Episode 03: That Invitation is Generous
Mayu's Room ep 03 cover
selector infected WIXOSS ~Mayu's Room~ #03
Chapter Info
Author LRIG
Illustrator nini
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Don't give up, Mayu! Do your best, Mayu!!

That Invitation is Generous is the title of the third chapter of Selector infected WIXOSS ~Mayu's Room~ manga.

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Synopsis Edit

The story begins with Ruuko and Yuzuki waiting for Hitoe in Mayu's room. Mayu then prompted Ruuko and Yuzuki to have a Selector battle, but they refused, since neither brought their decks even though their respective LRIGs are with them. After Hitoe comes, the girls are talking about their wishes and Mayu is curious why are they being friends instead of enemies of each other. The trio then agree to buy matching keychains as sign of friendship. Ruuko asked if Mayu wanted to come, in which Mayu said that she can't leave since she's the administrator of the room. The 3 girls leave before apologizing to Mayu for bothering her at work.





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