Lancer (ランサー Ransā) is a keyword ability that primarily appears on green cards. It first appeared in WXD-04 Green Wanna.

The current reminder text for Lancer is:

[Lancer] (When this SIGNI banishes an opponent's SIGNI in battle, crush 1 of your opponent's life cloth.)


  • Lancer does not stack. If a SIGNI with two instances of Lancer banishes a SIGNI by battle, only one Life Cloth is crushed.
  • Lancer does not stack with Double Crush. If a SIGNI with both Lancer and Double Crush banished a SIGNI by battle, only one life cloth is crushed.
  • Lancer is a trigger ability dependent on the opposing SIGNI being banished. If the opposing SIGNI is not banished, Lancer does not trigger.
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