Nanashi, That Two RemodeledNanashi, Type KeyNanashi (TCG)
Nanashi (card)Nanashi (card)/GalleryNaomasa, Red Ogre of Ii
Napofi, Water PhantomNapofi, Water Phantom/GalleryNapolehou, Explosive Gun
Napolehou, Explosive Gun/GalleryNasu no Yoichi, Vermilion FamiliarNatto, Natural Bacteria
Nature SpiritNature Spirit: AtomNature Spirit: Bacteria
Nature Spirit: GemNature Spirit: OreNature Spirit: Plant
Nature Spirit: SpaceNawatobi, Third PlayNawatobi, Third Play/Gallery
Nayohagi, Water PhantomNebula ConnectNekokero, Water Phantom
Nekomatar, Phantom Apparition PrincessNekomusu, Phantom ApparitionNemurihime, Phantom Apparition Princess
Neon, Natural Source PrincessNeon, Natural Source Princess/GalleryNeon, Natural Source Princess/Rulings
Neon, Natural Source Princess/TriviaNeptune, White Natural StarNeptune, White Natural Star/Gallery
Neptune, White Natural Star/RulingsNever EndNew Moon, White Natural Star
Next FutureNext PunishNext Ready
Next Ready/GalleryNext Ready/RulingsNezukozo, Small Trap
Nezumiko, Small TrapNian, Natural BacteriaNickel, Natural Source
Nickel, Natural Source/GalleryNickel, Natural Source/RulingsNightile, Treatment of Healing Wisdom
Nightile, Treatment of Healing Wisdom/GalleryNightile, Treatment of Healing Wisdom/TipsNihokokabi, Natural Bacteria
Nihonium, Natural SourceNijimenou, Natural StoneNijisanji (TCG)
Nile Crocodile, Phantom DragonNinbalf, Accompanying Devil ElephantNinbalf, Accompanying Devil Elephant/Gallery
Nineteen, Explosive GunNineteen, Explosive Gun/GalleryNineteen, Explosive Gun/Trivia
Ninteke, Large FistNipakoNishiki, Natural Stone
Nitrocellulose, Natural SourceNitrogen, Natural SourceNitrogen, Natural Source/Gallery
Nitroglycol, Natural SourceNo GainNo Gain/Gallery
No Gain/RulingsNobel, Pursuit of Colorful WisdomNobel, Treasure of Colorful Wisdom
Nobel, Treasure of Colorful Wisdom/GalleryNobel, Treasure of Colorful Wisdom/TriviaNohime, Returning Butterfly of Earnestness
Nohime, Returning Butterfly of Earnestness/GalleryNohime, Returning Butterfly of Earnestness/TriviaNokokuwa, Phantom Insect
Nokokuwa, Phantom Insect/GalleryNopopon, Fifth Play Princess RulerNorous, Natural Bacteria
Northern Seven, Natural Star Space PrincessNorthern Seven, Natural Star Space Princess/GalleryNothoto, Phantom Dragon
Nuadha, Medium AttireNuadu, GreatswordNue, Natural Apparition Princess
Number BindNuncha, Small AttireNurari, Phantom Apparition Princess
Nurari, Phantom Apparition Princess/GalleryNurari, Phantom Apparition Princess/TriviaNurikabe, Phantom Apparition
Nyacle, Large FistNyalove, Ultimate FistNyalove, Ultimate Fist/Gallery
Nyalove, Ultimate Fist/RulingsNyuusa, Natural BacteriaNyuusa, Natural Bacteria/Gallery
Níðhöggr, Phantom DragonObana, Natural PlantObliterating Fang Thrust
Obsidian, Natural StoneObsidian, Natural Stone/GalleryObsidian, Natural Stone/Trivia
Octanitro, Natural Source PrincessOcto, Water PhantomOcto, Water Phantom/Gallery
Octo, Water Phantom/TriviaOctogen, Natural SourceOctopot, Super Trap
Octopus, Suction Cups of Demonic SeasOdanobu, Great Demon of PrideOdanobu, Great Demon of Pride/Gallery
Odin, Divine Protection of AngelsOganesson, Natural SourceOhajiki, Third Play
Ohan, Small ShieldOichi, the One Flower in the WarOigona, Natural Bacteria Princess
Oigona, Natural Bacteria Princess/GalleryOkapi, Phantom BeastOkapi, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Okuma, Education ReformOmniscience and OmnipotenceOne Mind, Roaring Body
One Mind, Roaring Body/GalleryOne More CallOne Rule, Two Birds
One Rule, Two Birds/GalleryOne Rule, Two Birds/RulingsOne Rule, Two Birds/Trivia
One Swing of the Divine CurrentOne Swing of the Divine Current/GalleryOne Throw
One Throw/GalleryOne Throw/RulingsOne Time, One Meeting
One Time, One Meeting/GalleryOne Touch, Armor's EndOne of Tamayorihime, the Flame
One of Tamayorihime, the Flame/GalleryOneclick, Large TrapOneclick, Large Trap/Gallery
Onimaru, Ultimate AttireOniyanma, Phantom InsectOniyanma, Phantom Insect/Gallery
Oomakiri, Phantom InsectOomurasaki, Phantom InsectOosanshou, Water Phantom
Opalal, Natural StoneOpalal, Natural Stone/GalleryOpen-Hearted Selection
Ordnance, Roaring GunOrdnance, Roaring Gun/GalleryOreore, Small Trap
Orichalc, Natural StoneOrichalc, Natural Stone/GalleryOrichalc, Natural Stone/Rulings
Orichalcia, Natural StoneOrichalcia, Natural Stone/GalleryOrichalcia, Natural Stone/Tips
Oriens, Fallen TransgressionOriens, Fallen Transgression/GalleryOriens, Fallen Transgression/Trivia
Origami, Uniform RequirementsOrigami, Uniform Requirements/GalleryOrigami, Uniform Requirements/Trivia
Origin SpiritOriginal WIXOSSOriginal WIXOSS/Gallery
Orion's BubbleOrione, Natural StarOrochi, Phantom Dragon Princess
Orochi, Phantom Dragon Princess/GalleryOrochi, Phantom Dragon Princess/RulingsOrochi, Phantom Dragon Princess/Trivia
Osaki, Phantom Beast DeityOsaki, Phantom Beast Deity/GalleryOsaki, Phantom Beast Deity/Rulings
Ostrich, Phantom BeastOstrich, Phantom Beast/GalleryOtama, Water Phantom
Otedama, First PlayOtedama, First Play/GalleryOtohime, Medium Water Trap
Otohime, Medium Water Trap/GalleryOtotachibana, Vermilion FamiliarOtter, Water Phantom
Ougusoku, Black Phantom Insect (FA)Ougusoku, Black Phantom Insect (HS)Ouika, Water Phantom
Ouika, Water Phantom/GalleryOuika, Water Phantom/TriviaOut Dust
Over and Over AgainOver and Over Again/GalleryOver and Over Again/Rulings
Overflowing KnowledgeOverflowing Knowledge/GalleryOverlap of Fate
Overlap of Fate/GalleryOverlap of Fate/RulingsOversalvage
Oversalvage/GalleryOversalvage/RulingsOware, Phantom Apparition Princess
Oware, Phantom Apparition Princess/GalleryOwl, Phantom BeastOwl, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Owlne, Natural Star PrincessOxygen, Natural SourceOxygen, Natural Source/Gallery
PLUS RUSH/GalleryPLUS RUSH/RulingsPM, Natural Bacteria
PULLINGPachycero, Phantom DragonPachycero, Phantom Dragon/Gallery
Pacifi, Great Knowledge PlayPaimon, Fallen NihilismPaimon, Fallen Nihilism/Gallery
Paimon, Fallen Nihilism/RulingsPaimon, Fallen Nihilism/TriviaPain by Pain
Painful Separation from Loved OnesPair of Beast ClawsPair of Beast Claws/Gallery
Pakkuncho, Praiseworthy PlayPandan, Phantom BeastPandan, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Pandan, Phantom Beast/RulingsPandora BoxPansy, Natural Plant
Pant, Natural BacteriaPaper Balloon, Benevolent PlayPaper Bomb, Natural Source
Paper Plane, Praiseworthy PlayPaper Shuri, Master PlayParain, Natural Bacteria
Parsifal, Thrown Spear of the Round TableParty Bazooka, Large TrapParty Bazooka, Large Trap/Rulings
Parva, Waterside of TransgressionParva, Waterside of Transgression/GalleryPascal, Formula of Propagating Wisdom
Pascal, Formula of Propagating Wisdom/TriviaPass, Cheering of Swift WisdomPass, Cheering of Swift Wisdom/Rulings
Patience and Fiery ButterfliesPay ChargingPay Charging/Gallery
Peace SignPeafowl, Phantom Beast DeityPearl, Water Phantom
Pearl, Water Phantom/GalleryPearl, Water Phantom/TriviaPeeping Analyze
Peeping Analyze/GalleryPeeping Analyze/TipsPeeping Analyze/Trivia
Peeping ChargePeeping ChoicePeeping Choice/Gallery
Peeping Choice/TriviaPeimon, Phantom DragonPenalty Chance
Penalty Chance/GalleryPencilrocket, Explosive GunPencilrocket, Explosive Gun/Gallery
Peony, Natural PlantPercival, First Spear of the Round TablePercival, First Spear of the Round Table/Gallery
Peridot, Natural StonePeridot, Natural Stone/GalleryPeridot, Natural Stone/Rulings
Peridot, Natural Stone/TriviaPerry, Black Ship of the Foreign CountryPerry, Black Ship of the Foreign Country/Gallery
Perry, Black Ship of the Foreign Country/TriviaPersephone, Vermilion FamiliarPeter, Phantom Apparition
Pezt, Natural Bacteria Infection PrincessPhalanx, Great Shield SpearPhantom Dragon Princess
Phantom GardenPhantom Garden/GalleryPheles, Fallen Right Sin
Pheles, Fallen Right Sin/GalleryPheles, Fallen Right Sin/TriviaPhoenix, Phantom Dragon
Phosphorescent SamsaraPhosphorescent Samsara/GalleryPianosen, Medium Trap
Pictor, Natural StarPiercePigeon, Phantom Beast
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