Flathro Lieutenant General, Crossbow Flame

Flathro (フレイスロ Fureisuro) is a subset of War Spirit: Weapon SIGNI. They focus on putting cards from your own deck into the trash and counting the number of Flathro or Weapon cards in the trash in order to activate various abilities.

List of Flathro SIGNIEdit

Level 1Edit

Level 2Edit

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Flathro support cardsEdit


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  • "Flathro" is derived from the word "flamethrower."
Level 1 Flathro Lance Corporal, Small FlameFlathro Private E-1, Small FlameFlathro Private E-2, Small Flame
Level 2 Flathro Corporal, Explosive FlameFlathro Sergeant, Explosive Flame
Level 3 Flathro Captain, Roaring FlameFlathro Lieutenant, Roaring Flame
Flathro Second Lieutenant, Roaring FlameFlathro Warrant Officer, Roaring Flame
Level 4 Flathro Colonel, Crossbow FlameFlathro Lieutenant General, Crossbow Flame
Flathro Major, Crossbow FlameFlathro Signaller, Crossbow Flame
Level 5 Flathro General, Attacking Crossbow Flame
Support Hanayo Four, the FlameHanayo Five, the FlameFlame Army StruggleAdvancing Flame Army
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