There are three tournament formats in the WIXOSS TCG.

Diva Selection[edit | edit source]

In Diva Selection (ディーヴァセレクション Dīva Serekushon) format, players may only play cards with the Diva Selection symbol Diva.png in the lower-right corner of the card. This includes sets released from December 2020 onward.


  • Players may include any level 0 LRIG in their LRIG deck regardless of symbol, as long as that LRIG shares a color and LRIG type as a level 0 LRIG with a Diva Selection symbol.
  • Players must use three LRIGs in Diva Selection: one center LRIG and two assist LRIGs.
  • Players may not include cards with a color other than those of their three level 0 starting LRIGs in their main deck.

Along with the new format, Diva Selection introduced several changes in card design, including:

  • The addition of assist LRIGs to the game
  • LRIGs are expected to stop growing at level 3 to accommodate for assist LRIGs
  • SIGNI have generally higher power, including level 1 SIGNI with 5000 power, level 2 SIGNI with 10000 power, and level 3 SIGNI with 12000 power
  • Stronger Life Bursts
  • A much larger proportion of multicolored SIGNI
  • No cards with limiting conditions

Key Selection[edit | edit source]

In Key Selection (キーセレクション Kī Serekushon), players may primarily only use cards with the key symbol Key.png in the lower-right corner of the card. This includes:

In addition, a card without the key symbol is legal as long as it is a level 0 LRIG, is legal in Diva Selection, or has a reprint with a key symbol (such as Innocent Defense, which was first printed without a key symbol but reprinted in WXK-P01 Klaxon).

The Key Selection sets introduced keys, cards that can be played by spending coins and confer benefits for as long as they are on the field. Additionally, Level 4 LRIGs introduced after the advent of Key Selection have a grow cost of 0, compared to the 2-3 ener required of previous level 4 LRIGs.

All-Star[edit | edit source]

In All-Star (オールスター Ōru Sutā), players may play with cards from any set, although Mayu's Room still applies.

At the onset of Key Selection, the ratio of Key Selection tournaments to All-Star tournaments was said to be 4:1.

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