The Key card Tawil, Who Reaches Out

Key (キー ) is one of the card types of the WIXOSS TCG. Key cards are placed in the LRIG deck at the start of the game, where they are used from. To use a key card, pay its coin cost during your main phase and put the key card into your LRIG zone, next to your LRIG. Key cards have permanent effects, often giving extra abilities to your LRIG, but are not LRIG cards themselves and cannot attack.

Players can only have one key active at a time. If a player would put a second key onto the field, that player puts the key they already had on the field into the LRIG trash. Keys cannot be arbitrarily put into the LRIG trash.

Although key cards often depict LRIG characters, they do not have any LRIG types or restrictions and can be used with any LRIG unless specified.

Parts of a Key CardEdit


  • Located in the top-right corner.
  • Determines the color of the key card.


  • Located in the top-left corner.
  • The cost to put this key onto the field. Keys almost always cost coins to use, but may sometimes cost ener as well.


  • Shown in the text box of the card.
  • Contains the abilities of the key.

Anime Edit

In the anime, key cards allows a Selector to materialize their soul on the battlefield in their LRIG form and use a Dual Card Bet Skill with their LRIG.

To use the key card, a Selector must say "Unlock" and activate their Coin Bet Skill at the same time. A chain reaction then occurs where the Selector's soul is pulled out from their body. The Selector is then turned into an LRIG and materializes on the battlefield and is allowed to use a dual Coin skill with their LRIG. Additionally, while the Selector's soul is out on the field, the Selector's body is rendered lifeless.

If the Selector wins while using this skill, they can take their opponent's LRIG as their reward. However, if a Selector loses the battle while unlocked, both they and their LRIG will be taken by their opponent[1].

Key/Coin Combo Skills Edit

Key/Coin Combo Skills are a new function of the card game. They occur when a Coin skill is used in conjunction with a 'Key' Card skill. In the anime, it takes the form of a combo skill between a LRIG transformed Selector and their LRIG partner.

Name of Skill Selector LRIG Effect
Catharsis Kiyoi Mizushima Allos Piruluk Catharsis creates a massive water blast that can wipe out an enemy's remaining life cloth.
Together With Aya Carnival Guzuko Together With Aya summons the LRIG "Aya" onto the platform and allows the user to use Aya's coin skill 'Holograph' on their LRIG. With Guzuko, this effect transforms Guzuko in her Guzuko, Useless Princess of Secrecy form and creates multiple copies of her, allowing the Selector to barrage the enemy with multiple Guzukos.

References Edit

  1. Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Episode 5

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