The life cloth (ライフクロス Raifu Kurosu) are a set of face-down cards placed between the players and the rest of the table. These represent the player's remaining lives, in which the objective of the game is to eliminate all life cloth before striking a final blow.

At the start of the game, after drawing 5 cards, each player places the top 7 cards of their deck in front of them sideways, face-down as life cloth.

Life cloth can be lost by crushes, card abilities, or running out of cards to draw from the deck.

A player cannot look at what cards are in their life cloth, except through the abilities of certain cards.


To crush (クラッシュ Kurasshu) a life cloth is to remove it from your opponent's life cloth area. It is the primary method of dealing damage to the opposing player and winning.

Whenever a SIGNI attacks and there is no SIGNI in front of that SIGNI, or when a LRIG attacks and the attack is not guarded, the attacking player deals 1 damage to that player, crushing a life cloth. Life cloth can also be crushed through certain card abilities, such as the ability of Fissure of Condemnation.

When a card is added to life cloth, it goes to the top of the life cloth. When a life cloth would be crushed, the top card of the life cloth is crushed. Players cannot choose which life cloth to crush.

When a player's life cloth is crushed, the crushed life cloth goes to the check zone, where it is checked for a Life Burst ability. If one exists, the player may activate their Life Burst ability. The card then goes to the ener zone.

If a LRIG or SIGNI attacks a player with no life cloth directly, the attacking player wins the game. Abilities that directly crush a life cloth have no ability on players with no life cloth; that player does not automatically lose the game.

Decking OutEdit

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When a player has run out of cards to draw from their deck, one of their life cloth is sent to the trash.

Life cloth lost by running out of cards to draw from the deck are not considered crushed and do not go to the check zone or ener zone.

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