  • Illust: pepo
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