To begin the game:

  • Search your LRIG deck for one level 0 LRIG card and put it face down in front of you. (If you are using assist LRIGs, place three level 0 LRIGs instead, one center LRIG in the middle and two assist LRIGs on either side of it.)
  • Decide who goes first.
  • Draw 5 cards. At this point, you may return any number of cards in your hand to your deck, shuffle your deck, and draw the same number of cards as the number returned to the deck. You may only do this once.
  • Put the top 7 cards of your deck into your Life Cloth, face down.
  • Both players flip their level 0 LRIGs face up.


Up Phase[]

During your up phase (アップフェイズ Appu Feizu), up all of your LRIGs and SIGNI, except for any frozen LRIGs or SIGNI. The freeze state disappears from those LRIGs or SIGNI afterwards.

Draw Phase[]

During your draw phase (ドローフェイズ Dorō Feizu), draw 2 cards. On the first turn of the player going first, that player draws 1 card instead. If there is exactly one card left in your deck, draw that card and refresh; you do not draw the second card.

Ener Phase[]

During your ener phase (エナフェイズ Ena Feizu), you may Ener Charge, putting a card from your hand or one SIGNI on your field on the field into the Ener Zone. This action is not mandatory, and may be skipped. This action of moving SIGNI from the field to the Ener Zone does not count as a vanish.

Grow Phase[]

During your grow phase (グロウフェイズ Gurō Feizu), you may grow your LRIG once, paying the grow cost of a LRIG card in your LRIG deck whose level is 1 greater than your current LRIG's and putting it on top of your current LRIG. A player may only grow once during each grow phase. Like the ener phase, growing your LRIG is not mandatory, and may be skipped.

Main Phase[]

During your main phase (メインフェイズ Mein Feizu), you may do these actions any number of times:

  • Put SIGNI onto the field from their hand. Players cannot play SIGNI of a higher level than their LRIG, and the total level of their SIGNI cannot exceed the LRIG's limit.
  • Use spells.
  • Use cards with Use Timing [Main Phase] by paying their costs.
  • Activate ActionEN.png abilities.

Also, you may remove your SIGNI once per turn. To remove, choose any number of your SIGNI and put them into the trash. Resonas cannot be put into the trash (and thus returned to the LRIG deck) in this way.

Attack Phase[]

Main article: Attack

During your attack phase (アタックフェイズ Atakku Feizu), you may attack with your LRIG and SIGNI. If it is the first turn of the player going first, that player skips this phase.

The attack phase consists of five consecutive steps.

Pre-Attack Step[]

At the beginning of the pre-attack step (プレアタックステップ Pure Atakku Suteppu), abilities that start with "At the beginning of your attack phase" activate. Then, the turn player may use any cards or abilities with Use Timing [Attack Phase].

Defense Step[]

During the defense step (ディフェンスステップ Difensu Suteppu), the defending player may use any cards or abilities with Use Timing [Attack Phase].

The pre-attack step and the defense step were originally collectively called the ARTS use step (アーツ使用ステップ Ātsu shiyō suteppu), but this was changed with Diva Selection.

SIGNI Attack Step[]

During your SIGNI attack step (シグニアタックステップ Shiguni Atakku Suteppu), you may attack with your SIGNI.

LRIG Attack Step[]

During your LRIG attack step (ルリグアタックステップ Rurigu Atakku Suteppu), you may attack with your center LRIG. As this step is after the SIGNI attack step, you may not attack with your SIGNI after attacking with your LRIG.

Guard Step[]

During the guard step (ガードステップ Gādo Suteppu), the defending player may discard a card with Guard from their hand to prevent the damage the attacking LRIG would deal.

End Phase[]

During the end phase (エンドフェイズ Endo Feizu), the following things happen:

  • Abilities that start with "At the end of the turn" activate.
  • If the turn player has 7 or more cards in their hand, they discard until they only have 6.
  • Effects with "until end of turn" and "this turn" cease being active.
  • The turn ends and the opponent starts their turn.
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