Heckler & Koch Cross

Heckler, Ballista and Koch, Roaring Gun in a Cross state

Cross (クロス Kurosu) is a keyword mechanic that appears on SIGNI cards.

When a SIGNI enters the field, it becomes crossed when it meets the placement conditions on its Cross condition: for example, Heckler, Ballista must be placed to the SIGNI zone directly to the right of your Koch, Roaring Gun. When a Cross SIGNI is crossed, its Cross On-Play Cross On-Play, Cross Constant Cross Constant, Cross Action Cross Action, and Cross Auto Cross Auto abilities are active.

When fulfilling Cross conditions, the SIGNI with Cross must be adjacent to each other: for example, a SIGNI cannot be in the center SIGNI zone if Heckler, Ballista and Koch, Roaring Gun are to Cross.

As long as both SIGNI are on the field adjacent to each other, they are considered to be "Crossed"; being up or down does not affect being Crossed. SIGNI will cease to be crossed when either half leaves the field for any reason.

Crossed SIGNI are still treated as separate SIGNI while crossed. As such, they occupy two different SIGNI zones, and effects that affect only one SIGNI affect only one SIGNI in a Cross pair.

If a SIGNI in a Cross pair loses its abilities, the pair is still considered to be in Cross as the effect is still present in the other SIGNI of the pair. However, this does not apply if Gustaft, Center Ballista loses its abilities, as both Dora, Roaring Left Gun and Doslaf, Roaring Right Gun do not specify Gustaft, Center Ballista in their Cross effects.


Heckler & Koch Heaven

Heckler, Ballista and Koch, Roaring Gun in a Heaven state

When a SIGNI with Cross attacks, if all of its Cross partners are downed, the pair of Crossed SIGNI become Heaven Heaven (ヘブン Hebun). Abilities may trigger when your Crossed SIGNI become Heaven. Heaven is triggered when the SIGNI is downed as a result of attack declaration. The SIGNI with the Heaven effect does not need to be one causing it to trigger (e.g. If Heckler, Ballista attacks first, when Koch, Roaring Gun attacks, both SIGNI will become Heaven and Heckler's ability will trigger).

When attacking to down a SIGNI of a Cross pair, it does not matter which direction you turn the SIGNI in; if the conditions above are fulfilled, both SIGNI will become Heaven. Heaven only triggers on attack, but does not care how the Cross partner was downed. For example, if your opponent uses Don't Escape and targets one member of the Cross pair, if the other attacks, the SIGNI will still become Heaven.

If two adjacent SIGNI with Cross become downed by attacking, but are not a Cross pair as indicated by their Cross condition, they do not become Heaven.

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