Kana (仮名) コードメイズキンカク
Romaji (ローマ字) Kōdo Meizu Kinkaku
Color WhiteIcon White
Card Type SIGNI
Level 3
Power 8000
Limiting Condition Iona limited
Class Machine Spirit: Labyrinth
Card Abilities
Cross "Code Maze Ginkaku" Right
Constant: At the end of your turn, up all of your <Labyrinth> SIGNI.
Cross Constant: When this SIGNI becomes Heaven Heaven, during the main phase of the next turn, all of your opponent's SIGNI on the field lose their abilities, and cannot gain new ones.
Life Burst Life Burst: Choose 1. ① Draw 1 card. ② [Ener Charge 1]
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Cross《コードメイズ ギンカク》の右
Cross Constant:このシグニがHeavenしたとき、次のターンのメインフェイズの間、対戦相手の場にあるすべてのシグニは能力を失い、新たに得られない。
Life Burst:どちらか1つを選ぶ。①カードを1枚引く。②【エナチャージ1】
WX-11 Destructed Selector (WX11-038 - R - 1/21/2016)
  • Flavor:
    It's gotta be gold leaf! ~Kinkaku~
  • Illust: mado*pen
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