Osaki, Phantom Beast Deity

Living Spirit: Earth Beast (精生:地獣 Sei Sei: Chi Jū) is a SIGNI class associated with green SIGNI. All Earth Beasts are titled "Phantom Beast," and commonly named after the creature they represent.

Earth Beasts are based on a wide range of beasts and creatures. While many are based on and named after a simple animal, others actually take on the name of specific historical pets or common nicknames for those kinds of pets. In addition, Earth Beasts also feature mythical beasts.


Earth Beasts often focus on the Ener Zone.

Earth Beasts can benefit from having an Ener advantage over the opponent. This boost is often supplemented by other Earth Beasts that focus on putting in more Ener into the Ener Zone.

Another group of Earth Beasts focus on giving friendly SIGNI Power boosts that last until the end of the turn that they are played or activated. This is often to activate the final group of Earth Beasts' abilities, giving them Lancer when their Power reaches above a certain threshold.

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