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Kiyoi Mizushima / Piruluk
水嶋清衣 / ピルルク
Personal Information
True Name Kiyoi Mizushima
水嶋清衣 (Kanji)
Mizushima Kiyoi (Romaji)
Other Names Piruluk (ピルルク) (LRIG)
  • 14 (Selector infected WIXOSS)

16 (Lostorage incited WIXOSS)

  • Female
  • Human (originally/post Spread)
  • Selector (Peeping Analyze and Lostorage)
  • LRIG (Peeping Analyze, Infected, Spread)
  • High school student (currently)
  • Selector (currently)
  • Akira's LRIG (formerly)
  • Amika Hashimoto's LRIG (formerly)
  • Saori Ōnishi
First Appearance
Anime This Poisonous Encounter
Manga Episode 00: Prologue

Kiyoi Mizushima (水嶋清衣 Mizushima Kiyoi), known as Piruluk (ピルルク Piruruku) as a LRIG, is the protagonist of selector infected WIXOSS -peeping analyze- and Lostorage conflated WIXOSS, and a major character in Lostorage incited WIXOSS, with a minor role in selector infected WIXOSS.

She is the Selector of Remember during the prologue and the first two chapters of Selector infected WIXOSS -peeping analyze-, but later becomes an Eternal Girl, becoming a LRIG herself. After that, she becomes the LRIG of various Selectors. For a brief time, she was the LRIG of Akira Aoi, which lasted for two chapters in the manga and throughout the duration of selector infected WIXOSS. She later becomes the LRIG of Amika Hashimoto, a girl who resembles Ayumi Sakaguchi, and succeeds in escaping the Selector system. Later, she becomes part of the Second Selector system in Lostorage incited WIXOSS, with a new Allos Piruluk as her LRIG.

Currently, Kiyoi is a participant in the third Selector system with Allos Piruluk as her main LRIG.


As a human, Kiyoi had long wavy brown hair styled with a left-side tail, that she later cuts short. She usually wears her school uniform. Piruluk has short blue hair with an orb hanging on the left side of her front bangs. She wears blue-and-white garb over her body, representing her association with blue cards. In Lostorage she still has short hair, but no longer has her left-side tail.


While Kiyoi may appear cold towards others, she is actually shy and afraid of being hurt by others. Due to her past, Kiyoi has low self-esteem and huge distrust toward others. She is a loner and she's fine with being alone until she meets Ayumi Sakaguchi, a girl who said that she likes Kiyoi.

As a result of Ayumi's death and the overuse of Peeping Analyze, Piruluk developed a cold personality, often seeming unfazed or uninterested (in stark contrast to her master). Even when Akira threatened to tear her card in half, Piruluk responded with little emotion, perhaps symbolizing her card color's affinity for control. She only begins to open up when she becomes Amika Hashimoto's LRIG.

In the Lostorage series, Kiyoi is motivated by a desire to end the current Selector system, feeling responsible for it, as she had brought despair to many girls as a LRIG in the previous system. In Lostorage conflated WIXOSS -missing link-, Kiyoi is shown to be motivated by another goal: to retrieve her memories of Ayumi, which were lost when she won the second round of Selector Battles by surviving the 90-day time limit.


As a child, Kiyoi was often bullied in school. She relied on the 'help' of her friend to get back on her feet, but it turned out that her friend was the main instigator of the bullying, and that they had fun 'playing' with her. Feeling betrayed, Kiyoi closed off her heart while believing that there was no such thing as wishes coming true. As of the beginning of the manga series, she attends middle school.


selector infected WIXOSS -peeping analyze- (00-05)[]

Kiyoi is a loner girl at school. Later, a girl named Ayumi Sakaguchi approached her. Noticing that Kiyoi was reading a WIXOSS Novel, Ayumi repeatedly tried to befriend Kiyoi and get her into playing WIXOSS, but Kiyoi rebuffed her. Tired of dealing with Ayumi's stubbornness, she promised her that she would play WIXOSS, just once. After building a deck, she met Ayumi's clique and began to distrust Sakaguchi even more. She decided to run off, which led her into the path of a speeding truck. Ayumi pushed Kiyoi out of the way of it, which hit Ayumi and put her into a coma. Feeling guilty about doubting Ayumi, Kiyoi wished to save her from her condition, and Remember appeared to her, causing Kiyoi to become a Selector.

Kiyoi later became an Eternal Girl, and then a LRIG. She told Mayu that she didn't mind becoming a LRIG as long as Ayumi was saved, only for Mayu to show Remember, in Kiyoi's body, cutting off Ayumi's life support and, in a way, saving her from her condition. Since then, Piruluk swore to regain a body to get revenge on Remember.

Piruluk became the LRIG of many Selectors, and failed to regain a body each time. Along the way, she saw the wishes of many girls with her Peeping Analyze ability, which turned her cold and apathetic. She eventually became the LRIG of Akira Aoi, who immediately nicknamed her Piruluk-tan.

selector infected WIXOSS (including manga Ch. 05)[]

At some point prior to the start of the series, she and Akira Aoi had already lost a Selector battle against another Selector. Piruluk first appears in Episode 2, in the possession of Akira. Akira challenges Hitoe Uemura to a Selector Battle. During the battle, Piruluk tells Akira of Hitoe's wish to make friends, causing Akira to mock Hitoe. In Episode 3, Akira challenges Yuzuki Kurebayashi and does the same, with Piruluk revealing to Akira Yuzuki's wish of becoming her brother's lover. Later that night, Akira becomes frustrated at her inability to make progress in her wish and threatens to tear Piruluk's card in half. With no emotion, Piruluk dares Akira to go ahead, and Akira does not follow through.

Piruluk admitted that Akira is the best Selector she has had so far, and is impressed by Akira's tactic of mocking the opponent's wishes. Piruluk hoped that she might be able to regain a body.

In Episode 6, Akira challenges Iona Urazoe to a Selector Battle. Akira loses this match, gaining her third loss. Piruluk returns to Mayu's white room.

selector infected WIXOSS -peeping analyze- (05-09)[]

Mayu mocks Piruluk for her failure, expressing pleasure that Piruluk had brought despair to many girls. She sends Piruluk out to try again. As Piruluk nearly gives into despair, she looks up and realizes her new Selector appears to be Ayumi, seemingly alive. She turns out to be Amika Hashimoto, a girl who greatly resembles Ayumi. Piruluk realizes that now she has to play the role of Remember in an uncannily familiar situation, and the two hit it off the wrong way. This cold behavior caused Amika to lose a Selector battle to Chiyori, because she was still new to WIXOSS. Piruluk eventually opens up to her, and they become good friends. However, Remember, in Kiyoi's body, reappears and tells Amika about Piruluk's past to bait her into a Selector battle.

During the battle, Amika grows Piruluk to level 5, much to Remember's surprise. They gain the upper hand, but Piruluk surrenders her chance at revenge to pull off her own plan—using her newfound powers at level 5, she rewrote Amika's wish to "I wish to lose my mother" and threw the match, giving Amika her third loss, reversing the rewritten wish, and ensuring her mother's survival. As the battle ends, Piruluk reunites with Sakaguchi momentarily.

After the battle ends, Amika has no memory of what happened at the end, but has just gotten a call from her father about her mother. We then find out that just as Piruluk hoped, Amika's mother got better and all is well. Meanwhile, Piruluk is sent back to the White Room, where Mayu is angry that Piruluk used the system to break the cycle of suffering. She then assumes that Piruluk was able to become a special LRIG given she's gone to the White Room more than any other. She decides to show Piruluk Remember's fate as an apology. We see that Remember is back into her LRIG body and her current selector is inhabiting Remember's human body. Remember attempts to talk to her about a plan for both of them to get their real bodies back. Her LRIG refuses, saying she's come to like Remember's body and life, and sticks her in her diary as a bookmark, much to Remember's horror.

Mayu asks Piruluk if this is the revenge she wanted. Mayu threatens to make Piruluk disappear, but Piruluk states that she has no regrets, as she was able to meet Amika and fulfill her wish. Angered at Piruluk's lack of despair, Mayu declares she will give Piruluk a worse punishment. She returns Piruluk to her original body, presumably to make her live with the sin of being responsible for Sakaguchi's death.

In her body, Kiyoi encounters Amika. Amika initially mistakes her for Remember, but Kiyoi flicks her finger in Amika's face, causing Amika to recognize her. Kiyoi now has to live with her sins, but is happy with Amika at her side.

selector spread WIXOSS[]

In the selector spread WIXOSS Episode 12 epilogue, Kiyoi is seen waiting at a bus stop, smiling proudly at a magazine article she is reading, featuring Akira Aoi giving tips on how to use a Blue Appli deck. She enters the next bus that arrives, from which Milulun (as a human) exits.

Akira and the Strange Pair's Selector Girly☆Talk Drama Track[]

Kiyoi is heard again in this drama track set at the end of Spread (after she becomes human again). Kiyoi initially comes right in the middle of the accidental meeting and conversation between Akira and Milulun, as Akira had arranged to hang out with her.

After Akira explains and introduces Milulun and Kiyoi to each other, Milulun proceeds to asks them about what sort of battle sensation did they have when they were fighting together. Akira brags that they were the deepest blue, and the most powerful combo out there, though Kiyoi denies this. Kiyoi then talks about how much Akira has changed since they last met, and after Kiyoi talks about how Akira only battled newbies at the time, Milulun interjects and chides Akira saying that she would never have become an 'Eternal Girl' that way. Kiyoi then corrects her by stating that she never did became one.

Kiyoi then brings up the subject of how Akira would've been done for, if Midoriko's and Hanayo's Selectors had been stronger than her. Akira then gets flustered and states that Hitoe had the air of a total newbie, while Yuzuki wasn't even a bit strong and that she won anyway so Kiyoi should lay off the subject. However, Milulun interjects again by stating that Akira had lost to newbies before too, which causes Akira to get even more angry with her. From this, the subject of Akira losing to Ruko comes up.

Milulun then asks what Akira's wish was (to destroy Iona), and winds up being shocked by it. She also asks why didn't Akira wish to become a pro model or something, but Akira states that it would've been the same as her wish anyway. Kiyoi then expresses her doubts and tries to imagine the outcome of what would happen if that wish got twisted and laments Akira's potential fate. However, Milulun comes up with the theory that even if Akira had become an Eternal Girl, it would be Kiyoi who would become the model, not Akira, but Kiyoi states that becoming one would be too much of a pain and that she was glad that Akira lost.

Despite Kiyoi's many transgressions on becoming a model, Milulun mentions that Kiyoi could've become more popular than Akira, if she had become one and then proceeds to imagine what that would've been like. After imaging that, Akira snaps at the two of them. However, Milulun then proceeds to imagine what it would've been like if she became a model while in Akira's body, although this just leads Akira to get even more angry with her. Kiyoi then interjects and starts listing how Akira was late to photo shoots and that she used to snap at the staff too, so she never would've become a top model, which causes Akira to start crying.

Seeing Akira cry, Kiyoi asks what wrong and Milulun replies that she's possibly remembering that day when Urith told her that she was "Unacceptable," and went into shock because of it. Kiyoi asks "Wasn't Urith and Akira "a super lovey dovey couple,"" causing Milulun and Kiyoi then proceed to gang up and tease Akira further on the subject. After having enough of their teasing, Akira admits how lonely and pathetic she was and starts crying even more. Finally standing up to the pair, Akira then yells at them to stop in a high-pitched voice.

Akira yells if that the two of them are trying to pick a fight with her and ends up challenging them to any kind of fight she can think of. Kiyoi then tries to calm her down and says that she doesn't hate Akira and that she has no complaints about her. Milulun also agrees with Kiyoi. Kiyoi then explains that they were trying to bring out Akira's true character by pulling her out from all that hatred, sadness and loneliness. After Akira cheers up, Piruluk, Milulun and Akira go their separate ways (due to Akira forgetting that she had a photo shoot) with the promise of meeting up again soon.

Lostorage incited WIXOSS[]

Kiyoi Mizushima as Selector

In Lostorage incited WIXOSS, she first appears as a Selector again as Chinatsu Morikawa's first opponent in her Selector battles, defeating her off-screen. After the battles she tells her that Chinatsu is holding herself back, possibly because Chinatsu refused to bet her coins during the battle.

She appears later, battling Hanna Mikage using a different version of Piruluk. After the battle which results in her win, Kiyoi warns Hanna not to get further involved with Selector Battles lest she gets sucked into the same darkness that she once did.

In Episode 9, Kiyoi appears again stopping Chinatsu from recruiting another unknowing Selector into Satomi's circle. She warns Chinatsu that she is being used by Satomi, but notices that Chinatsu knows this, it's just that she doesn't care. Kiyoi then engages Chinatsu in a battle. Seeing that Chinatsu is still holding herself back, Kiyoi decides to tell her the dark truth about Selector Battles and her own past as a LRIG. However, even after hearing about the grim truth about the nature of Selector Battles, Chinatsu still declares that she still doesn't care as she's fighting for herself. Kiyoi then chooses to lose to her on purpose. When Chinatsu asks her why she did that, Kiyoi states that she has something still left to do, so she can't leave the world of Selector Battles just yet.

In Episode 10, Kiyoi becomes resolute in defeating Kou Satomi, after visiting the spot where Yukime committed suicide. Later on, she challenges Satomi who is somewhat aware of her past, and manages to hold her ground for a while. Despite this, however, Satomi starts getting the upper hand when he thanks for not only creating him, but further mentions and torments her about her past. He goes on to state that nobody who has learned the truth, have ever been able to stop the battles (despite Ruko stopping them for a time) and that she's actually in this battle for atonement.

He then further torments her by stating how similar they are, because she also enjoyed bringing a great deal of suffering to the Selectors that she was paired with. Kiyoi admits that she did trample on those girls' feelings, and that the ending she brought to those girls wouldn't be the same as what she was promise. She goes on further while digging her nails so much into her hands that she spills blood, admitting that a part of her told herself that she was a victim too, so she didn't try to think anymore about it. Kiyoi declares that she is done with that now.

Satomi then rebuts her declaration by additionally suggesting that the reason she is also competing in these battles is because she wants to erase the first round of battles from her memories. In response to this, Kiyoi uses her Coin Bet Skill "Peeping" to see into Kou's heart. But Kiyoi is disgusted to the point of vomiting by what Piruluk finds, as Piruluk states that Kou has nothing but pitch-black darkness and emptiness inside of him. Kou then activates his Coin Bet Skill "Joker" to transform ≡Hadar≡ into ≡Solar Flare≡, and orders Carnival to attack Piruluk. He torments her by stating how Kiyoi is afraid of him because he reminds her of her old self, but that she can't ignore him because he is so like her. Kou then proceeds to beat Kiyoi and wins the battle.

Despite losing, however, Kiyoi is still determined to beat Kou who invites her to challenge him again, when she gets some more coins. In Episode 12, Kiyoi is seen once again in the ending credits, sensing Satomi's presence on the street, potentially aware that it is Carnival in Satomi's body.

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS[]

In Lostorage conflated WIXOSS, Kiyoi is seen trying to recruit Suzuko and Hanna into helping her stop Carnvial and the new Selector Battles.

At the start of the OVA, Kiyoi is seen meeting Suzuko outside of her school, and leads her to a nearby park to play a friendly game of WIXOSS. As they are battling, Kiyoi introduces herself and states that she wanted to see Suzuko's power for herself, as she is a Selector. Suzuko notices that Kiyoi is strong and Kiyoi remarks that she isn't, because she lost to Kou Satomi. Kiyoi then asks Suzuko about her battle with Satomi, and Suzuko tells Kiyoi about what happened during her battle and how she beat Kou. Hearing Kou's last words, Kiyoi reflects on them and the negative impacts of the Selector Battles, which causes Suzuko to remember what happened after the battle with Carnival leaving in Kou's body.

As the flashback ends, Kiyoi asserts that another battle will start up, and continues their battle. As the battle continues, Kiyoi goads Suzuko stating if she really thought that the battles would end with that battle, causing Suzuko to scream out that she didn't and unleash a devastating combo against Kiyoi. Seeing Suzuko's power, Kiyoi asks Suzuko to help her with stopping the Selector Battles for good. Noticing Suzuko's hesitation, though, Kiyoi continues that she won't force her if she doesn't want to do it, and gives her phone number and contact details before leaving.

Later on, Kiyoi is contacted by Suzuko who states that she will help find Carnival, and they arrange to meet up at the playground on the weekend. On the day in question, Kiyoi arrives at playground and waits for a bit, until Suzuko shows up. After exchanging greetings, Kiyoi states that they should go, but Suzuko states that they are waiting for one more person. Irritated that Suzuko would involve someone who isn't involved in the Selector Battles, Kiyoi starts admonishing Suzuko, until Hanna shows up and stops her. Noticing Hanna, Kiyoi greets her and Suzuko is surprised that they know each other. Hanna explains that she battled and lost to Kiyoi, and that she's here to settle things with her. Seeing the tense air between them, Suzuko tries to get Hanna and Kiyoi to get along by offering them some cookies that she made. Kiyoi eats one and then starts scoffing them, causing Hanna to yell for her to stop.

After the group finishes eating, they start searching for Carnival at all of the usual spots: Kou's old cafe where he did business, card shops, and so on. In Kou's shop, Kiyoi reiterates to the group that Kou used to operate from this place, but he hasn't shown himself in ages, and that his two lackeys (Shou Narumi and Sou Sumida) have also gone missing in the time since Kou's defeat. Hearing Shou's name, Suzuko becomes concerned and remarks that even though he was a strange person, he had a lot of good qualities. After leaving the shop, the group continues their search, and at a drinking machine Hanna asks Kiyoi why she is sticking her nose into the mysteries of Selectors.

Kiyoi replies that she has two reasons. The first is that she lost a part of her memories during the second round of the Selector Battles (revealed to be a memory of her friend Ayumi Sakaguchi in the hospital) as a result of winning via surviving the time limit. Kiyoi continues that it was a very precious memory to her, so she's planning to get it back. Hearing this, Hanna warns her that even if she got all of her memories back, it won't guarantee her happiness. Kiyoi replies that she will get it back nevertheless, because it's a part of her, and that she wouldn't be able to be her real self without it. While walking up to a roof, Kiyoi continues that her second reason is that she has a responsibility as a Selector to do it, since she was a LRIG during the first round of Selector Battles.

Hearing this, Hanna urges that she continue, and Kiyoi explains what happened during the first round of battles, mainly about how she allowed herself to be willingly used as a puppet by Mayu, so that she could get her revenge on someone, and that she used countless girls to achieve it. Hearing Kiyoi's story, Suzuko remarks that it's not her fault, because it couldn't be helped, and that Kiyoi was doing everything she could to survive back then, inadvertently calling Kiyoi "Kiyoi-chan" at the same time. Kiyoi notes the informal way Suzuko used her name and Suzuko apologizes, but remarks that she can call her "Suzuko" back. Kiyoi agrees and calls Suzuko by her first name.

Suzuko gets excited and suggests calling Kiyoi "Kii-chan", but Hanna rebukes her saying that she is getting too friendly, and forcibly pushing herself into Kiyoi's comfort Zone. Suzuko apologizes, but Kiyoi just starts remembering a blurred Ayumi, and gets irritated at herself for getting wrapped up in her own memories. Feeling remorseful, Hanna asks if the number of LRIGs have started to increase, and if many of them can accept living a human life even if they obtain bodies. Kiyoi remarks that she has had this gradual disturbing feeling that the LRIGs are evolving into something dangerous, and relays to Suzuko and Hanna about one time when she fought this Selector and her LRIG Layla about 6 months ago.

Kiyoi explains that at the time she was only preoccupied with reaching Kou, and that she was going to let the female Selector win (as the Selector girl only had one coin left and was panicking because she was about to lose). It was at this point that her LRIG Layla suddenly turned and started taunting and egging her Selector on. Making comments like "You're seriously about to lose now" and "Stop acting like a frightened kitten", and stating that she should just make everyone disappear just like she wants. Kiyoi continues that as Layla was continuously egging her on that she should beat her enemies into submission, she noticed a black hole opening up in the girl's stomach.

As the girl starts to believe Layla's words, darkness started to leak out of the hole and engulf Layla's Selector until she had become possessed by it. Layla's Selector then ordered her to grow and used her Coin Bet Skill "Doping" to launch an attack on Kiyoi. As the attack hits, Layla starts to beat Piruluk into submission, however, Layla soon starts taking damage the longer the fight goes on. Seeing this, Kiyoi explains that she realized that Piruluk was going to disappear soon, as a darkness-fueled Layla launched a final punch on Piruluk.

However, to Kiyoi's surprise, Layla was mysteriously rebounded back to her platform. Kiyoi continues that as the darkness faded from around the girl, a collapsed Layla smiled back at her dazed and confused Selector and stated "It's fine". Immediately after, Layla's Selector disappears, having lost the battle (because of the damage reflected back at Layla), and the world reverted back to reality. Kiyoi continues that back in reality she watched with non-amusement as Layla stood up and took control of her Selector's body. In the flashback, Layla excitedly remarks that she got her hands on her Selector's body, and that she managed to make her Selector incredibly vulgar at the end. Layla then waved goodbye to Kiyoi. Kiyoi then ends her story by remarking that the girl's LRIG had managed to get control of that girl's heart.

Kiyoi explains that Layla didn't just lure her into battles, but even took control of the darkness that had laid dormant within her heart. Kiyoi remarks that if LRIGs have that power, then... Hanna then interrupts, saying that a LRIG would never do that, because there's no meaning in doing that. Kiyoi replies that she was just stating the worst possibility that the world could be devoured by LRIGs, if more types like Carnival were to show up and increase their numbers. Hanna remarks that that's a huge leap, and suggests that they talk with a former LRIG to get a LRIG's real feelings on the subject before jumping to conclusions.

Kiyoi then heads over to a nearby sports center with the group to meet up with Dona who is practicing soccer in Shohei Shirai's body. The group asks their questions and Dona responds that (s)he doesn't really know about the other LRIGs, however, (s)he is starting to forget about ever being a LRIG. Dona continues that (s)he still has some of Shohei's memories left and since (s)he is being treated as Shohei Shirai, (s)he sometimes gets the feeling that (s)he always had this body. Though, Dona remarks that sometimes she does gets battle cravings, which is part of her real self and that (s)he gets scared of going back to those battles. Listening, Kiyoi asks if (s)he can sense Carnival and the others' movements, and Dona replies that (s)he can't, but thinks that they won't stay silent and will probably start moving soon. After the conversation continues for a bit, Kiyoi and the others leave Dona to continue their search.

Later that evening, Kiyoi and the others are at a traffic-light intersection waiting for the lights to turn. Suzuko goes to tell Kiyoi that she wants to back out, when suddenly the group senses Carnival. Carnival suddenly appears in Kou's body at the other side of the crossing, causing Suzuko and the others to chase after her when the lights turn green. Unable to find her, Kiyoi separates from the other two, only to lose sight of Carnival. Suddenly, Carnival's voice rings out "Now, let's begin it anew", leaving Kiyoi and the others terrified.

Later on, Kiyoi reunites with the group at the playground and they decide to call it a day. Hanna asks if Kiyoi is planning to continue to pursue this chaos, and Kiyoi states that she is. Hanna then turns the question to Suzuko, who is still unsure, and cautions Suzuko to think carefully, because she will be diving into danger again. Thinking about it, Suzuko apologizes and tells Kiyoi that she won't participate, because she had decided to walk a new path with Chinatsu. Kiyoi remarks that that's fine, but states that Suzuko is still hesitating, before leaving.

Some time later, Kiyoi meets up with Ruko Kominato in another part of the city to ask for her help.


Ayumi Sakaguchi[]

Due to her past, Kiyoi keeps rebuffing Ayumi's friendship advances. As time goes by, she started to open up to her, but due to her low self-esteem, she doubts Ayumi again. After saving Kiyoi, she ends up in a coma. Kiyoi wishes to save her. If her wish is granted, Kiyoi wants to apologize to Ayumi, plays WIXOSS with her, and spends more time with her WIXOSS aside. Kiyoi's fixation on Ayumi makes Remember thinks that Kiyoi is in love with her.

Piruluk cares about her more than herself, up to the point that she doesn't care what will happen to her if her wish will be granted. She is the first girl who says that, which surprises Mayu, since everyone usually complains that the Selector System is unfair. After witnessing how Remember granted her wish, Piruluk changes her mind and vowed to kill Remember for her.

She still blamed herself for causing Ayumi's death, up to the point that the word 'Sakaguchi' brought despair to her. She has been thinking of giving up of being a LRIG, up until she meets her new Selector, who looks a lot like Ayumi.


Kiyoi is Remember's Selector. Kiyoi made a vow when she met her that she will do anything in order to save Sakaguchi. She regarded Remember as her friend, and trusts her to grant her wish, even telling her what she wants to do once Sakaguchi is saved. After Remember took over her body, she initially didn't mind being fooled by Remember, since it's her own fault so long as Sakaguchi was saved. However this all changed when Mayu shows Remember cutting off Sakaguchi's life support. Since then she was determined to regain a body in the Selector Battles in order to kill Remember, even if it meant using Selectors and trampling the wishes of other girls. It is hinted (and later confirmed in Lostorage conflated WIXOSS) that Remember was in actuality the bully from her childhood. She was responsible for making Kiyoi untrusting of the people around her and essentially made her a loner. It seems that Kiyoi never found out about Remember's true identity even until the end of the series. During her final confrontation with Remember in Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Episode 8, both girls expressed and confirmed their mutual hatred to each other, before Kiyoi dealt the final blow, winning her the Selector Battle against Akira.

Akira Aoi[]

Akira was one of Piruluk's many Selectors. Piruluk is unfazed by the fact that she has threatened to rip her card in half. Despite of that, Piruluk respected Akira's ability since she's the one that can use her Peeping Analyze ability quite well.

After all of the LRIGs get their human bodies back at the end of spread, Kiyoi is seen hanging out with Akira. In the Akira and the Strange Pair's Selector Girly☆Talk Drama Track, Kiyoi joins in with Milulun's teasing of Akira in the hopes that they can bring the real Akira out. During this teasing, she points out many of the mistakes that Akira had made, as well as her weaknesses and criticisms about her. Though in the end, she admits that she doesn't hate Akira for being the way she is and that she actually likes her for it.

In Lostorage conflated WIXOSS, the events of the drama CD are retconned with Akira and Kiyoi being enemies instead of friends. When the two of them meet up again, they are virtually strangers to each other until Kiyoi introduces herself as Piruluk. Upset at the revelation of Kiyoi being her former LRIG, Akira angrily accuses and blames Kiyoi for all of the misfortune in her life, and becomes determined to beat and drown Kiyoi in despair, even going so far as to partner with Remember to do it.


Kiyoi first meets Milulun In the Akira and the Strange Pair's Selector Girly☆Talk Drama Track, which is set at the end of spread. After noting that Milulun is a cheerful girl, they start getting along to the point that Kiyoi helps Milulun tease Akira to get her real self out. At the end of the conversation, they all promise to meet up again.


Kiyoi first meets Mayu when she becomes a LRIG and discovers the awful truth behind the Selector Battles. Kiyoi despises Mayu for the things that she's done to her and for creating the Selector battles in the first place. Mayu, on the other hand, finds Kiyoi amusing and enjoys the despair that Kiyoi brings to others as Piruluk, the LRIG who brings misfortune to her Selectors, as according to Mayu, it's hard to win when using her. Eventually, Kiyoi ends up on Mayu's bad side when she circumvents and bends the rules to grant Amika's wish of saving her mother by using her level 5 'Peeping Analyze' to rewrite Amika's wish to "I want to lose my mother", so that when Amika lost her third battle to Remember, the reversal effect of losing the battles would cause Amika's mother to live, so that they will always be together.

In retaliation, Mayu returns Kiyoi back to her original body in a rage, believing that forcing her to live with the knowledge that Remember killed Ayumi in her body to be a far better punishment.

Amika Hashimoto[]

Amika was Kiyoi's last Selector during her time as Piruluk. At the beginning, Piruluk just wanted to use her to get back to her human body, so that she can get her revenge for Ayumi's death on Remember. In the end, however, she ended up genuinely caring for her and the two become friends during Amika's last battle as a Selector. After Mayu is defeated, the pair reunite and become best friends, often hanging out together.

Chinatsu Morikawa[]

Kiyoi is Chinatsu's first opponent when Chinatsu starts out. After beating her for the first time, Kiyoi tells her that the reason why she lost is because she (Chinatsu) is holding herself back. When Kiyoi encounters Chinatsu again, she ends up stopping Chinatsu from recruiting another unwilling Selector into Satomi's network. When Kiyoi tries to warn Chinatsu about Kou Satomi the Bookmaker, Kiyoi realises that Chinatsu knows she is being used, but doesn't care. Kiyoi then challenges her. During the battle, Kiyoi realises that Chinatsu is still holding herself back, so she chooses to tell Chinatsu about her own past as a LRIG and about the horrible truth of Selector Battles. She also tries to warn her about Satomi again, though it continues to fall on deaf ears.

Despite Kiyoi's best efforts, Chinatsu ignores her advice proclaiming that she doesn't care about what happened in the past, and that she is only battling for herself. Seeing this display, Kiyoi decides to lose on purpose. When Chinatsu asks Kiyoi why she did so, Kiyoi just states that she still has some business to take care of, so she can't leave the world of Selector Battles just yet.

Piruluk (Lostorage)[]

Piruluk is Kiyoi's LRIG during Lostorage incited WIXOSS. She reminded Kiyoi on how to use her coin to activate her Peeping ability, which is shown to have similar effects to Peeping Analyze. Despite sometimes being used to lose on purpose, Piruluk remarks that Kiyoi always treats her kindly, so she will do anything to grant Kiyoi's wish of reclaiming her memories of Ayumi Sakaguchi, however, she will not allow Kiyoi to go along with any suicidal actions.

Hanna Mikage[]

She warns Hanna about the dangers of Selector Battles and that she shouldn't delve too deeply into its mysteries. The two later become friends during the events of Lostorage conflated WIXOSS.

Kou Satomi[]

Kiyoi despises the Bookmaker and his methods, because he reminds her of her old self. After visiting the spot where Yukime committed suicide, she works up the courage to challenge him to a battle. However, she ends up losing to him after he manages to get under her skin. Despite losing, however, Kiyoi is still determined to beat Kou, who invites her to challenge him again when she gets some more coins.

She is also further disgusted to see that Kou's true nature is pitch-black darkness and emptiness.


Kiyoi's Remember deck is a White/Blue deck with Armed and Angel SIGNI. Her key card is ICE BREAK.

Kiyoi's Piruluk (Lostorage) deck is also a Blue deck that focuses on Living Spirit: Misfortune Insect cards. It specializes in forcing her opponents to discard cards. Her key card is Destruct Through.

In Lostorage conflated WIXOSS -missing link-, she used an Umr deck.

Card Type Level Colour Lostorage incited WIXOSS

WX-17 Exposed Selector Deck

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS

WXK-D02 Blue Catharsis Deck

LRIG Blue Allos Piruluk Allos Piruluk
SIGNI 1 Colorless


§Child Ant§, Phantom Insect
Shiomaneki, Phantom Insect
Manomin, Hoodlum of Demonic Seas
Servant O4
Slime, Sticky Figure of Hell
2 Colorless


Shirae, Phantom Insect Servant D
Shakko, Blue Spear of Demonic Seas
3 Blue §Sakurae§, Phantom Insect Armored Slime, Sticky Figure of Hell
Shark Spear, Black Spear of Demonic Seas
4 Blue Screw Carmilla, Crimson Spear of Demonic Seas
Slime Queen, Sticky Figure of Hell


Don't Leave Me
Phantom Garden
Three Dust
Worst Condition
Key Code Piruluk KEY
Milulun Add


  • The name Kiyoi means "clear, pure, clean" (清) (kiyo) and "clothing, garment" (衣) (i).
  • Kiyoi's surname Mizushima means "water" (水) (mizu) and "island" (嶋) (shima).


  • Kiyoi cuts her hair short because Ayumi Sakaguchi said that she'll look even cuter with short hair. This leads Remember to say that she's like a maiden in love who changed her looks to match her partner's taste.
  • Kiyoi and Ayumi's relationship bears a resemblance to Mari and Akko from Girl Friends.
  • Kiyoi and Hanayo have similar motives in participating in Selector Battles, both of which involved saving their friends.
  • Kiyoi's thought about 'Penetration Eyes' is a foreshadowing for Peeping Analyze.
  • Kiyoi and Remember's Selector battle records are 5 wins and 1 loss, before she become Piruluk.
  • Peeping Analyze is the reason why Kiyoi's eyes are as cold as ice.
  • Ayumi Sakaguchi is the reason why she bothers to play Mayu's game as a LRIG.
  • Piruluk introduced herself to her Selector as Piruluk, not as Kiyoi Mizushima.
  • Piruluk and Akira has quite the same devotion level for the girls they like: Piruluk vowed that she will kill Remember for Ayumi, and Akira is willing to kill Ruuko Kominato if Urith asked her to.
  • In the Funimation subs, her name has been misspelled as Piriluk.
  • Kiyoi was surprised that Akira calls her Piruluk-tan when they first meet since Ayumi was the only one who acts over familiarly toward her when they first met. Despite that, she doesn't seem to be bothered by the honorifics.
  • Akira is not the first Selector Kiyoi meets as a LRIG.
  • Despite appearing in Season 2's opening, she didn't play any role in the storyline at all and had two very brief instances in total. The first was a flashback in episode 10 and the second was a cameo of her at the end of episode 12 as a human.
  • Kiyoi, Yuki and Futase, are Selectors who don't care of their opponents' wish tainting bit if they lose three times and keep battling. Kiyoi because she's too busy thinking of Ayumi to care for others, Yuki because she enjoys real wixoss battle, and Futase because she really needs to become a LRIG to continue the novel.
  • Kiyoi's Tarot card is Death. This could be because she indirectly has caused her best friend's death, and she has believed that she is the LRIG who brings misfortune.
  • Kiyoi is the first character from the previous series who has officially appeared in the Lostorage WIXOSS Arc.
  • Piruluk is the only normal LRIG that can grant Kiyoi's Selector's wish.
    • Of course, this makes Mayu angry and she accused her to be cheating.


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