Shouryou, Phantom Insect/GalleryShpin, Medium TrapShpin, Medium Trap/Gallery
ShredShred/GalleryShub-Niggura, Fertility of Chaos
Shub-Niggura, Fertility of Chaos/GalleryShub-Niggura, Fertility of Flame DemonsShutendo, Alcoholic Oni of Hell
Sickness LoveSide B WIXOSS Cup Participation AwardsSide B WIXOSS Cup Participation Awards/Gallery
Silent ClapSilicon, Natural SourceSilvan, Natural Stone
Silvan, Natural Stone/GallerySilvan, Natural Stone/TriviaSima Yi, Strategist of the Wei Army
Sima Yi, Strategist of the Wei Army/GallerySimon, Collection of Fingerprint WisdomSine, Symbol of Angular Wisdom
Sirius, Natural StarSirius, Natural Star/GallerySirrush, Phantom Dragon
Skanda, Skanda of TransgressionSkanda, Skanda of Transgression/GallerySkunk Cabbage, Natural Plant
Skunk Cabbage, Natural Plant/GallerySlash MiracleSlash Miracle/Gallery
Slash Miracle/RulingsSlave, Small AttireSlichair, Large Trap
Slichair, Large Trap/GallerySlime, Sticky Figure of HellSlime, Sticky Figure of Hell/Gallery
Slime Queen, Sticky Figure of HellSlime Queen, Sticky Figure of Hell/GallerySlip Knot
Slurry Bomb, Natural SourceSmall Gain, Big LossSmith, Small Gun
Smith, Small Gun/GallerySmith Hands, Distribution of Wealth WisdomSnorop, Natural Plant Princess
Snorop, Natural Plant Princess/RulingsSnow Daruma, Master PlaySnow Queen, Phantom Apparition Princess
Snow Queen, Phantom Apparition Princess/GallerySnow Sled, Great Knowledge PlaySnow White, Vermilion Familiar
Snowball, Natural StarSnowball Fight, Praiseworthy PlaySoap Succeed
Soap Succeed/GallerySoap SuddenSoap Sudden/Gallery
Soap Sudden/RulingsSoap SummonSoap Summon/Gallery
Soap WaveSoap Wave/GallerySoaring Flash
Sodium, Natural SourceSoel, Vermilion FamiliarSoldier Ant, Phantom Insect
Soldier Ant, Phantom Insect/GallerySolomon, Four Nights of a Thousand NightsSolomon, Four Nights of a Thousand Nights/Trivia
Solomon, Thousand Nights of HellSonori, Explosive BookSootmold, Natural Bacteria
Sotetsu, Natural PlantSou SumidaSoui-Key
Soui (TCG)Soui (card)Souryuu, Phantom Beast
Souzo, Small BookSpanky, Will-o'-the-Wisp of Flame DemonsSparkling Aya! II
Sparkling Aya! II/GallerySparrow, Phantom BeastSparrow, Phantom Beast/Gallery
Spartan, GreatshieldSpartan, Greatshield/GallerySpazaus, Phantom Dragon Princess
SpearSpellSpell Salvage
Spell Salvage/GallerySpica, Natural StarSpica, Natural Star/Gallery
Spica, Natural Star/RulingsSpidermold, Natural BacteriaSpinel, Natural Stone
Spinel, Natural Stone/GallerySpinning FateSpinning Knowledge
Spino, Water PhantomSpino, Water Phantom/GallerySpiral Carmilla, Water Phantom Princess
Spiral Carmilla, Water Phantom Princess/GallerySpiral Carmilla, Water Phantom Princess/RulingsSpirit Salvage
Spirit Salvage/GallerySpiritual Protection of the StateSpiritual Protection of the State/Gallery
Splendid BanquetSpore, Natural BacteriaSpread Death
Spread WIXOSSSpride, Green Third PlaySpride, Green Third Play/Rulings
Spring, Benevolent PlaySquare, Medium ShieldSquare, Medium Shield/Gallery
St. Verrious-Mardious ChurchStanding Flame CrossStar Festival
Star Festival/GallerySteel Spell RunStegoceras, Phantom Dragon
Stegoceras, Phantom Dragon/GalleryStick, Small BreakerStick, Small Breaker/Gallery
Sting SwingStinger, BallistaStinger, Ballista/Gallery
Stinger, Ballista/TriviaStirred SalvageStirred WIXOSS
Stirred WIXOSS/GalleryStole StoryStork, Phantom Beast Deity
Storm WarningStorm Warning/GalleryStory Teller
Strange KindStrategy GaleStrenuous Effort
Strict AttireStrike ImpactStrike Impact/Gallery
Strike Impact/RulingsString Phone, Great Knowledge PlayStudy
Study HardStun, Explosive GunStun, Explosive Gun/Gallery
Sub-Quaking EarthSuberia, Natural PlantSuberia, Natural Plant/Gallery
SubscriberSucceed DestructSucceed Destruct/Gallery
Succu, Fallen Cannon GirlSuccu, Fallen Cannon Girl/GallerySuccu, Fallen Cannon Girl/Rulings
Succubus, Phantom DragonSuccubus, Succubus of Pleasurable SleepSuccubus, Succubus of Pleasurable Sleep/Gallery
Sudden QuestionSugamichi, Essence of Character WisdomSugamichi, Essence of Character Wisdom/Trivia
Suiboku, Single Stroke Worthy of NobilitySuiboku, Single Stroke Worthy of Nobility/GallerySuiboku, Single Stroke Worthy of Nobility/Rulings
Suiboku, Single Stroke Worthy of Nobility/TriviaSuikaline, Natural StoneSuisoza, Faucet of Accumulating Wisdom
Sukunahiko, Myriad SourceSulfur, Natural SourceSulfur, Natural Source/Gallery
Sulocin, Natural StarSulocin, Natural Star/GallerySummer LRIG Pack Vol.1
Summer LRIG Pack Vol.1/GallerySummer Vacation PackSummon Labyrinth
Sumouguma, War Beast of AshigaraSunSun/Gallery
Sunabase, Third PlaySunakake, Phantom ApparitionSunkco, Burial of Expense Wisdom
Sunst, Natural StoneSunst, Natural Stone/GallerySunst, Natural Stone/Trivia
Super Aya! IIISuper LossSuper Loss/Gallery
Superb PerformanceSuperb Performance/GallerySupportive Strike of Explosive Cooking
Surface-to-Air, BallistaSurface-to-Air, Ballista/GallerySurface-to-Air, Ballista/Rulings
Surprise With MeSurprise With Me/GallerySurprise With Me/Rulings
Surprise With Me/TipsSurrelis, Unresolved DeviationSurrelis, Unresolved Deviation/Gallery
Surrelis, Unresolved Deviation/RulingsSurrelis, Unresolved Deviation/TriviaSurrounded by Fire
Surrounded by Fire/GallerySurtr, Giant of Flame DemonsSusuki, Natural Plant
SutekoSuteko, Useless PrincessSuteko, Wielder of the World Instrument Key
Suteko/TriviaSuteko -0-Suteko Zero
Suzubira, Natural PlantSuzuki, Water PhantomSuzuko Homura
Suzumeda, Water PhantomSuzumeda, Water Phantom/GallerySvarog, Phantom Dragon Princess
Svarog, Phantom Dragon Princess/GallerySvarog, Phantom Dragon Princess/RulingsSwallow, Phantom Beast
Swallow, Phantom Beast/GallerySwift Divine PunishmentSwift Divine Punishment/Gallery
Swingride, Green Second PlaySwordSword Ability
Sword Ability/GallerySword Line AscertainmentSylph, Phantom Apparition
THREE SWITCH/GalleryTNT, Natural SourceTOO BAD
TRICK OR TREAT/RulingsTable Salt, Concentration of Mixture WisdomTachiuo, Water Phantom
Tactical PunishTactical Punish/GalleryTakeuma, Praiseworthy Play
Takoage, Fourth PlayTamaTama's Flame
Tama, Escape from RealityTama, Foam MikoTama, Full Moon Miko
Tama, Half Moon MikoTama, Half Moon Miko/GalleryTama, New Moon Miko
Tama, Silver Screen MikoTama, Waxing Crescent Moon MikoTama, Waxing Crescent Moon Miko/Gallery
Tama, Waxing Gibbous Moon MikoTama (TCG)Tama (card)
Tama (card)/GalleryTama and UrithTamaire, Third Play
Tamamozen, Phantom Apparition Ghostly PrincessTamamushi, Phantom InsectTamamushi, Phantom Insect/Gallery
Tamanori, Large TrapTamayorihime, Black Key MikoTamayorihime, Crescent Moon Miko
Tamayorihime, Dawn MikoTamayorihime, Dawn Miko/GalleryTamayorihime, Daybreak Miko
Tamayorihime, Daybreak Miko/GalleryTamayorihime, Eternal KeyTamayorihime, Eternal Miko
Tamayorihime, Eternal Miko/GalleryTamayorihime, First Moon MikoTamayorihime, Full Moon Miko
Tamayorihime, Full Moon Miko/GalleryTamayorihime, Full Moon Miko/RulingsTamayorihime, Gold-Shining Miko
Tamayorihime, Gold Crimson MikoTamayorihime, Golden MikoTamayorihime, Golden Miko/Gallery
Tamayorihime, Half Moon MikoTamayorihime, Half Moon Miko/GalleryTamayorihime, Heaven-Colored Miko
Tamayorihime, Lunar Eclipse MikoTamayorihime, Lunar Eclipse Miko/GalleryTamayorihime, Meek Miko
Tamayorihime, Miko of Nature's BeautyTamayorihime, Miko of White DestructionTamayorihime, Miko of White Destruction/Gallery
Tamayorihime, Miko of White Destruction/RulingsTamayorihime, Miko of the Moment of Dyeing
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