Fumio Futase
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Personal Information
Name (Kanji) ふたせ 文緒
  • Female
Classification Human, Selector (currently), LRIG (formerly)
Deck Blue deck
  • Fumio's LRIG (formerly)
  • Novelist (currently)
  • High School Student (currently)
First Appearance
Anime That Delusion Is Wild
For TCG information, see Futase (TCG).
...I'll make it come true. I'll make sure your wish comes true. Leave it to me...

—Futase, Episode 5, This Irritation Is Awakening

Fumio Futase (ふたせ 文緒) is a character appearing in the selector spread WIXOSS anime.


As a LRIG, Futase is a young girl with blue hair that she ties up at the back and at both sides of her face. She uses two hairpins at both of the left and right side of her hair. She wears a light blue scarf around her neck which seems to protrude two small white fairy wings. Futase also wears a blue vest over her white top and blue thighs. She is dressed up like a blue fairy.


After becoming a LRIG, Futase is seen as a gloomy person that no longer trusts anyone anymore. This is because she found out about the truth behind the Selector system.

She is a shy girl that blushes when she's happy. Fumio then got close to her and made her get back her real personality.


She used to be a selector who won her battles and eventually became an Eternal Girl. After her selector, Fumio, became an Eternal Girl, she took over Fumio's body and continues to fulfills her wish to become a novelist. At some point in time, she receives Anne as her LRIG and becomes a selector again.


selector spread WIXOSSEdit

Futase first appears in Episode 4 of Spread, having invited Ruko and the others over to her apartment to battle.



Futase is the master of Anne.


Fumio was Futase's former selector. They were close friends and Futase even admired Fumio at first for the way she used to refuse to battle, preferring to make her own dreams come true through hard work.


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