Coin A coin (コイン koin) is an object that players may obtain.

Each player starts with 0 coins. Whenever a player starts the game with a LRIG with a coin value or grows into a LRIG with a coin value, located at the lower-right corner of the card, they gain the number of coins indicated. Players may also gain coins from certain LRIG abilities.

Players may only have up to 5 coins. If an effect gives a player a coin when they already have 5 coins, their total remains at 5.

Coins may be spent to pay the costs of certain LRIG abilities, to access the Bet abilities of certain ARTS, or to put keys onto the field.

Coins may be marked with tokens of any kind, including officially provided coin cards. The number of coins each player has is visible to all players at all times.


In the Lostorage incited WIXOSS anime, coins are objects that are tied to the memories of Selectors.

Whenever a Selector is chosen, the Selector is asked as part of the registration process to choose one out of four possible cards. Depending on the number written on the cards, they are given anywhere between one to four of gold coins with the rest being black as a starting point.

Winning battles will cause one of the Selector's black coins to turn gold, whilst losing battles causes one of the Selector's gold coins to turn black (or two or more, depending on if they bet one or more of their coins during the battle).

Obtaining all five gold coins allows the Selector to escape the system, as well as grants them the ability to modify one of their memories. However, if all of a Selector's coins turn black, their memories and personality will disappear and their body will get possessed by their LRIG.

List of Known Coin Bet SkillsEdit

Name of Skill Selector LRIG Effect
Honest Suzuko Homura Ril Compels an opponent to answer one of Suzuko's questions truthfully. Suzuko can also use Honest on both herself and Ril. Honest can be used to force Suzuko to act on her true intentions, allowing her to resist outside compulsions like Berserk.
Berserk Chinatsu Morikawa Mel Forces an opponent to make a reckless move usually either by:
  • Making an opponent attack prematurely;
  • Making them use up all of their SIGNIs or ARTS;
  • Or by forcing an opponent to disengage their coin bet skill.
Blind Hanna Mikage Nanashi Covers an opponent's playing field in a dark mist which prevents Hanna's opponents from seeing her cards.
Predict Kagari Yukino Yukime Allows Kagari to look at the top two cards of her opponent's deck during her opponent's draw phase. This enables her to formulate strategies and make counter moves against those cards.
Cunning/Cheating Rio Koshiba Mama Allows Rio to set Traps/Bombs that activate when a opponent goes to attack her.
Holograph Shou Narumi Aya Allows Aya to make copies of herself to confuse the opponent.
Direct Sou Sumida Guzuko It forces an enemy Selector to experience the exact same pain that a LRIG goes through when they get attacked, which causes the Selector to lose focus due to the physical pain they experience.
Escape Shohei Shirai Dona Allows Dona to wrap her scarf around herself in order to protect herself from attacks.
Peeping Kiyoi Mizushima Piruluk Similar to the ARTS card Peeping Analyze. Allows Kiyoi to look at an opponent's hand and choose a level, and if there are cards of that level in her opponent's hand, all of them are discarded. Additionally, it also allows Kiyoi to see a Selector's motivations, as well as their deepest desires and wishes.
Joker Kou Satomi Carnival Allows Kou to rewrite one card on his field. Additionally, another feature of Joker is that it enables Carnival to rewrite her own coin skills and use the coin bet skills of other Selectors. Carnival can also rewrite or white out an opponent’s card with it, turning it into a Servant ZERO.
Requiem Suzuko Homura
Chinatsu Morikawa
Requiem is a new ability created by Suzuko by using Chinatsu's coin card to bet. It is a fusion of Berserk and Honest and its primary purpose is to amplify Ril's power to extraordinary levels by using Berserk to relay the strength of Suzuko's heart and honest wish to her LRIG, Ril.
Doping Kaede Layla Doping is an technique that forcibly amplifies an LRIG's power. However, the backlash of it is that the LRIG also takes damage as well.
Happening Akira Aoi Milulun (Lostorage) Akira's Coin Bet skill 'Happening' is a Coin Skill that causes random card effects to happen. Thus, it cannot be read by Piruluk's 'Peeping.'

Key/Coin Combo Skills Edit

Key and Coin Combo Skills are a new function of the card game. They occur when a Coin skill is used in conjunction with a 'Key' Card skill. In the anime, it takes the form of a combo skill between a LRIG transformed Selector and their LRIG partner.

Name of Skill Selector LRIG Effect
Catharsis Kiyoi Mizushima Allos Piruluk From what can be told so far, Carthasis creates a massive water blast that can wipe out an enemy's remaining life cloths.
Together With Aya Carnival Guzuko Together With Aya summons the LRIG, "Aya" onto the platform and allows the user to use Aya's coin skill 'Holograph' on their LRIG. With Guzuko, this effect transforms Guzuko in her Guzuko, Useless Princess of Secrecy form and creates multiple copies of her, allowing the Selector to barrage the enemy with multiple Guzukos.

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