This article is about the original Fumio. For the Selector of Anne, see Futase.

ふたせ 文緒
Futase Fumio
Classification Human, Selector (formerly), Eternal Girl (formerly), LRIG (currently)
LRIG Futase (formerly)
Anime That Delusion Is Wild
Sakurai Harumi
If my dream doesn't come true, my life would all be for nothing. It's miserable just living in futility like this... So Futase, please lend me your hand...

—Fumio, Episode 5, This Irritation Is Awakening

Fumio is a character in selector spread WIXOSS. She is the former Selector of Futase. She was once an aspiring novelist. An exceptional WIXOSS player, she became an Eternal Girl after winning Selector Battles, only to have her LRIG take over her body and fulfill her wish.

Appearance Edit

Fumio had short, brown hair and wore a Fujiko Girl's school uniform. She also wears an ear cuff on one of her ears.


Background Edit

Fumio aspired to become a novelist. Due to having a wish, a LRIG named Futase appeared to her, telling her that she could achieve her wish if she won WIXOSS battles. However, as Fumio wanted to achieve her dream herself, she did not begin to battle other Selectors. Regardless, she and Futase became good friends, enough that Fumio started using the pen name "Fumio Futase."

However, things took a turn for the worse. Due to pressure from her life, including a failed novel submission and her parents fighting, Fumio turned to Selector Battles to achieve her wish. She was an incredibly skilled player, not losing once. She eventually became an Eternal Girl, and Futase took control of her body, promising to fulfill her wish.

Chronology Edit

selector spread WIXOSS Edit

Fumio only appears in Futase's flashback in selector spread WIXOSS Episode 5. She does not appear in the show directly, save a cameo at the end of selector spread WIXOSS Episode 12 where she passes by a human Futase.

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Futase Edit

Futase was Fumio's LRIG. They got along very well, with Futase becoming devoted to Fumio's wish.

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