For the character in the selector stirred WIXOSS manga, see Rumi Sagara.

Lalaru "N"

Lalaru (ララ・ルー) is a red LRIG.

Currently, the only Lalaru cards are level 0. Plans to print level 1 and further Lalaru cards were cancelled in favor of releasing Layla. In an interview with Producer Tomo Yamaguchi published in WIXOSS Magazine vol.9, Layla uses Riding Machine SIGNI, which Lalaru was predicted to use.

In "WIXOSS Art Material VII" (ISBN 978-4-7986-1648-3) published in March 2018, 5 original drawings up Level 0 to Level 4 of Lalaru whose release was cancelled are posted.

LRIG cardsEdit

Level 0

Level 1

  • Lalaru "Low" (cancelled)

Level 2

  • Lalaru "Second" (cancelled)

Level 3

  • Lalaru "Third" (cancelled)

Level 4

  • Lalaru "Top" (cancelled)

Cancelled ArtworksEdit

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