Eldora TYPE×IEldora TYPE×IIEldora TYPE×III
Eldora TYPE×III Double SlashEldora TYPE×III SlashEldora TYPE×II Slash
Eldora TYPE×IVEldora TYPE×I SlashEldora and Aya
Eldora×Good JobEldora×LuckyEldora×Lucky/Gallery
Eldora×Mark 0Eldora×Mark 0/GalleryEldora×Mark I
Eldora×Mark I/GalleryEldora×Mark IIEldora×Mark II/Gallery
Eldora×Mark IIIEldora×Mark III+Eldora×Mark III/Gallery
Eldora×Mark III AnotherEldora×Mark II AnotherEldora×Mark IV
Eldora×Mark IV/GalleryEldora×Mark IV AnotherEldora×Mark IV Another/Gallery
Eldora×Mark IV HYPEREldora×Mark IV PLUSEldora×Mark IV SUPER
Eldora×Mark I AnotherEldora×Mark V MASTEREldora×Mark V MASTER/Gallery
Eligos, Vermilion FamiliarElina, Pursuer That Severs ShadowsElizabeth, the Blood Countess
ElusiveElusive/GalleryElze, Gauntlet
Embers of Extreme ForceEmeralda, Natural StoneEmeralda, Natural Stone/Gallery
Emma (TCG)Emma (card)Emma Level 0
Emma Level 1Emma Level 1'Emma Level 2
Emma Level 2'Emma Level 3Emma Level 3'
Emma Level 3''Emma Level 4Ena Toyosaki, Great Attire
Enchiride, Roaring BookEncompassing KnowledgeEncompassing Knowledge/Gallery
Encompassing Knowledge/TriviaEncoreEncore Seed
Encounter, Distance of Time WisdomEnd HoleEnd Hole/Gallery
End Hole/RulingsEnd SlashEnd Slash/Gallery
End of EternityEnd of Eternity/GalleryEnd of Eternity/Rulings
End with SeveranceEner ChargeEner Zone
Energe, Original SpearEnerge, Original Spear/GalleryEnerge, Original Spear/Rulings
Engel, Coefficient of Food WisdomEngetsu, Small SwordEngetsu, Small Sword/Gallery
Engetsu, Small Sword/RulingsEnigma AuraEnigma Aura/Gallery
Enigma Aura/RulingsEnkid, Wild Clay BodyEnlarge
Enlarge/GalleryEnlarge/TriviaEnochian, Roaring Book
Entero, Natural BacteriaEnza, Natural BacteriaEnza, Natural Bacteria/Trivia
Episode 00: PrologueEpisode 01: This Room's Resident is MayuEpisode 01: selected girl
Episode 02: This Encounter is Fate?Episode 02: make a wishEpisode 03: That Invitation is Generous
Episode 03: pay for a wishEpisode 04: icy eyesEpisode 05: bring misfortune
Episode 06: thawingEpisode 1Episode 10
Episode 11Episode 12Episode 2
Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5
Episode 6Episode 7Episode 8
Episode 9Equal Fiery FlagsEqual Prize
Equal Prize/GalleryEques DefenseErase Refrain
Erenozu, Water PhantomErenozu, Water Phantom/GalleryErimaki, Phantom Dragon
Eris, White Natural StarEris, White Natural Star/TriviaEskimo, Natural Star
EternalEternal (SIGNI)Eternal (TCG)
Eternal (card)Eternal (card)/GalleryEternal -E-
Eternal -E-/GalleryEternal -P-Eternal -P-/Gallery
Eternal GirlEternal KarmaEternal Karma/Gallery
Eternal Key, LRIG of the BeginningEternal PunishEternal Punish/Gallery
EuphoriaEuphoria/GalleryEvacuation Advice
Event Pop, Introduction to Special EventsEveryone's LotteryEveryone's Lottery/Gallery
Evil's SoulEvil's Soul/GalleryEvil's Soul/Rulings
Exalted Golden AgeExalted Golden Age/GalleryExceed
ExclamationExcludeExclude (card)
Exclude (card)/GalleryExclude (card)/RulingsExpansion of Blood Crystal
Expelling Flames of the Dragon PhoenixExpelling Flames of the Dragon Phoenix/GalleryExpelling Flames of the Dragon Phoenix/Rulings
Expensive Yen, Fluctuation of Country WisdomExplosive EventfulnessExplosive Fire of Accomplishment
Explosive SolidarityExplosive Solidarity/GalleryExplosive Strike
Explosive Strike/GalleryExplosive Strike/RulingsExtravaganza
Extravaganza/GalleryExtreme FoodExtreme Food/Gallery
FROZEN FINGERFUNNYFX, Fluctuation of Money Wisdom
Fabnir, Phantom Dragon PrincessFafnirFafnir/Gallery
Fafnir/RulingsFai, Medium AttireFaival, Explosive Gun
Fakelove, Medium TrapFallenFallen/Gallery
Fallen/RulingsFalling Splendor, Flowing EssenceFalling Splendor, Flowing Essence/Gallery
Falling Splendor, Flowing Essence/TriviaFalling Splendor, Flowing Essence (craft)Fantastic
Fantastic/GalleryFatal CrownFatal Punish
Fatal Punish/GalleryFate StruggleFaust, Fallen Left Sin
Faust, Fallen Left Sin/GalleryFelicia, Great AttireFermat, Formula of Theoretical Wisdom
Fiax, Small AttireFiber, Natural BacteriaFibonacci, Formula of True Wisdom
Fibonacci, Formula of True Wisdom/TriviaFieldFiery Harmony
Fiery Harmony/GalleryFiery Harmony/TriviaFiery Morning, Moonlit Night
Fiery Spring LandscapeFiery Spring Landscape/GalleryFiery Tempo Marking
Fifth TemptFigate, Natural StoneFight Ghost
Final DestructionFinal Destruction/GalleryFinal Destruction/Rulings
Fingu, Small FistFingu, Small Fist/GalleryFinishing Blow Aya! V
Finishing Touches on the Fire DragonFirefly SparksFirefly Sparks/Gallery
Firerage, BallistaFirerage, Ballista/GalleryFirerage, Ballista/Rulings
Fires of AtonementFires of Atonement/GalleryFires of Atonement/Rulings
Firm and SolidFirm and Solid/GalleryFissure of Condemnation
Fissure of Condemnation/GalleryFissure of Condemnation/RulingsFissure of Conflagration
Fissure of Conflagration/GalleryFissure of Conflagration/RulingsFist
Five RainbowFlambe, Medium AttireFlamber, Medium Sword
Flamber, Medium Sword/GalleryFlame-Awned FlashFlame-Awned Flash/Gallery
Flame Army StruggleFlame Ball of the Falling StarFlame Ball of the Falling Star/Gallery
Flame Ball of the Falling Star (WIXOSS Tour)Flame Cut of the GreatswordFlame Gained, Fire Lost
Flame Gained, Fire Lost/GalleryFlame Rock of the Descending StarFlameless Isolation
Flameless Isolation/GalleryFlaming Dragon, Poisonous SnakeFlaming Innocence
Flaming StubbornnessFlaming Stubbornness/GalleryFlaming Stubbornness/Rulings
Flane, Natural StarFlash BackFlash Back/Gallery
Flash Back/RulingsFlash of Fire and ElectricityFlash of Fire and Electricity/Gallery
Flash of Fire and Electricity/RulingsFlask, Equipment of Experiment WisdomFlathro
Flathro Captain, Roaring FlameFlathro Captain, Roaring Flame/GalleryFlathro Captain, Roaring Flame/Trivia
Flathro Colonel, Crossbow FlameFlathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame/GalleryFlathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame/Rulings
Flathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame/TriviaFlathro Corporal, Explosive FlameFlathro Corporal, Explosive Flame/Trivia
Flathro General, Attacking Crossbow FlameFlathro General, Attacking Crossbow Flame/TriviaFlathro Lance Corporal, Small Flame
Flathro Lance Corporal, Small Flame/TriviaFlathro Lieutenant, Roaring FlameFlathro Lieutenant, Roaring Flame/Trivia
Flathro Lieutenant General, Crossbow FlameFlathro Lieutenant General, Crossbow Flame/TriviaFlathro Major, Crossbow Flame
Flathro Major, Crossbow Flame/GalleryFlathro Major, Crossbow Flame/TriviaFlathro Private E-1, Small Flame
Flathro Private E-1, Small Flame/TriviaFlathro Private E-2, Small FlameFlathro Private E-2, Small Flame/Trivia
Flathro Second Lieutenant, Roaring Flame
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