2017 WIXOSS Battle Chocolate2017 WIXOSS Battle Chocolate/Gallery2018 Christmas LRIG Pack
2018 Christmas LRIG Pack/Gallery2019 Valentine's Pack3D LRIG Cards Set of 5
3D LRIG Cards Set of 5/Gallery5th Anniv. Heroines5th Anniv. Heroines/Gallery
5th Anniversary Thank You!5th Anniversary Thank You!/Gallery666, the Cursed Number
?? (TCG)ANFO, Natural Source
ATTRACTION/GalleryATTRACTION/RulingsAVAL Foundation for Science
Abelia, Natural PlantAbilityAbility Mind
Abnormal LoverAbsolute Aya! IIIAbsolute Aya! III/Gallery
Absolute ExtinctionAbsolute Extinction/RulingsAbsolute Flame War
Absolute Flame War/GalleryAbundanceAbundance/Gallery
AccessoryAccumulation of Blood CrystalAchilles, Greatshield
Acnes, Natural BacteriaAct According to Phosphorescent MindAct According to Phosphorescent Mind/Gallery
Actics, Phantom BeastActics, Phantom Beast/GalleryActihair, Phantom Beast
Actihair, Phantom Beast/GalleryActilf, Phantom BeastActilf, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Actinium, Natural SourceActinium, Natural Source/GalleryActinium, Natural Source/Trivia
Adamasphere, Natural PyroxeneAdamasphere, Natural Pyroxene/GalleryAdamasphere, Natural Pyroxene/Rulings
Adansonia, Natural PlantAdansonia, Natural Plant/GalleryAdapting to Changed Circumstances
Advancing Flame ArmyAdventureAegis Shield
Aegis Shield/GalleryAge, Passage of Time WisdomAglaea, Innocent Brightness
Aglaea, Innocent Brightness/GalleryAgohige, Phantom DragonAgyou, Left Image of Transgression
Agyou, Left Image of Transgression/GalleryAhriman, Fallen GlanceAhriman, Fallen Glance/Gallery
Aias, Ultimate ShieldAias, Ultimate Shield/GalleryAikuro, Large Claw
Air Cannon, Firing of Box WisdomAiyai (TCG)Aiyai (card)
Aiyai (card)/GalleryAiyai★BetAiyai★Bet/Gallery
Aiyai★FallAiyai★Full HouseAiyai★Heart
Aiyai★RaysAiyai★Royal FlushAiyai★Spade
Aiyai★Spade/GalleryAiyai★StraightAkatonbo, Phantom Insect
AkatsukiAkatsuki/GalleryAkazukin, Phantom Beast
Akazukin, Phantom Beast/GalleryAkazukin, Vermilion FamiliarAkazukin, Vermilion Familiar/Gallery
Akechi, Ruler of Three DaysAkechi, Ruler of Three Days/GalleryAkechi, Ruler of Three Days/Trivia
Akemitsu, Honnō-ji RebellionAkihaba, Mixing of Enjoyable WisdomAkihabara Restaurant Collaboration Campaign
Akihabara Restaurant Collaboration Campaign/GalleryAkinana, Natural Plant PrincessAkinana, Natural Plant Princess/Gallery
Akinana, Natural Plant Princess/RulingsAkira AoiAkizakura, Natural Plant
Albat, Phantom BeastAldebaran, Natural StarAldebaran, Natural Star/Gallery
Alecto, Right Devil of VengeanceAlecto, Right Devil of Vengeance/GalleryAlexand, Peerless Conquest
Alexand, Peerless Conquest/GalleryAlexand, Peerless Conquest/RulingsAlexand, Peerless Conquest/Trivia
AlfouAlfou, Black-Clothed BrideAlfou, Black-Clothed Bride/Gallery
Alfou, Black-Clothed Bride/TriviaAlfou, Bride of AnxietyAlfou, Bride of Karma
Alfou, Bride of UsurpationAlfou, Bride of Usurpation/GalleryAlfou (TCG)
Alfou (card)Alfou (card)/GalleryAlfred Nobel, Natural Source Princess
Alhena, Natural StarAlhena, Natural Star/GalleryAlhena, Natural Star/Rulings
Ali Baba, Large TrapAlice, Vermilion FamiliarAlkes, Natural Star
All of NatureAll of Nature/GalleryAllos Piruluk
Allos Piruluk/GalleryAllos Piruluk (Lostorage)Allos Piruluk Alpha
Allos Piruluk DIAllos Piruluk DI/GalleryAllos Piruluk G
Allos Piruluk G/GalleryAllos Piruluk GammaAllos Piruluk K
Allos Piruluk KEYAllos Piruluk MAllos Piruluk M/Gallery
Allos Piruluk MONOAllos Piruluk MONO/GalleryAllos Piruluk N
Allos Piruluk N/GalleryAllos Piruluk TETAllos Piruluk TET/Gallery
Allos Piruluk TETRAAllos Piruluk TETRA/GalleryAllos Piruluk TRI
Allos Piruluk TRI/GalleryAlma, Lesser Sin of GravekeepersAlma, Lesser Sin of Gravekeepers/Gallery
Almach, Natural StarAlmach, Natural Star/GalleryAlphard, Natural Star
Alphard, Natural Star/GalleryAlphard, Natural Star/RulingsAlphecca, Natural Star
Alphecca, Natural Star/GalleryAlphecca, Natural Star/RulingsAlraune, Phantom Apparition
Alscha, Natural StarAlscha, Natural Star/GalleryAltair, Natural Star
Altair, Natural Star/GalleryAlu Baba, Medium TrapAluminium, Natural Source
Aluminium, Natural Source/TriviaAmadeus, Vermilion FamiliarAmarga, Phantom Dragon
Amaryllis, Natural PlantAmaterasu, Vermilion FamiliarAmbri Paigi, Black Phantom Insect
Ameco, Generous Light and DarkAmeco, Generous Light and Dark/GalleryAmeco, Generous Light and Dark/Trivia
American Crocodile, Phantom DragonAmethyst, Natural StoneAmethyst, Natural Stone/Gallery
Amethyst, Natural Stone/TriviaAmika HashimotoAmmolite, Natural Stone
Ammolite, Natural Stone/GalleryAmmolite, Natural Stone/RulingsAmonowl, Marquis of Toying with Life
Amst, Roaring GunAnastasia, Youngest Daughter of HellAncient Digger
Ancient Digger/GalleryAncient GateAncient Gate/Gallery
Ancient Gate/RulingsAncient GrooveAncient Return
Ancient Return/GalleryAncient SurpriseAncient Surprise/Gallery
Ancient Surprise/TipsAncient WaveAncient Wave/Gallery
Anemone, Natural PlantAnemone, Natural Plant/GalleryAngel Awake
Angel Awake/GalleryAngolmois, Vermilion FamiliarAngolmois, Vermilion Familiar/Rulings
Angry RoarAngry Roar/GalleryAngry Roar/Rulings
Anima, Reaper of TruthAnima, Reaper of Truth/GalleryAnima, Reaper of Truth/Rulings
Animus, Vermilion FamiliarAnkylo, Phantom DragonAnkylo, Phantom Dragon/Gallery
Ann-Mira, Phantom DragonAnna Mirage, Devil PrincessAnna Mirage, Devil Princess/Gallery
Anna Mirage, Devil Princess/RulingsAnna Stanley, Black Demonic PrincessAnna Stanley, Black Demonic Princess/Gallery
Anna Stanley, Black Demonic Princess/RulingsAnneAnne, Locus of Miracles
Anne, Locus of Miracles/GalleryAnne, Pilgrimage of FriendshipAnne, Pilgrimage of Friendship/Gallery
Anne-First, Creation of the ImaginationAnne-First, Creation of the Imagination/GalleryAnne-Fourth, Blessing of Revelation
Anne-Fourth, Colorful Butterfly of ReexaminationAnne-Fourth, Connected IntegrityAnne-Fourth, Connected Integrity/Gallery
Anne-Fourth, Connected Integrity/RulingsAnne-Fourth, Early Clear AirAnne-Fourth, Eradicator of All the More
Anne-Fourth, Eradicator of All the More/GalleryAnne-Fourth, Melody of HorrorAnne-Fourth, Melody of Horror/Gallery
Anne-Fourth, Melody of Horror/RulingsAnne-Second, Value of Excess KnowledgeAnne-Second, Value of Excess Knowledge/Gallery
Anne-Third, Converging ExerciseAnne-Third, Converging Exercise/GalleryAnne-Third, Glorification of Cherry Blossoms
Anne-Third, Public RepentanceAnne-Third, Public Repentance/GalleryAnne-Third, Trusting Oracle
Anne-Third, Trusting Oracle/GalleryAnne (TCG)Anne (card)
Anne (card)/GalleryAnne Bonny, Sailor of Demonic SeasAnne Fifth, Violating God Seal
Anne Fifth, Violating God Seal/GalleryAnne Fifth, Violating God Seal/RulingsAnother Draw
Antares, Natural StarAntares, Natural Star/GalleryAnti-Spell
Anti-Spell/GalleryAnti-Spell/RulingsAnti Ability
Anti DefenseAntimony, Natural StoneAntlio, Small Trap
Any ChoiceAnytime Aya! IIIAorika, Water Phantom
Apaosha, Dream Woman of CollapseApaosha, Dream Woman of Collapse/GalleryApato, Phantom Dragon
Apato, Phantom Dragon/GalleryAphrodite, Flower Bloom of Late BeginningsAphrodite, Flower Bloom of Late Beginnings/Gallery
Aphrodite, Flower Bloom of Late Beginnings/RulingsAphrodite, Flower Bloom of Late Beginnings/TriviaAphud, Phantom Insect
Aquaaura, Natural StoneAquaaura, Natural Stone/GalleryAquamarine, Natural Stone
Arachne, Natural Star PrincessArachne Pider, Black Phantom Insect
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