Growing (グロウ Gurō) is the act of putting a LRIG card from your LRIG Deck into your LRIG Zone on top of your current LRIG. All LRIG cards have a grow cost, which is the cost required to put that card on your LRIG Zone.

  • You may only grow to a LRIG whose level is 1 greater than your current LRIG's level.
  • You may not grow a LRIG into another LRIG with a different type unless specified: for example, you may not grow Tamayorihime, New Moon Miko into Code Piruluk K.
  • You may not grow to a LRIG card that is under your current LRIG, as it is not in your LRIG Deck.
  • You may not grow to a LRIG of the same name as your current LRIG: for example, you may not grow Tamayorihime, New Moon Miko into Tamayorihime, New Moon Miko.
  • Grow WX-05 Beginning Selector introduced grow conditions. You must meet these grow conditions in order to grow to a LRIG with a grow condition. For example, you may only grow to Code Piruluk ACRO if your LRIG has "Piruluk" in its name. You may not grow Remember Night, Star-Reading Miko to Code Piruluk ACRO, because even though Remember Night has the Piruluk LRIG type, she does not have "Piruluk" in her name.
  • If you grow on a downed LRIG, the new LRIG is also downed.

These conditions still apply if you grow via an effect, such as the effects of Get Grow and End of Eternity, unless the effect says otherwise.


  • Originally, the rule for growing stated that you could grow into a LRIG whose level is at most 1 greater than your current LRIG's level. This rule allowed players to grow their LRIG into a LRIG whose level was equal to or less than their current LRIG's. This rule was changed in a rules update that took place on December 20, 2018, the release date of WXK-P05 Rhetoric.
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