Episode 8Episode 9Equal Fiery Flags
Equal PrizeEqual Prize/GalleryEques Defense
Era OtogibaraEra Otogibara/GalleryErase Refrain
Erase Refrain/GalleryEraser SmashErenozu, Water Phantom
Erenozu, Water Phantom/GalleryErimaki, Phantom DragonEris, White Natural Star
Eris, White Natural Star/TriviaEskimo, Natural StarEternal
Eternal (SIGNI)Eternal (TCG)Eternal (card)
Eternal (card)/GalleryEternal -E-Eternal -E-/Gallery
Eternal -P-Eternal -P-/GalleryEternal Girl
Eternal KarmaEternal Karma/GalleryEternal Key, LRIG of the Beginning
Eternal PunishEternal Punish/GalleryEuphoria
Euphoria/GalleryEurus, Azure Angel of the Water JarEurybia, Azure Angel of Fleeting Bubbles
Evacuation AdviceEvent Pop, Introduction to Special EventsEveryone's Lottery
Everyone's Lottery/GalleryEvil's SoulEvil's Soul/Gallery
Evil's Soul/RulingsExalted Golden AgeExalted Golden Age/Gallery
Exclude (card)Exclude (card)/GalleryExclude (card)/Rulings
Expansion of Blood CrystalExpelling Flames of the Dragon PhoenixExpelling Flames of the Dragon Phoenix/Gallery
Expelling Flames of the Dragon Phoenix/RulingsExpensive Yen, Fluctuation of Country WisdomExplosive Eventfulness
Explosive Fire of AccomplishmentExplosive SolidarityExplosive Solidarity/Gallery
Explosive StrikeExplosive Strike/GalleryExplosive Strike/Rulings
ExtravaganzaExtravaganza/GalleryExtreme Food
Extreme Food/GalleryFAKE DOLLFAQs
FUNNYFX, Fluctuation of Money WisdomFabnir, Phantom Dragon Princess
Fai, Medium AttireFaival, Explosive GunFakelove, Medium Trap
Falling Splendor, Flowing EssenceFalling Splendor, Flowing Essence/GalleryFalling Splendor, Flowing Essence/Trivia
Falling Splendor, Flowing Essence (craft)FantasticFantastic/Gallery
Fatal CrownFatal Crown/GalleryFatal Punish
Fatal Punish/GalleryFate StruggleFate Struggle/Gallery
Faust, Fallen Left SinFaust, Fallen Left Sin/GalleryFelicia, Great Attire
Fermat, Formula of Theoretical WisdomFiax, Small AttireFiber, Natural Bacteria
Fibonacci, Formula of True WisdomFibonacci, Formula of True Wisdom/TriviaField
Fiery HarmonyFiery Harmony/GalleryFiery Harmony/Trivia
Fiery Morning, Moonlit NightFiery Morning, Moonlit Night/GalleryFiery Spring Landscape
Fiery Spring Landscape/GalleryFiery Tempo MarkingFifth Tempt
Figate, Natural StoneFight GhostFight Ghost/Gallery
Final DestructionFinal Destruction/GalleryFinal Destruction/Rulings
Fingu, Small FistFingu, Small Fist/GalleryFinishing Blow Aya! V
Finishing Blow Aya! V/GalleryFinishing Touches on the Fire DragonFirefly Sparks
Firefly Sparks/GalleryFirerage, BallistaFirerage, Ballista/Gallery
Firerage, Ballista/RulingsFires of AtonementFires of Atonement/Gallery
Fires of Atonement/RulingsFirm and SolidFirm and Solid/Gallery
Fissure of CondemnationFissure of Condemnation/GalleryFissure of Condemnation/Rulings
Fissure of ConflagrationFissure of Conflagration/GalleryFissure of Conflagration/Rulings
FistFive RainbowFlambe, Medium Attire
Flambe, Medium Attire/GalleryFlamber, Medium SwordFlamber, Medium Sword/Gallery
Flame-Awned FlashFlame-Awned Flash/GalleryFlame Army Struggle
Flame Ball of the Falling StarFlame Ball of the Falling Star/GalleryFlame Ball of the Falling Star (WIXOSS Tour)
Flame Cut of the GreatswordFlame Gained, Fire LostFlame Gained, Fire Lost/Gallery
Flame Rock of the Descending StarFlameless IsolationFlameless Isolation/Gallery
Flaming Dragon, Poisonous SnakeFlaming InnocenceFlaming Stubbornness
Flaming Stubbornness/GalleryFlaming Stubbornness/RulingsFlane, Natural Star
Flash BackFlash Back/GalleryFlash Back/Rulings
Flash of Fire and ElectricityFlash of Fire and Electricity/GalleryFlash of Fire and Electricity/Rulings
Flask, Equipment of Experiment WisdomFlathroFlathro Captain, Roaring Flame
Flathro Captain, Roaring Flame/GalleryFlathro Captain, Roaring Flame/TriviaFlathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame
Flathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame/GalleryFlathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame/RulingsFlathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame/Trivia
Flathro Corporal, Explosive FlameFlathro Corporal, Explosive Flame/TriviaFlathro General, Attacking Crossbow Flame
Flathro General, Attacking Crossbow Flame/TriviaFlathro Lance Corporal, Small FlameFlathro Lance Corporal, Small Flame/Trivia
Flathro Lieutenant, Roaring FlameFlathro Lieutenant, Roaring Flame/TriviaFlathro Lieutenant General, Crossbow Flame
Flathro Lieutenant General, Crossbow Flame/TriviaFlathro Major, Crossbow FlameFlathro Major, Crossbow Flame/Gallery
Flathro Major, Crossbow Flame/TriviaFlathro Private E-1, Small FlameFlathro Private E-1, Small Flame/Trivia
Flathro Private E-2, Small FlameFlathro Private E-2, Small Flame/TriviaFlathro Second Lieutenant, Roaring Flame
Flathro Second Lieutenant, Roaring Flame/TriviaFlathro Sergeant, Explosive FlameFlathro Sergeant, Explosive Flame/Trivia
Flathro Signaller, Crossbow FlameFlathro Warrant Officer, Roaring FlameFlauros, Red Leopard of Flame Demons
Flight Completion of Flame WingsFlower SongFlower Viewing Sashe and Myu
Flower Viewing Sashe and Myu/TriviaFlowing Water, Speed of Boat WisdomFluorine, Natural Source
Fluorine, Natural Source/GalleryFluorine, Natural Source/RulingsFlute, Left Sound of the Musical Performance
Flute, Left Sound of the Musical Performance/GalleryFlycoaster, Green Fifth PlayFlying Trigger
Flying Trigger/GalleryFlynn, Fairy Tale at the Top of the TowerFlynn, Fairy Tale at the Top of the Tower/Trivia
Folic Acid, Natural BacteriaFollow BlindlyFollow Blindly/Gallery
Foolish MiasmaFoolish Miasma/GalleryForbidden Game
FormatsForneus, Marquis of Demonic SeasForte Baleno
Fortune FiveFortune Five/GalleryFortune Five/Rulings
Fortune ImagineFour Color MiasmaFour Color Miasma/Gallery
Four of Tamayorihime, Brave and BoldFour of Tamayorihime, Brave and Bold/GalleryFour of Tamayorihime, Strangely United Flames
Four of Tamayorihime, Strangely United Flames/GalleryFour of Tamayorihime, Strangely United Flames/RulingsFout, Natural Star Princess
Fout, Natural Star Princess/GalleryFout, Natural Star Princess/RulingsFractal Cage
Fractal Cage/GalleryFractal Cage/RulingsFracturing Lust
Fracturing Lust/GalleryFree to SinFreefall, Green Fourth Play
FreezeFreeze SadFreyjn, Beautiful Fertility
Freyjn, Beautiful Fertility/GalleryFuegusuri, Natural SourceFujiyoga, Natural Stone
Fukinagashi, Second PlayFukuwara, Second PlayFull Moon, White Natural Star
Fumakota, Head of the FuumaFumakota, Head of the Fuuma/GalleryFumio
Fumio FutaseFunashimu, Great Phantom InsectFurami, Phantom Beast
Furfur, Sprinting Demon DeerFurfur, Sprinting Demon Deer/GalleryFurious Gambling
Furious Gambling/GalleryFutaseFutase (TCG)
Futase (card)Fuuba, Explosive GunFuurai, Phantom Apparition
Fuurai, Phantom Apparition/GalleryFuyuki HakaseFünf-Jörmugan
GF Adventures of UgoGF AnnaGF Barcode Pen
GF CompactGF ConnyGF Departure Conny
GF First MorningGF Game of TagGF Gilda
GF HangerGF Headquarters CommunicationGF House
GF Instant CameraGF IsabellaGF Kantera
GF KroneGF Master KeyGF Mechanical Engineering and the History of Humans
GF Mythology BookGF NailaGF Norman and Ray
GF Pet RocketGF Ray FireGF Rucksack
GF Sheet RopeGF SketchbookGF Substitute Ray
GF Transmitter-Crippling DeviceGF TrunkGREEN LRIG
Gaain, Hawk Catcher of the Round TableGaain, Hawk Catcher of the Round Table/GalleryGabrie, Future of the Archangel
Gabrie, Future of the Archangel/GalleryGabrie, Future of the Archangel/TriviaGabrielt, Future of the True Angel
Gabrielt, Future of the True Angel/Gallery
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