For the card, see LRIG of the Beginning (card).
LRIG of the Beginning
LRIG of Beginnings - Opening
Hajimari no Rurigu
Gender Female
Classification LRIG
Mari Hino

The LRIG of the Beginning (始まりのルリグ Hajimari no Rurigu) is a character from Lostorage incited WIXOSS.

Appearance Edit

The LRIG of the Beginning has white shoulder length hair with a pale blue fringe and purple eyes. She wears a pale green dress that has a transparent pale pink skirt attached to it. She also wears pale blue gloves and socks.


The LRIG of the Beginning has no personality. She is a blank slate until someone names her.


I am the LRIG of the beginning.

A LRIG of the Beginning is a mysterious girl without a name that appears to newly chosen Selectors. She asks them for a name, and when they answer, the LRIG transforms into a form representing the memories behind that name, becoming their LRIG. Her criteria for choosing Selectors is unknown.


Lostorage incited WIXOSSEdit

A LRIG of the Beginning appears before Suzuko Homura as she is unpacking her new WIXOSS deck. She asks for a name, and when Suzuko says "Ril," she becomes Ril, taking on the form of Suzuko's accessory named Ril and gaining the personality of Chinatsu Morikawa, Suzuko's dear childhood friend.

Later, another LRIG of the Beginning appears before Chinatsu, becoming Mel and taking on the form of Chinatsu's childhood memories of Suzuko. She also appeared before Hanna Mikage when she received Nanashi.

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