Colorless Colorless (無色 Mushoku) is a card quality in the WIXOSS TCG that represents a lack of color. In some aspects, colorless is like a color: for example, cards can have a colorless icon in the same way they can have a white, red, blue, green, or black icon, and cards can have colorless ener required for their costs. Ultimately, however, colorless is not a color. For example, cards cannot have the same color as a colorless card, not even another colorless card.

Colorless costs can be paid for with cards of any color. For example, you may pay a cost of Colorless4 with three white cards and a blue card.

Most colorless cards have Multi Ener, and thus can pay costs of any color. However, colorless cards without Multi Ener cannot be used to pay costs other than colorless costs.

Associated LRIGsEdit

LRIG Type Associated Classes
N/A Origin Spirit
? Origin Spirit
Eternal Origin Spirit

In addition, there is Urith, Enma of Nothingness, a colorless LRIG card with a LRIG type normally associated with black.

Associated abilitiesEdit

  • Drawing cards
  • Ener Charging
  • Guard
  • Multi Ener
  • Versatile, general-use versions of other color techniques
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