Black and White Conflating RoarBlack and White Conflating Roar/GalleryBlackmold, Natural Bacteria
Blank CardBlank Card/GalleryBlank Card/Trivia
Blank Card (Black)Blank Card (Blue)Blank Card (Green)
Blank Card (Red)Blank Card (White)Blazing with Rage
Blessing of Five LightsBlessing of Five Lights/GalleryBlind Punish
Blitz Aya!Blockade ArmorBlood Dance
Blood Dance/GalleryBlood crystal armBloody Out
Bloody Out/GalleryBloody SlashBloody Slash/Gallery
Bloody Slash/RulingsBloody Slash/TipsBloody Strike
Bloody Strike/GalleryBlueBlue Code Heart V@C
Blue Code Heart V@C/GalleryBlue Code Heart V@C/RulingsBlue Flash, Natural Star
Blue JammingBlue Oni, Village Attacker of HellBlue Punish
Blue Punish/GalleryBlue SuggestBluemold, Natural Bacteria
Bobsle, Praiseworthy PlayBody and SoulBody and Soul/Gallery
Body and Soul/RulingsBokumakiri, Phantom InsectBolshack, Phantom Dragon
Bolshack, Phantom Dragon/GalleryBolshack, Phantom Dragon/TriviaBonbori, Dancing Fire of Seasonal Festivals
Bonds of the Same GunBonya, Small BowBonya, Small Bow/Gallery
Bonya, Small Bow/RulingsBook of the Dead, Crossbow BookBorago, Phantom Dragon
Boreas, Azure Angel of the North WindBorni, Natural StoneBorni, Natural Stone/Gallery
Boron, Natural SourceBors, Holy Body of the Round TableBotan
Botan-NollBotan/TriviaBotis, Phantom Dragon
Botulines, Natural Bacteria PrincessBotulines, Natural Bacteria Princess/GalleryBoukeami, Super Trap
BowBow, Shooting BowBow, Shooting Bow/Gallery
Bowpin, Master PlayBrazaus, Phantom DragonBreakthrough Blue
Breeding ForceBreeding Force/GalleryBrigitte, Brazier of Flame Demons
Brilliant EchoBrionac, Medium SpearBrionac, Medium Spear/Gallery
Brionac, Medium Spear/TriviaBronda, Natural StoneBronda, Natural Stone/Gallery
Bronda, Natural Stone/TriviaBrot, Fairy Tale of Star SilverBrot, Fairy Tale of Star Silver/Trivia
Browcra, Small TrapBrowcra, Small Trap/GalleryBrownie, Phantom Apparition
Brutus, Member of the SenateBubbly, Price Jump of Market WisdomBudo, Small Gun
Budo, Small Gun/GalleryBukubu Tama (TCG)Bumeld, Medium Shield
Bumeld, Medium Shield/GalleryBuranko, Second PlayBure
Burn Out the ENERGYBurn for a Righteous CauseBurning Down Every Battle
Burning SpiritBurning Spirit/GalleryBurning Spirit/Rulings
Burning Spirit/TriviaBurning Stone FlameBurning Stone Flame/Gallery
Burning Wind, Watery MoonBurning and Simmering TensionBurning and Simmering Tension/Gallery
Burst RushBurst Rush/GalleryBurst Rush/Rulings
But Any OtherBut Any Other/GalleryBut Any Other/Rulings
By the WayBy the Way/GalleryByzant Defense
Byzwir, Fairy Tale of Star SilverByzwir, Fairy Tale of Star Silver/TriviaCAPTURE
CRYSTAL SEALCRYSTAL SEAL/GalleryCactus, Natural Plant
Cactus, Natural Plant/GalleryCactus, Natural Plant/TriviaCaelum, Natural Star
Cagliostro, Alchemist of Trap WisdomCaim, Peacock of Flame DemonsCait Sith, Phantom Beast
Cait Sith, Phantom Beast/GalleryCalci, Natural Bacteria PrincessCaliburn, Greatsword
Caliburn, Greatsword/GalleryCaliburn, Greatsword/TriviaCaliforne, Natural Star
CallCall WonderCall Wonder/Gallery
Calm After the TyphoonCalm After the Typhoon/GalleryCalm After the Typhoon/Rulings
Calm After the Typhoon/TipsCandy RainCannon, Ballista
Cannon, Ballista/GalleryCao Ren, Court Advisor of the Wei ArmyCao Ren, Court Advisor of the Wei Army/Gallery
Capella, Natural StarCapella, Natural Star/GalleryCaps Four, Natural Star
Caps One, Natural StarCaps Three, Natural StarCaps Two, Natural Star
Captain Hook, Claw of Demonic SeasCaptain Hook, Claw of Demonic Seas/GalleryCar Eraser, Fourth Play
Carbo, Natural BacteriaCarbon, Natural SourceCarbon, Natural Source/Gallery
Carbon, Natural Source/TriviaCard Gamer No. 30 Commemorative Coin CardCardan, Cipher of Secret Wisdom
Carnelian, Natural StoneCarnelian, Natural Stone/GalleryCarnival
Carnival (TCG)Carnival (card)Carnival (card)/Gallery
Carnival (conflated card)Carnival -0-Carnival -0-/Gallery
Carnival -K-Carnival -K-/GalleryCarnival -K-/Rulings
Carnival -MAIS-Carnival -MAIS-/GalleryCarnival -P-
Carnival -PA-Carnival -Q-Carnival -Q-/Gallery
Carnival -QA-Carnival -QB-Carnival -QF-
Carnival -QN-Carnival -S-Carnival -SA-
Carnival -T-Carnival -TA-Carnival -TN-
Carnival †0†Carnival †0†/GalleryCarnival †MAIS†
Carnival †MAIS†/TriviaCarnival †PA†Carnival †PA†/Gallery
Carnival †P†Carnival †QA†Carnival †QA†/Gallery
Carnival †Q†Carnival †SA†Carnival †SA†/Gallery
Carnival †S†Carnival †TA†Carnival †TA†/Gallery
Carnival †TN†Carnival †T†Carotene, Natural Bacteria
Carry, Fallen Cannon GirlCarry, Fallen Cannon Girl/GalleryCastor, Natural Star
Cat's Eye Ne, Natural StarCataclysmic MajestyCatapul, Greatbow
Catapul, Greatbow/GalleryCatch-Up, Word of Following WisdomCatch Release
Catch Release/GalleryCateye, Natural StoneCateye, Natural Stone/Gallery
Catle, Fairy Tale of the BandCaught in Your Own TrapCellon, Rotation of the End
Cellon, Rotation of the End/GalleryCendrillon, Dove KeeperCentaur, Phantom Apparition
Cerberun, Three-Headed BarrageCerberun, Three-Headed Barrage/GalleryCerberun, Three-Headed Barrage/Rulings
Cerdid, Vermilion FamiliarCetus, Blue Water PhantomChain
Chain Blue and BlackChain Blue and Black/GalleryChain Double Cannon
Chalco, Natural StoneChalco, Natural Stone/GalleryChamomile, Natural Plant
Change of Fiery MindChaos OutbreakChapter 01: That Despair is Desire
Chapter 02: That Abnormality is HeartlessChargingCharging/Gallery
Charles, King of VictoryCharlotte, Ruthless DaughterCharm
Charm TacticsCharm Tactics/GalleryCharm Tactics/Trivia
Cheap Yen, Fluctuation of Country WisdomCheck ZoneCheer Zone
Cheetah, Phantom BeastCheetah, Phantom Beast/GalleryChemical Decomposition
Chemical FlashChemical Flash/GalleryChemical Flash/Rulings
Cheshire, Small TrapCheshire, Small Trap/GalleryChibidra, Phantom Dragon
Chihiro YukiChihuahuan, Phantom BeastChihuahuan, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Chihuahuan, Phantom Beast/TriviaChild Ant, Phantom InsectChild Ant, Phantom Insect/Gallery
Child CookieChild Cookie/GalleryChinatsu Morikawa
Chiron, Phantom ApparitionChisha, Fairy Tale at the Top of the TowerChisha, Fairy Tale at the Top of the Tower/Trivia
ChiyoriChlorine, Natural SourceChlorine, Natural Source/Gallery
Chlorine, Natural Source/RulingsChlorine, Natural Source/TriviaCholera, Natural Bacteria
Choleste, Natural BacteriaChouan, Water PhantomChouan, Water Phantom/Gallery
Chouan, Water Phantom/RulingsChouan, Water Phantom/Trivia
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