2017 WIXOSS Battle Chocolate2017 WIXOSS Battle Chocolate/Gallery2018 Christmas LRIG Pack
2018 Christmas LRIG Pack/Gallery2019 Valentine's Pack2019 Valentine's Pack/Gallery
3D LRIG Cards Set of 53D LRIG Cards Set of 5/Gallery555 Yen Deck Bonus
555 Yen Deck Bonus/Gallery555 Yen Deck Bonus 2555 Yen Deck Bonus 2/Gallery
5th ANNIVERSARY 5 Strong Promo Cards5th Anniv. Heroines5th Anniv. Heroines/Gallery
5th Anniversary Thank You!5th Anniversary Thank You!/Gallery666, the Cursed Number
?? (TCG)ANFO, Natural Source
ATTRACTION/GalleryATTRACTION/RulingsAVAL Foundation for Science
Abelia, Natural PlantAbilityAbility Mind
Abnormal LoverAbsolute Aya! IIIAbsolute Aya! III/Gallery
Absolute ExtinctionAbsolute Extinction/RulingsAbsolute Flame War
Absolute Flame War/GalleryAbundanceAbundance/Gallery
AccessoryAccumulation of Blood CrystalAce Spike
Achilles, GreatshieldAchilles, Greatshield/GalleryAcnes, Natural Bacteria
Act According to Phosphorescent MindAct According to Phosphorescent Mind/GalleryActics, Phantom Beast
Actics, Phantom Beast/GalleryActihair, Phantom BeastActihair, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Actilf, Phantom BeastActilf, Phantom Beast/GalleryActinium, Natural Source
Actinium, Natural Source/GalleryActinium, Natural Source/TriviaActor Wardrobe
Adamasphere, Natural PyroxeneAdamasphere, Natural Pyroxene/GalleryAdamasphere, Natural Pyroxene/Rulings
Adansonia, Natural PlantAdansonia, Natural Plant/GalleryAdapting to Changed Circumstances
Advancing Flame ArmyAdventureAegir, Azure Angel of Welcome
Aegis ShieldAegis Shield/GalleryAge, Passage of Time Wisdom
Aglaea, Innocent BrightnessAglaea, Innocent Brightness/GalleryAgni, Racing Bull of Flame Demons
Agohige, Phantom DragonAgyou, Left Image of TransgressionAgyou, Left Image of Transgression/Gallery
Ahriman, Fallen GlanceAhriman, Fallen Glance/GalleryAias, Ultimate Shield
Aias, Ultimate Shield/GalleryAikuro, Large ClawAim, Torch of Flame Demons
Air Cannon, Firing of Box WisdomAitvaras, Tail Fire of Flame DemonsAiyai (TCG)
Aiyai (card)Aiyai (card)/GalleryAiyai★Bet
Aiyai★Dia/GalleryAiyai★FallAiyai★Four Card
Aiyai★Full HouseAiyai★HeartAiyai★Heart/Gallery
Aiyai★Royal FlushAiyai★Royal Flush/GalleryAiyai★Spade
Aiyai★Spade/GalleryAiyai★StraightAkatonbo, Phantom Insect
AkatsukiAkatsuki/GalleryAkazukin, Phantom Beast
Akazukin, Phantom Beast/GalleryAkazukin, Vermilion FamiliarAkazukin, Vermilion Familiar/Gallery
Akechi, Ruler of Three DaysAkechi, Ruler of Three Days/GalleryAkechi, Ruler of Three Days/Trivia
Akemitsu, Honnō-ji RebellionAkihaba, Mixing of Enjoyable WisdomAkihabara Restaurant Collaboration Campaign
Akihabara Restaurant Collaboration Campaign/GalleryAkinana, Natural Plant PrincessAkinana, Natural Plant Princess/Gallery
Akinana, Natural Plant Princess/RulingsAkira AoiAkizakura, Natural Plant
Akudama, Natural Bacteria PrincessAlbat, Phantom BeastAlber, Small Book
Albion, Azure Angel of the Barrier WallAldebaran, Natural StarAldebaran, Natural Star/Gallery
Alecto, Right Devil of VengeanceAlecto, Right Devil of Vengeance/GalleryAlexand, Peerless Conquest
Alexand, Peerless Conquest/GalleryAlexand, Peerless Conquest/RulingsAlexand, Peerless Conquest/Trivia
AlfouAlfou, Black-Clothed BrideAlfou, Black-Clothed Bride/Gallery
Alfou, Black-Clothed Bride/TriviaAlfou, Black-Clothed DanseuseAlfou, Bride of Anxiety
Alfou, Bride of KarmaAlfou, Bride of UsurpationAlfou, Bride of Usurpation/Gallery
Alfou, Danseuse of Curtain's RiseAlfou, Danseuse of Honorable CurtainsAlfou, Danseuse of Intermission
Alfou, Danseuse of Performance's BeginningAlfou, Danseuse of Performance's Beginning/GalleryAlfou, Danseuse of Shadow Performance
Alfou, Danseuse of Shadow RevolvingAlfou, Danseuse of String-PullingAlfou, Danseuse of Theatrical Blackout
Alfou, Heavenly BrideAlfou (TCG)Alfou (card)
Alfou (card)/GalleryAlfred Nobel, Natural Source PrincessAlhena, Natural Star
Alhena, Natural Star/GalleryAlhena, Natural Star/RulingsAli Baba, Large Trap
Alice, Vermilion FamiliarAlice MononobeAlkes, Natural Star
All of NatureAll of Nature/GalleryAll of You WIXOSS!
Allocen, Red Eyes of Flame DemonsAllos PirulukAllos Piruluk/Gallery
Allos Piruluk (Lostorage)Allos Piruluk ACROAllos Piruluk Alpha
Allos Piruluk DIAllos Piruluk DI/GalleryAllos Piruluk G
Allos Piruluk G/GalleryAllos Piruluk GammaAllos Piruluk K
Allos Piruluk KEYAllos Piruluk MAllos Piruluk M/Gallery
Allos Piruluk MONOAllos Piruluk MONO/GalleryAllos Piruluk N
Allos Piruluk N/GalleryAllos Piruluk TETAllos Piruluk TET/Gallery
Allos Piruluk TETRAAllos Piruluk TETRA/GalleryAllos Piruluk TRI
Allos Piruluk TRI/GalleryAllos and Code Piruluk KEYAlma, Lesser Sin of Gravekeepers
Alma, Lesser Sin of Gravekeepers/GalleryAlmach, Natural StarAlmach, Natural Star/Gallery
Almade, Explosive BookAlphard, Natural StarAlphard, Natural Star/Gallery
Alphard, Natural Star/RulingsAlphecca, Natural StarAlphecca, Natural Star/Gallery
Alphecca, Natural Star/RulingsAlpheios, Azure Angel of SupplicationAlraune, Phantom Apparition
Alscha, Natural StarAlscha, Natural Star/GalleryAltair, Natural Star
Altair, Natural Star/GalleryAlu Baba, Medium TrapAluminium, Natural Source
Aluminium, Natural Source/TriviaAlyonu, Source Fairy Tale of the Brother and SisterAmadeus, Vermilion Familiar
Amarga, Phantom DragonAmaryllis, Natural PlantAmaterasu, Vermilion Familiar
Ambri Paigi, Black Phantom InsectAmeco, Generous Light and DarkAmeco, Generous Light and Dark/Gallery
Ameco, Generous Light and Dark/TriviaAmerican Crocodile, Phantom DragonAmethyst, Natural Stone
Amethyst, Natural Stone/GalleryAmethyst, Natural Stone/TriviaAmika Hashimoto
Ammolite, Natural StoneAmmolite, Natural Stone/GalleryAmmolite, Natural Stone/Rulings
Amon, Snake Owl of Flame DemonsAmonowl, Marquis of Toying with LifeAmst, Roaring Gun
Amy, President of Flame DemonsAnahita, Azure Angel of River's SourceAnastasia, Youngest Daughter of Hell
Ancient DiggerAncient Digger/GalleryAncient Gate
Ancient Gate/GalleryAncient Gate/RulingsAncient Groove
Ancient ReturnAncient Return/GalleryAncient Surprise
Ancient Surprise/GalleryAncient Surprise/TipsAncient Wave
Ancient Wave/GalleryAnemone, Natural PlantAnemone, Natural Plant/Gallery
Angel AwakeAngel Awake/GalleryAngolmois, Vermilion Familiar
Angolmois, Vermilion Familiar/RulingsAngry RoarAngry Roar/Gallery
Angry Roar/RulingsAnima, Reaper of TruthAnima, Reaper of Truth/Gallery
Anima, Reaper of Truth/RulingsAnimus, Vermilion FamiliarAnkylo, Phantom Dragon
Ankylo, Phantom Dragon/GalleryAnn-Mira, Phantom DragonAnna Mirage, Devil Princess
Anna Mirage, Devil Princess/GalleryAnna Mirage, Devil Princess/RulingsAnna Stanley, Black Demonic Princess
Anna Stanley, Black Demonic Princess/GalleryAnna Stanley, Black Demonic Princess/RulingsAnne
Anne, Locus of MiraclesAnne, Locus of Miracles/GalleryAnne, Pilgrimage of Friendship
Anne, Pilgrimage of Friendship/GalleryAnne-First, Creation of the ImaginationAnne-First, Creation of the Imagination/Gallery
Anne-Fourth, Blessing of RevelationAnne-Fourth, Colorful Butterfly of ReexaminationAnne-Fourth, Connected Integrity
Anne-Fourth, Connected Integrity/GalleryAnne-Fourth, Connected Integrity/RulingsAnne-Fourth, Early Clear Air
Anne-Fourth, Eradicator of All the MoreAnne-Fourth, Eradicator of All the More/GalleryAnne-Fourth, Melody of Horror
Anne-Fourth, Melody of Horror/GalleryAnne-Fourth, Melody of Horror/RulingsAnne-Second, Value of Excess Knowledge
Anne-Second, Value of Excess Knowledge/GalleryAnne-Third, Converging ExerciseAnne-Third, Converging Exercise/Gallery
Anne-Third, Glorification of Cherry BlossomsAnne-Third, Public RepentanceAnne-Third, Public Repentance/Gallery
Anne-Third, Trusting OracleAnne-Third, Trusting Oracle/Gallery
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