Over and Over AgainOver and Over Again/GalleryOver and Over Again/Rulings
Overflowing KnowledgeOverflowing Knowledge/GalleryOverlap of Fate
Overlap of Fate/GalleryOverlap of Fate/RulingsOversalvage
Oversalvage/GalleryOversalvage/RulingsOware, Phantom Apparition Princess
Oware, Phantom Apparition Princess/GalleryOwatatsumi, Azure Angel That Protects the SeasOwl, Phantom Beast
Owl, Phantom Beast/GalleryOwlne, Natural Star PrincessOxcart, Ancient Riding Machine
Oxygen, Natural SourceOxygen, Natural Source/GalleryPBX, Natural Source
PLUS RUSH/RulingsPM, Natural BacteriaPRANK
PULLINGPachycero, Phantom DragonPachycero, Phantom Dragon/Gallery
Pacifi, Great Knowledge PlayPaimon, Fallen NihilismPaimon, Fallen Nihilism/Gallery
Paimon, Fallen Nihilism/RulingsPaimon, Fallen Nihilism/TriviaPain by Pain
Pain by Pain/GalleryPainful Separation from Loved OnesPair of Beast Claws
Pair of Beast Claws/GalleryPakkuncho, Praiseworthy PlayPakkuncho, Praiseworthy Play/Gallery
Pandan, Phantom BeastPandan, Phantom Beast/GalleryPandan, Phantom Beast/Rulings
Pandora BoxPansy, Natural PlantPant, Natural Bacteria
Paper Balloon, Benevolent PlayPaper Bomb, Natural SourcePaper Plane, Praiseworthy Play
Paper Shuri, Master PlayPaprercra, Great Knowledge PlayParain, Natural Bacteria
Parsifal, Thrown Spear of the Round TableParsifal, Thrown Spear of the Round Table/GalleryParty Bazooka, Large Trap
Party Bazooka, Large Trap/RulingsParva, Waterside of TransgressionParva, Waterside of Transgression/Gallery
Pascal, Formula of Propagating WisdomPascal, Formula of Propagating Wisdom/TriviaPass, Cheering of Swift Wisdom
Pass, Cheering of Swift Wisdom/RulingsPatience and Fiery ButterfliesPay Charging
Pay Charging/GalleryPeace SignPeace Sign/Gallery
Peafowl, Phantom Beast DeityPearl, Water PhantomPearl, Water Phantom/Gallery
Pearl, Water Phantom/TriviaPeeping AnalyzePeeping Analyze/Gallery
Peeping Analyze/TipsPeeping Analyze/TriviaPeeping Charge
Peeping ChoicePeeping Choice/GalleryPeeping Choice/Trivia
Peimon, Phantom DragonPenalty ChancePenalty Chance/Gallery
Pencilrocket, Explosive GunPencilrocket, Explosive Gun/GalleryPeony, Natural Plant
Percival, First Spear of the Round TablePercival, First Spear of the Round Table/GalleryPerforation
Perforation/GalleryPerforation/RulingsPeridot, Natural Stone
Peridot, Natural Stone/GalleryPeridot, Natural Stone/RulingsPeridot, Natural Stone/Trivia
Perry, Black Ship of the Foreign CountryPerry, Black Ship of the Foreign Country/GalleryPerry, Black Ship of the Foreign Country/Trivia
Persedes, Natural Star PrincessPersephone, Vermilion FamiliarPeter, Phantom Apparition
Pezt, Natural Bacteria Infection PrincessPhalanx, Great Shield SpearPhantom Dragon Princess
Phantom GardenPhantom Garden/GalleryPheles, Fallen Right Sin
Pheles, Fallen Right Sin/GalleryPheles, Fallen Right Sin/TriviaPhoenix, Phantom Dragon
Phoenix, Phantom Dragon/GalleryPhosphorescent SamsaraPhosphorescent Samsara/Gallery
Phosphylla, Natural PyroxenePhotogenic BarrierPianosen, Medium Trap
Picatrix, Crossbow BookPictor, Natural StarPierce
Pigeon, Phantom BeastPigeonhat, Middle TrapPigsie, Phantom Apparition
Pinball, Third PlayPinch DefensePinch Defense/Gallery
Pipette, Equipment of Experiment WisdomPiranha, Water PhantomPirarucu, Water Phantom
Pirarucu, Water Phantom/GalleryPiruluk (TCG)Piruluk (card)
Piruluk (card)/GalleryPiruluk (green level 0)Piruluk Illustration Book
Piruluk Illustration Book/GalleryPiruluk TELOSPiruluk and Midoriko
Piskie, Phantom ApparitionPitfall, Super TrapPlant Arrange
Plant WearPlant Wear/GalleryPlant Wear/Rulings
Plant Wear/TipsPlantam, Natural BacteriaPlanting-Trees, Word of Tree Wisdom
Plasbomb, Medium TrapPlasbomb, Roaring GunPlasbomb, Roaring Gun/Gallery
Platycodon, Natural PlantPlesio, Water PhantomPluralism Depiction
Pluralism Depiction/GalleryPlus, Addition of Four WisdomsPluto, White Natural Star
Pluto, White Natural Star/RulingsPoison Apple, Fairy Tale of White SnowPoison Dart Ribbit, Water Phantom
Polaris, Natural StarPolaris, Natural Star/GalleryPolaris, Natural Star/Rulings
Pollen, Natural BacteriaPond Slider, Water PhantomPontus, Azure Angel of the Ocean
Pop, Vividly Famous PartyPop, Vividly Famous Party/GalleryPop, Vividly Famous Party/Trivia
Porcelainflower, Natural PlantPositive DefensePositive Defense/Gallery
Power DecoratePower of HeroinesPower over Life and Flame
Powerful Aya! IPowerful Aya! I/GalleryPowerful Claw of Severance
Preemptive BarrierPresentationPresentation/Gallery
Pretty Aya! IVPrevis, Natural BacteriaPricas, Master Play Princess
Pricas, Master Play Princess/GalleryPrice of Scorched EarthPrice of Scorched Earth/Gallery
Primal SagaPrince Kiss, Fairy Tale of White SnowPrincess Ozma, Vermilion Familiar
Princess Snow White, Fairy Tale of White SnowPrismatic Fire PillarPrismatic Fire Pillar/Gallery
Procera, Phantom DragonProcera, Phantom Dragon/GalleryProcyon, Natural Star
Procyon, Natural Star/GalleryPromethe, Taboo of Flame DemonsPromise Freedom
PromotionalPropane, Natural SourceProtection Mapping
Protein, Natural Bacteria PrincessProtero, Water PhantomProtractor, Angle Measurement of Tool Wisdom
Pterygo, Water PhantomPulling Chestnuts out of the FirePulling Chestnuts out of the Fire/Gallery
Pumpkin CarriagePunito, Phantom BeastPunito, Phantom Beast/Gallery
PuppetPuppet ShowPure Treasured Sword
Pure Treasured Sword/GalleryPurgatory of Binding LovePuri, Innocuous Match
Puri, Innocuous Match/GalleryPuri, Innocuous Match/RulingsPuri, Innocuous Match/Trivia
Purple SplashPurple StainPurple Stem, Green Leaf
Pylori, Natural BacteriaPythagorage, Square of Defining WisdomPython, Phantom Dragon
Python, Phantom Dragon/GalleryQuadrans, Natural StarQuartz, Natural Stone
Quartz, Natural Stone/GalleryQueen Ant, Phantom InsectQueen Ant, Phantom Insect/Gallery
Quickening CovenantQuilizer, Small GunQuilizer, Small Gun/Gallery
RS, Natural BacteriaRa, Vermilion FamiliarRabiel, Protector of Holy Arts
Rabiel, Protector of Holy Arts/GalleryRabies, Natural BacteriaRackham, Sailor of Demonic Seas
Radabura, Suspicion of the String ScaleRadabura, Suspicion of the String Scale/GalleryRadon, Natural Source
Radon, Natural Source/GalleryRafflele, Natural PlantRafflele, Natural Plant/Gallery
Rafflele, Natural Plant/RulingsRafflele, Natural Plant/TriviaRahab, Noise of Demonic Seas
Rahab, Noise of Demonic Seas/GalleryRaijuu, Electric Phantom ApparitionRaikiri, Medium Sword
Raikiri, Medium Sword/GalleryRainbow ArtRainbow Art/Gallery
Rainbow Art/RulingsRakuda, Phantom BeastRakuda, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Ramiel, Archangel of VisionsRanchan, Explosive GunRanchan, Explosive Gun/Gallery
Ranerge, Original SpearRanerge, Original Spear/GalleryRanma, Two Swords Attendant
Raphae, From Your TomorrowRaphae, From Your Tomorrow/GalleryRapid Advance
Rapid Advance/GalleryRapid Advance/RulingsRaptor, Phantom Dragon
Rapunz, Fairy Tale at the Top of the TowerRaramiRarami! 0
Rarami, Enma of Refined BulletsRattle, Benevolent PlayRays of Edge
Rays of Edge/GalleryReal Escape, Fourth Play PrincessRealization of a Great Ambition
Realize -The Place Awaits for Dream-RebirthRebirth/Gallery
Recalled BlessingRecalled Blessing/GalleryRecalled Blessing/Rulings
Recorders, Tone of NostalgiaRecorders, Tone of Nostalgia/TriviaRecycle Deads
Recycle Deads/Gallery
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