Hitoe Uemura
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Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 植村 一衣(うえむら ひとえ)
  • 14
  • Female
Classification Human, Selector (formerly)
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Father
Occupation Middle School Student
First Appearance
Anime That Encounter is Poisonous

Hitoe Uemura (植村一衣 Uemura Hitoe) is one of the main characters of selector infected WIXOSS.


Hitoe has brown hair and eyes, her hair tied into two on each sides with green ribbon. She necessarily wears a round glasses and a dark brown hairband.


Hitoe is a very kind and shy girl. She becomes cold in the later part of Season 1 in order to fulfill her wish to become friends with Yuzuki and Ruko again although she has gotten back her gentle nature when her friends learned that she had regained her memories of their friendship.


Before the start of the series, Hitoe had just transferred into a middle school in Tokyo after previously moving out from Aomori and had trouble making new friends there.


Selector infected WIXOSS[]

Hitoe first appears in episode 2, where she challenges Akira Aoi to a battle. Despite thinking up some great strategies, she ends up losing due to a lack of confidence and resolve. During the match, Piruluk reveals that her wish is to make friends.

Selector spread WIXOSS[]

In Selector spread WIXOSS, Hitoe has stopped battles for the most part, but she acts as a constant companion and friend to Ruko and helps her to discover the true nature behind Selector Battles.


Rūko Kominato[]

Though they come from different high schools, Hitoe and Rūko end up becoming friends. She is supportive in helping Ruko find Tama, though she is not afraid to scold her when she takes reckless actions.

Yuzuki Kurebayashi[]

After being asked by Rūko, she agreed to become friends with Hitoe. Later, Yuzuki becomes Hitoe's second LRIG.


Hitoe was Midoriko's Selector. After her third loss as a Selector, Hitoe lost her wish to make friends and Midoriko left her card, regretting that she took the former's wish away.



Initially, Hitoe uses a Green Midoriko deck that focuses on Living Spirit: Sky Beast and Living Spirit: Earth Beast cards. However, after she loses her Selector rights and becomes a Selector again, Hitoe switches to a Red Yuzuki deck that initially focuses on Nature Spirit: Plant, Nature Spirit: Jewel and Nature Spirit: Ore cards. She then switches to using Living Spirit: Dragon Beast cards in Selector spread WIXOSS.

Midoriko Deck


Yuzuki Deck



  • The name Hitoe means "one" (一) (hito) and "clothing, garment" (衣) (e).
  • Hitoe's surname Uemura means "planting" (植) (ue) and "town, village" (村) (mura).



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