The deck (デッキ Dekki), also known as the main deck (メインデッキ Mein Dekki) is the gameplay zone where SIGNI and spells, the black-backed and bordered cards, are drawn from.

Deck Construction[edit | edit source]

In WIXOSS, all decks must follow these rules:

  • All decks must have exactly 40 cards.
  • All decks can have up to 20 Life Burst cards.
  • Decks cannot have more than 4 copies of a particular card.

In addition, there are deck construction rules for the LRIG Deck, which are presented in this page for convenience:

  • All LRIG decks can have up to 10 cards (LRIGs, ARTS, Resonas, and keys).
  • All LRIG decks must have a level 0 LRIG. (Level 0 LRIG cards may be legally proxied for tournaments.)
  • If a LRIG deck has three level 0 LRIGs, they may include up to 2 pieces on top of the standard limit of 10 cards in the LRIG deck, for a total of 12 cards. The three level 0 LRIGs become the player's center and assist LRIGs at the beginning of the game.
  • LRIG decks cannot have more than 1 copy of a particular card.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the game, each player shuffles their deck, draws 5 cards from the top of their deck, and may return some of the drawn cards to the deck and redraw (see Setup). Then, each player puts the top 7 cards of their deck face-down as Life Cloth. During the first turn of the player going first, that player draws 1 card during their draw phase; after the first turn, players draw 2 cards during their draw phase.

During the game, unless a card allows you to search your deck, players cannot look at the contents of decks or change the order of the cards in them.

Running out of cards[edit | edit source]

Main article: Refresh

If a player runs out of cards in their main deck, they do not immediately lose the game. Instead, they shuffle all the cards in the trash into their deck, then put one of their Life Cloth into the trash.

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