A cost (コスト Kosuto) is a resource paid to grow, use ARTS, spells, keys, and pieces, and use the abilities of LRIGs, SIGNI, and keys.

On LRIG cards, the grow cost is located at the bottom-left corner of the card. On ARTS, spells, keys, and pieces, costs are located in the upper-left corner of the card. On the abilities of LRIGs SIGNI, and keys, costs are located to the right of the ability type symbol (Action or On-Play) and to the left of the colon.

To pay ener costs, send the specified number of cards from your ener zone to your trash. For example, to use Rococo Boundary, which has a cost of White.png × 3 Colorless.png × 2, put three white cards and two other cards of any color in your ener zone into your trash.

The costs of LRIG and SIGNI abilities may include things other than ener costs. For example, Ranchan, Explosive Gun requires you to Down.png down her and discard a card from your hand to use her ability.

Some effects refer to total cost (コストの合計 Kosuto no gōkei), which refers to the total amount of ener used to pay for the cost of an ARTS or spell. For example, a card with cost White.png × 3 Colorless.png × 2 has a total cost of 5, while a card with cost White.png × 0 has a total cost of 0.

Costs are not effects. For example, Sakura, Natural Plant's second Constant ability does not trigger upon being downed to pay the cost of Gauche Agnes, Natural Plant Princess's Action ability. However, it does trigger upon being downed by Fallen, as the down from Fallen is treated as part of the effect.

For the purposes of cards that change ener costs, abilities that set costs come first, then abilities that increase or decrease cards come second. For example, if one player uses Lock You while their LRIG is a blue Piruluk, and the opponent wants to use Body and Soul:

It does not work the other way around: that is, Lock You does not increase Body and Soul's cost to Green.png × 1 Colorless.png × 6, then Body and Soul's ability sets its cost to Green.png × 1.

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