Umr-Ett, Wielder of the Key of Chaos/GalleryUmr-Ett, Wielder of the Key of CreationUmr-Ett, Wielder of the Key of Creation/Gallery
Umr-Ett, Wielder of the Key of PerformanceUmr-Ett, Wielder of the World Instrument KeyUmr-Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation
Umr-Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation/GalleryUmr-Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation/RulingsUmr-Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation/Trivia
Umr-Fyra, Wielder of the Alluring Orchid KeyUmr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of ChaosUmr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Chaos/Gallery
Umr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Chaos/RulingsUmr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of CreationUmr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Creation/Gallery
Umr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Creation/RulingsUmr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of ImpartialityUmr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Impartiality/Gallery
Umr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Joint StruggleUmr-Fyra, Wielder of the World Instrument KeyUmr-Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation
Umr-Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation/GalleryUmr-Noll, Wielder of the Key of Creation/TriviaUmr-Noll, Wielder of the World Instrument Key
Umr-Noll, Wielder of the World Instrument Key/GalleryUmr-Tre, Wielder of the Alluring Orchid KeyUmr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of Chaos
Umr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of Chaos/GalleryUmr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of CreationUmr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of Creation/Gallery
Umr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of ImpartialityUmr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of PerformanceUmr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of Singing
Umr-Tre, Wielder of the World Instrument KeyUmr-Två, Wielder of the Key of ChaosUmr-Två, Wielder of the Key of Chaos/Gallery
Umr-Två, Wielder of the Key of CreationUmr-Två, Wielder of the Key of Creation/GalleryUmr-Två, Wielder of the Key of Performance
Umr-Två, Wielder of the World Instrument KeyUmr (TCG)Umr (blue level 0)
Umr (card)Umr (card)/GalleryUna, Water Phantom
Una, Water Phantom/GalleryUna, Water Phantom/RulingsUndeletable
Under OneUndine, Water Spirit of HellUndo -Memories of Tomorrow-
Ungyou, Right Image of DestructionUngyou, Right Image of Destruction/GalleryUni, Water Phantom
Uni, Water Phantom/GalleryUnicarn, Phantom Apparition PrincessUnification
Unification/GalleryUnimpeded Roaring AdvanceUnlock
Untei, First PlayUntei, First Play/GalleryUntil My Bones Burn and My Body Breaks
Until My Bones Burn and My Body Breaks/GalleryUnunoctium, Natural SourceUnunoctium, Natural Source/Gallery
Ununoctium, Natural Source/RulingsUnunpentium, Natural SourceUnunpentium, Natural Source/Gallery
Ununseptium, Natural SourceUnunseptium, Natural Source/GalleryUnuntrium, Natural Source
Ununtrium, Natural Source/GalleryUnwanted ImpulseUnwanted Impulse/Gallery
Unwanted Impulse/RulingsUpUranium, Natural Source
Uranium, Natural Source/GalleryUranium, Natural Source/RulingsUranus, White Natural Star
Uranus, White Natural Star/GalleryUranus, White Natural Star/RulingsUrataro, Water Phantom Princess
Urban, Roaring GunUrban, Roaring Gun/GalleryUrie, Sudden Ruination
Urie, Sudden Ruination/GalleryUrithUrith, Ashen River Enma
Urith, Black Sand EnmaUrith, Black Sand Enma/GalleryUrith, Burning Eye Enma
Urith, Burning Eye Enma/GalleryUrith, EnmaUrith, Enma/Gallery
Urith, Enma of AttachmentUrith, Enma of Black Rope HellUrith, Enma of Black Rope Hell/Gallery
Urith, Enma of Breaking TormentUrith, Enma of Crushing HellUrith, Enma of Crushing Hell/Gallery
Urith, Enma of Elegant FallUrith, Enma of Elegant Fall/GalleryUrith, Enma of Empty Fortune
Urith, Enma of Eternal HellUrith, Enma of Eternal Hell/GalleryUrith, Enma of Explosive Annihilation
Urith, Enma of Explosive SeveranceUrith, Enma of Favorable MeetingsUrith, Enma of Hell
Urith, Enma of ImmoralityUrith, Enma of NothingnessUrith, Enma of Nothingness/Gallery
Urith, Enma of Nothingness/RulingsUrith, Enma of PurgatoryUrith, Enma of Purgatory/Gallery
Urith, Enma of Refined BulletsUrith, Enma of Refined Bullets/GalleryUrith, Enma of Reviving Hell
Urith, Enma of Reviving Hell/GalleryUrith, Enma of Scattered ScornUrith, Enma of Scattering Petals
Urith, Enma of Screaming HellUrith, Enma of Screaming Hell/GalleryUrith, Enma of Suffering
Urith, Enma of Suffering/GalleryUrith, Enma of Suffering/RulingsUrith, Enma of Unusual Bullying
Urith, Enma of the Key of NothingnessUrith, Enma of the Sin GateUrith, Enma of the Sin Gate/Gallery
Urith, Enma of the Sin Gate/RulingsUrith, Gold-Dyed EnmaUrith, Infinite Enma
Urith, Infinite Enma/GalleryUrith, Jailer EnmaUrith, Jailer Enma/Gallery
Urith, Jailer Enma/RulingsUrith, Jailer Enma/TriviaUrith, Scorching Enma
Urith, Three Paths EnmaUrith, Vermilion EnmaUrith, Vermilion Enma/Gallery
Urith, Vermilion Enma/RulingsUrith, Vermilion Enma/TriviaUrith (TCG)
Urith (card)Urith (card)/GalleryUrith and Guzuko
Urouge, Red General of Demonic SeasUsa, Phantom BeastUsa, Phantom Beast/Gallery
UsurpationUt'ulls, the Opened Key GateUt'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate
Ut'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate/GalleryUt'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate/TriviaUt'ulls Chain
Ut'ulls Chain/GalleryUt'ulls GateUt'ulls Gate/Gallery
Utsuboka, Natural PlantUtsuboka, Natural Plant/GalleryUtsuboka, Natural Plant/Trivia
Uzi, Explosive GunUzi, Explosive Gun/GalleryVOICE CHANGE
Vacuum SlashVajra, Great AttireValkyrie, Greatspear
Valkyrie, Unforgettable FantasyValkyrie, Unforgettable Fantasy/GalleryVanadis, Guardian of Fertility
Vanadium, Natural SourceVanilla ScrambleVanilla Scramble/Gallery
Vanish Like MistVanish Like Mist/GalleryVapor Control
Variable LRIG PackVega, Natural StarVega, Natural Star/Gallery
Veil, Natural StarVelocira, Phantom DragonVenndia, Set of Circular Wisdom
Venus, White Natural StarVenus, White Natural Star/GalleryVenus, White Natural Star/Rulings
Verda, Phantom DragonVermilion Shield of Blood CrystalVespa, Great Phantom Insect
Vespa, Great Phantom Insect/GalleryVibrio, Natural BacteriaVictim-chan
Victim DefenseVictim Defense/GalleryVictorian Boundary
Victorian Boundary/GalleryVictory Song of Connected DestructionVier-Cali
Vier-Dio PrincessVier-Dio Princess/GalleryVier-Nerozaran
Viola, Temptation of the String ScaleViola, Temptation of the String Scale/GalleryViolence Jealousy
Violence Jealousy/GalleryViolence SplashViolence Splash/Gallery
Violence Splash/RulingsViolence Splash/TriviaViolent Succession
Violi, Captivation of the String ScaleVioli, Captivation of the String Scale/GalleryVirus
Vitamin A, Natural BacteriaVitamin B1, Natural BacteriaVitamin B2, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin B6, Natural BacteriaVitamin C, Natural BacteriaVitamin D, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin E, Natural BacteriaVitamin K, Natural BacteriaVlad, Prince of Impalement
Volcano, Natural StoneVolcano, Natural Stone/GalleryVolcano, Natural Stone/Rulings
Volcano, Natural Stone/TriviaVouivre, Phantom DragonVouivre, Phantom Dragon/Gallery
WIXOSS Cup 2018 Participation Awards/GalleryWIXOSS Cup 2018 Top PrizesWIXOSS Cup 2018 Top Prizes/Gallery
WIXOSS Fierce Fighting Retsuden ChiyoriWIXOSS Fun Pack (SP-28)WIXOSS Fun Pack (SP-28)/Gallery
WIXOSS GIRLSWIXOSS Limited supply set Vol.2,Vol.3WIXOSS Limited supply set Vol.2,Vol.3/Gallery
WIXOSS NovelWIXOSS Party PackWIXOSS Party Pack/Gallery
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WX-01 Served SelectorWX-01 Served Selector/Gallery
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