Episode 02: This Encounter is Fate?
Mayu's Room ep 02 cover
selector infected WIXOSS ~Mayu's Room~ #02
Chapter Info
Author LRIG
Illustrator nini
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Isn't it strange to just read and ignore?

This Encounter is Fate? is the title of the second chapter of Selector infected WIXOSS ~Mayu's Room~ manga.

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Synopsis Edit

The story starts with Ruuko reading LINE texts from Mayu but she ignored it. Ruuko didn't know how to use her smartphone so she couldn't respond Mayu's texts. Ruuko then goes to the white room, to meet Mayu and other Selectors. Mayu then tells them about Selector battles and battles for wishes, and the girls split to do battle, Hitoe against Yuzuki, Akira against Iona, and Ruko with Tama (instead of Mayu who wanted to fight her)





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