Kana (仮名) キュウサイノメイジャハナレ
Romaji (ローマ字) Kyūsai no Meija Hanare
Color BlackIcon Black
Card Type LRIG
Level 4
Limit 12
Grow Cost Black × 4
LRIG Type Hanare
Card Abilities
Auto: At the beginning of your main phase, put 1 level 3 or less <Poison Fang> SIGNI from your trash onto the field. At the end of the turn, put that SIGNI from the field into the trash.
Action Exceed 1: Up 1 of your <Poison Fang> SIGNI.
Action Main Phase Attack Phase Exceed 3: Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. You may put any number of <Poison Fang> SIGNI from them onto the field, then put the rest into the trash.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Action エクシード1:あなたの<毒牙>のシグニ1体をアップする。
Action エクシード3:あなたのデッキの上からカードを3枚公開する。その中から好きな数の<毒牙>のシグニを場に出し、残りをトラッシュに置く。
WX-13 Unfeigned Selector (WX13-002 - LR - 5/19/2016)
  • Flavor:
    Even though it's dark and cold here, I'm sure if we're together... ~Hanare~
  • Illust: 笹森トモエ

WX-13 Unfeigned Selector (WX13-103 - Secret - 5/19/2016)

  • Flavor:
    Don't go anywhere. Soon... ~Hanare~
    どこにも、行かないよ。もう……。 ~ハナレ~
  • Illust: 笹森トモエ

WX-21 Betrayed Selector (WX21-BE07 - Secret - 11/23/2017)

  • Illust: mado*pen
    Design: NC Empore
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